43 Years Ago Today

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 25, 2012.

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    One trip there myself. Me, my brother, and one of my best friends. They're both Cowboys fans and had been there before. We toured the stadium the day before the game and got to stand on the star. One of the best experiences of my life. The stadium itself reminded me of an old warehouse, but I could literally feel the spirits of all the great players that played there over the years. It was a house of horrors for me personally since before we left the East, we literally NEVER beat you guys there in the regular season. But I had a blast, and can cross off standing on the star, and attempting a 25 yard chip shot FG and missing horribly off my bucket list. :D
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    You guys are on your own because I love Cowboys Stadium.

    But definitely miss Texas Stadium too. Especially the hole always being open. Now we play in a dome.
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    Cowboys Stadium is an entertainment venue, not a football stadium. That's the problem.
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    Texas Stadium had it's own rough beginnings...but let's get a glimpse of say, '71:

    ~ Roger Staubach was name MVP even though he completed only 12 passes
    Duane Thomas probably deserved the MVP, with 95 yards and a TD,
    but Organizers feared that he wouldn't participate in post game ceremonies

    ~ Already a family man, Roger traded the sports car reward, for a station wagon

    ~ Until the midseason point, Tom Landry couldn't decide upon starting Craig Morton or Roger Staubach

    ~ Nine Hall of Famers were on that team: Bob Lilly, Roger Staubach, Bob Hayes, Mel Renfro, Rayfield Wright, Mike Ditka, Lance Alworth, Herb Adderley and Forrest Gregg. (Both Adderley and Gregg came off of Super Bowl Packer teams)

    ~ Lance Alworth, 'Bambi,' scored a touchdown on a play that he suggested to Tom Landry along the sidelines. It had not been used as a goalline play the entire season.

    ~ Roger Staubach only called a single audible the entire game. A play was designed to go right, and Staubach pitched left to Duane Thomas who went wide and scored.

    ~ Richard Nixon, an unabashed fan of the Redskins (and anyone who played Dallas) had sent a week before a play call to Miami - a slant to Paul Warfield.

    ~ Former President Lyndon Johnson, a Cowboys fan, sent Tom Landry a telegram the week before - 'My prayers will be with you in New Orleans...although I do not plan to send in any plays.'

    ~ You've probably heard Walt Garrison's response to the question: 'Did you ever see Coach Landry smile? 'No, but I only played for him nine years.' The rest of that reply was: 'but I know that he has three kids, so he's smiled at least three times.'

    *taken from article by Kristi Scales in Star Magazine, edition for Jan 28, '12

    Perspective can be gained even today and looking forward through the now as well....
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    Hooah, bring back having to stand all game with six inches of fresh snow on seats and frozen toes...where you couldn't always see over the guy in front of you as well.
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    I thought this was a great pic of Texas Stadium before it was completed. Tom Landry sharing a moment with Rev. Billy Graham.

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    It is a very nice pic. As I recall the first event at the stadium was a Billy Graham Crusade.
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    Yes sir.
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    I'm sorry, why are you trolling our site? Cardinal fan is pretty random.:lmao2:
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    Not trolling Rynie. Been here for a while. My brother and most of my crew are Cowboy fans. We talk a lot of football, and just to gain some perspective, I joined a Boys site. I'm not here often as you can see by the number of posts. I know I'm a visitor and respect the place as such. ;)
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    Funny you should say OUR site. I've been here longer than you! :D

    But I digress. It is your site after all. I'm a quiet lurker. Just hanging out in the background. Dont mind me at all. ;)

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