49ers guilty of tampering with Bears LB Lance Briggs

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by DT101, Mar 24, 2008.

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    Per sportscenter, on ESPN

    49ers guilty of tampering with Bears LB Lance Briggs during 07 season

    They have to give up their fifth round pick, and trade 3rd round picks with the Bears

    Don't have all the details.
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    Niners forfeit draft pick over Briggs tampering
    Associated Press
    March 24, 2008,

    NEW YORK (AP) - The San Francisco 49ers forfeited their fifth-round pick in next month's NFL draft on Monday after commissioner Roger Goodell deemed them guilty of tampering with Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs.

    Goodell also determined the teams will switch picks in the third round of the April 26-27 draft. Chicago, which had the 12th pick, will get San Francisco's seventh pick and the 49ers will get Chicago's choice.

    Goodell determined the 49ers violated the NFL's anti-tampering policy by contacting Briggs' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, about his client during the 2007 season.

    Briggs, an all-Pro in 2007, had been designated as Chicago's franchise player, signing a one-year tender that meant he could not leave the Bears.

    He had been expected to leave as a free agent after last season but instead re-signed with Chicago for $36 million over six years. Briggs will earn $21.6 million in the first three years of the deal and $13 million of the contract is guaranteed.

    There had been reports of contact between the 49ers and Rosenhaus last season, and the Bears filed a tampering charge with the NFL. Goodell said both teams cooperated with his investigation into the allegations.

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    This is actually pretty big news, but it won't get near the attention as certain other misconduct that has happened in the past year.


    Most teams tamper, and since there really wasn't a landmark case that set a precedent on what would happen if caught, and possible reperations, most teams didn't care. But the fact that the NFL deemed it prudent to give the Bears superior draft position in round 3, seems to tell me that franchises will be more likely to cry foul to tampering in the future, if it does or does not actually occur.
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    Boy, Roger the Rube sure was diligent on this tampering charge yet has done everything in his power to avoid the Spygate from opening up.

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    He is getting away with it so far. Must be doing something right.
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    The key words are "so far." He's really ticking off Specter, a person that will own him if Roger the Rube keeps it up.

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    Specter doesn't have any real power as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. And from what I've heard Patrick J. Leahy, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, isn't inclined to launch any further investigation. Remember, Leahy is from Vermont, which I would assume considers New England its football team out of geographical preference.

    So far, this has been nothing but saber rattling by Specter.
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    that's what it seems like to me.
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    There is really more important things for the SJC to be focusing on anyway.

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