49ers Insider: Options on Brooks being weighed

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by big dog cowboy, Jul 3, 2006.

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    49ers Insider: Options on Brooks being weighed
    By Matthew Barrows -- Bee Staff Writer
    Published 12:01 am PDT Saturday, July 1, 2006

    SANTA CLARA -- The 49ers hired Scot McCloughan to run their personnel department last year because they thought he would outwork the competition. And so far, he is doing just that. McCloughan, 35, and his scouts have attended the workouts of six college players who will be part of the July 13 supplemental draft.

    That overall thoroughness, however, makes it difficult to tell just how interested the 49ers are in the marquee name in the draft, former Virginia linebacker Ahmad Brooks. The 49ers gave Brooks a medical examination Thursday, then spent three hours with him at the team's Santa Clara facility.
    McCloughan and coach Mike Nolan were in Charlottesville, Va., last week to watch Brooks work out. Nolan has the final say on Brooks but was on vacation when the former Cavalier visited Thursday.

    McCloughan has said he expects a team to use a high draft pick -- possibly a first rounder -- on the talented but troubled linebacker. The question is whether the 49ers, who are one of the seven clubs showing the most interest in Brooks, will be that team. Brooks was kicked off the team at Virginia earlier this year for violating team rules.

    Brooks' agent, Greg Williams, said Friday his client also has met with officials from the Bengals, Browns, Dolphins, Giants and Packers, and that the Bears have shown strong interest, as well. Another three teams have inquired about meeting Brooks, Williams said, but those visits have yet to be scheduled.

    One thing that's certain, McCloughan said, is financial concerns will not dissuade the 49ers from taking Brooks with a high draft pick.

    "Not at all," he said earlier this week. "We're all about getting as many good young guys as we can because we're still rebuilding."

    McCloughan said the most encouraging parts of Brooks' June 22 workout was he seemed to be fully recovered from an array of injuries that cost him most of the 2005 season and that at 260 pounds, he had dropped 30 pounds of bulk in 10 weeks.

    "He played the best when he was between 255 and 265 pounds," McCloughan said.

    Williams, however, said his client's weight is continuing to fall.

    Brooks weighed 255 pounds Thursday, and the plan is he will enter an NFL team's training camp a month from now at 245, his weight during his standout sophomore season in 2004.

    Williams noted Brooks' best game that year came against Maryland, a 16-0 Virginia win in which the linebacker had two interceptions.

    Whom did he cover in that game? Terrapins tight end Vernon Davis, the 49ers' first-round pick this spring.
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    And yet the author fails to disclose that Davis also had over 100 yards receiving - nearly 21 yards a catch.
    Guess someone else was covering Davis on those plays.
  3. AbeBeta

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    Your username says exactly what I think about anyone using a #1 on Brooks.
  4. jterrell

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    I will guarantee no team uses a first rounder on Brooks.

    The 49ers may be desperate enough for talent to use a day 1 selection but they are silly if they do.

    This kid may well end up a good player for someone but that team is taking a gamble and honestly the lower the kid is taken the better it may be for him in the long run. He needs to come into the league humble and ready to avoid mistakes that cost him his college eligibility.
  5. tyke1doe

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    I agree.

    Smoke screen.

    No team is stupid enough to take him in the first - at least I hope no team is that stupid.
  6. Unforgiven

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    Really, does it matter? We obviously have no interest in this guy, and I am glad.
  7. AbeBeta

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    How is it obvious? We aren't talking about picking him, but that doesn't mean we might not have an interest for the right pick. The 9ers are just being stupid by talking so much about the kid. What do they want? Someone to pick him a round ahead of them?
  8. big dog cowboy

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    I think we ARE interested in Brooks. The problem is the price is higher than we want to pay.
  9. Cowboy Junkie

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    Dose anyone know who the 6 players that are available for this draft and have a little info on them?

    I hope Brooks dose go in the first round because then we will be picking that much sooner...
  10. silverbear

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    Actually, the Cowboys are one of those seven teams the mediots have mentioned as being most interested in Brooks...

    Perhaps you should stop projecting your own opinions onto the staff of the Cowboys, and consider the possibility that as a result of Parcells' relationship with Al Groh, the Cowboys are VERY well-informed as to all the issues Brooks has had in college...

    It's clear that YOU think he's a useless punk, but it's equally clear that you don't have the first clue what the COWBOYS think about that... so your "obvious" assertion isn't really so obvious at all...
  11. RealCowboyfan

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    How good Brooks really is?:starspin
  12. burmafrd

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    maybe someone in love with Brooks jock should consider that listening to the mediots is a very dumb thing to do. They are the ONLY ones that are speculating on the Boys interest in Brooks. There has been nothing out of the Ranch that indicates anything more then MILD interest- maybe the boys would give up a 5th, MAYBE. BUT nothing more, and maybe not even that.
  13. silverbear

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    And as a Cowboys fan, I'd be pissed if there was... tipping your hand that way would only serve to jack up the asking price...

    And maybe an irrational Brooks hater like yourself should ponder if all those media reports are really happening without any hints at all from the folks at Valley Ranch... exactly what purpose would be served by the media making something like that up out of thin air?? It ain't like they identified the Cowboys as THE frontrunner, they simply said they were one of seven teams that seemed to be showing the most interest at his private workout...

    Which might be ascertained by the media simply by determining which teams spent the most time with Brooks and Groh, the most time going over those records from Dr. Andrews and the 10 drug tests he supposedly passed... you know, just by PAYING ATTENTION to what went on at that workout...

    ROTFLMAO... this from the guy who just admitted the Boys haven't told ANYBODY what level of interest-- if any-- they have... apparently, you think there's some fire behind all that media smoke, too...

    You keep on talkin' out of both sides of your mouth that way, and it's fargin' HYSTERICAL... first, you trash the guy viciously, suggesting that you wouldn't take him if the league was giving him away, and throwing in extra draft picks in the bargain... then you turn around and CYA, saying "I wouldn't give up more than a 4th or 5th rounder" (seems to me you've argued both before)...

    Which leads to the same question I asked the last time you engaged in such pathetic doubletalk:

    If Brooks is all the evil things you say he is, why would you be willing to spend ANY draft pick on him??

    For God's sake, pick a side and stick with it...
  14. ghst187

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    wouldn't surprise me if the 69ers used a first rounder on him and he turns out to be a big bust...would go right in line with every other first round pick they've made in the last decade or so. Rumph, Woods, Harris, Smith......
    if I were the 69ers and I had that recent history of 1st rounders, I would start looking to trade out of the first every year.
    although i can't say seeing them in the toilet every year upsets me much either. They're as bad as the Rams and Saints were in the 80s and 90s...they've become the teams that propped up their wins and steve young's statistics and gave them homefield advantage every year in the playoffs.
  15. MONT17

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    the 9ers may have the #1 overall pick next year!!! they have to be aware of that and are using this as a smoke screen... I guess? Brooks is not worth a possible TOP 5 pick is he?
  16. burmafrd

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    With Brooks history of trouble, anyone risking more then a 5th should have their heads examined. His measureables look to be around a late 2nd, at best, since we are talking an ILB. IF it was just a question of talent, then a 3rd would be appropriate. BUT with his problems, a 5th is as high as anyone should go. I don't see the BOys doing that, but the way BP likes LB's (almost as much as he likes TE's) he might give a 5th if Groh says the kid can be turned around. A 5th is not that much to gamble.
  17. thor_01

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    if BP takes the kid in the second, wont bother me any, that means Groh told him enough to make taking him that high worth it, if he takes him in the 5th also wont bother me cause that means the same thing, either way sitting at home and speculating based on your own personal grudge or opinion of a kid u wouldnt know if he fell on u at Walmart is probably stronger grounds for visiting a shrink .............................
  18. burmafrd

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    but what else do we do but speculate on people we have never met and never will meet here on this board?
  19. Tristan

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    I agree with Silver Bear, speculating on what are front office is thinking is pure conjecture.

    It's pretty simple, Ahmad Brooks has enormous potential, he has flashed the ability to not only be considered a top five pick, but a rare game changing, dominant franchise type LB.

    If our front office decides they wan't Brooks, then they will use whatever pick they feel they will need to use to acquire him. One things for sure, if we do make the move to draft Brooks then we will have certainly decided that his talents are worth the investment, and it will also mean that after having done our due dilligence regarding his alledged character issues, that we decided we were comfortable in that area as well. And if that's the case we will know that Parcells had the information he needed from guys like Al Groh, and Chris Canty to make an educated decision. And if our front office decides that he will be an assett to our team, then I will be very excited about the addition of such a talented LB to our already impressive young def.
  20. Screw The Hall

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    Especially if you are the 49ers and that 1st rounder very possibly could end up being the 1st overall pick. Noway.

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