News: 4th Quarter: Catching up with Charles Haley

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    1st, 2nd, 3rd Qtrs.....

    4th Quarter

    By Jeff Sullivan

    What were your first thoughts on being traded to Dallas on Aug. 26, 1992?

    "I enjoyed playing in San Francisco, but there were some issues and maybe it was time to move on. I was really excited about the new opportunity. Honestly, looking back, I remember being a little frightened, not knowing anything about the team or the coaching staff. I mean, I knew Jimmy Johnson was the coach and a few of the guys, but it's not like I really paid attention to any other team in the NFL. Jerry Jones himself met me at the airport, which was pretty impressive. I had never been treated like that. There were cameras everywhere, reporters, it was like I was a rock star for that one moment of my life."

    What was your first impression of the team?

    "The best part about coming here was there was so much young talent. That was obvious from the first day on the practice field. They were waiting for a leader, the defense that is, they wanted to learn how to be victorious and become champions and I had won two Super Bowls already with San Francisco. This was an opportunity for me to teach what I do, to teach them how to pass rush, how to study film. For me, this was a chance to take a role in the development of these players. I told them almost every day that you have to be a smart athlete to be a successful football player. It was about reckless abandon as much as technique and knowing how the opposition was going to try and block you. So much of pass rushing is mental."

    One of the reasons San Francisco traded you was because of some problems with head coach George Seifert. How was your relationship with Jimmy Johnson?

    "I loved Jimmy Johnson. Loved him. He allowed me to be me. He played his mind games on me at first, just like he did with everyone else. He didn't even talk to me the first practice. After two games, he walks up to me that following Tuesday on the practice field and says, 'Charles, you don't play defense like the rest of the team, but you're a playmaker so I'm going to allow you individuality.' In time, the team also appreciated that Jimmy treated the top three or four guys differently than the rest of the team. There was still accountability, but he knew we were going to get it done come game time."

    To this day, you're the only player to have won five Super Bowls, yet the call from the Pro Football Hall of Fame hasn't come as of yet. How important is that to you?

    "Honestly, I think it'll happen in time. That recognition as a man, as a football player, I think everyone wants that, but regardless of the vote each year, I respect each person's right to say yes or no. They have their reasons. I played with my back messed up pretty good, had surgeries after each of those five Super Bowl wins. I played the game the way it was meant to be played. I would like to think my body of work on a pure football standpoint speaks for itself. I was a team player, it was always about we, never about me, and yeah, I wasn't the best with the press, so who knows if that's a factor. We'll see. All I know is, they can't take away those five rings." ....

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    Hire Haley.

    Every time you draw a penalty flag during the game I am going to hit you with my 5 SB ringed Fist!
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    I like that idea.:)

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