5 best games in franchise history

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by dbair1967, Dec 3, 2004.

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    Since the 5 worst games thread created alot of depression for most, lets pick the 5 best games to lift everyone's spirits...there was somewhat of a concensus on the 5 worst games, but with such a great history we might see more different opinions on the 5 best...I guess an easy answer might eb to say "the 5 super bowls we won"...but here are mine, and I'm only including games I saw myself...I started watching football and following the Cowboys in 1975:

    1) 30-20 win at SF in 1992 NFC Championship games...not many gave us a chance and said we'd just be happy to be there, but we dominated them in the 2nd half and went on to clobber Buffalo in the super bowl

    2) Roger's last game, 1979...beat the hated Redskins, knocking them out of the playoffs in dramatic fashion...one of Roger's best games and a tremendous come from behind win...who knew it's be his last regular season game

    3) 1992 home win vs Philly...I picked this one because I was at that game and because it was pivotol IMO to the 1992 season and sent the message to Philly that we were now the beasts of the East. It was also famous for being the weekend where all the local Kroger's removed Philly cheese from the shelves...we had already lost to the Eagles previously that yr, but dominated that day. Emmitt ran wild and Kelvin Martin had a nice catch and run TD..the defense dominated Randall Cunningham

    4) 52-17 thrashing of Buffalo in super bowl...no let down at all from the huge win over SF...one of many great Jimmah lines, at halftime JJ was reminded by the NBC on field guy that Buffalo had one of the greatest comebacks ever in a win over Houston in the playoffs a couple weeks earlier, JJ with the sly grin responds "we're not Houston"

    5) 1993 NFC Championship win over SF...Jimmah guarantees on live radio that we'll beat SF, saying "it'll be close for 3 quarters, but we're gonna kick their rear ends in the 4th qtr"...Seifert responded with some comment about JJ's genitals, and there were signs everywhere that day about...one great one was "hey Seifert, they're brass"...game wasnt even close for a half, as Troy Aikman played one of the great halves a QB has ever had and we jumped on them 28-7...too bad Aikman got the concussion early in the 3rd qtr, or we might have hung 50 on them that day...Emmitt played with the busted shoulder and ran and caught passes at will

    many more I could ahve picked...will be interested to see everyone else's list and explanations...

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    Even though it was a loss, the 94 Championship game against the 49ers was one of if not the best game I can ever remember watching.

    The way Aikman brought us back in that game was truely amazing. If not for the missed PI call on Deion we would have had 4 rings in the 90's.
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    My favorite game. The best way I could put it to non-Cowboys fans was trying to climb to the top of Mt. Everest, everybody telling you that it won’t happen, and then finally doing it. Watch this game and Moose plays one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen for a blocking fullback. He skewered Romanowski (who was in his prime) and the Niner’s D-Linemen the entire game.

    I’m from Syracuse and in that area you either love the Bills or hate the Bills. I hate the Bills. I remember growing up you couldn’t find a Bills fan if Joe Ferguson could levitate and pass out $20 bills. Anyway, once Thurman and Jim Kelly came along, EVERYBODY became a Bills fan. My theory TO THIS DAY is that 50% of the Bills fans are just pissed off and bitter old Giants fans who couldn’t take it anymore.

    Anyway, I was a junior in high school at the time and I had 3 other friends of mine that I grew up with that were Cowboys fans since the mid 80’s (people forget how popular Tony Dorsett and Randy White were, so they automatically label Cowboys fans as bandwagoners.)

    So, it was us 4 and about 50 people at a Super Bowl party. The rest were rooting for the Bills and taunting us. Needless to say it was one of the greatest massacres I’ve ever seen.

    Yep, this goes along the lines of climbing Mt. Everest, getting to the top and then taking a dump.

    Here’s a few others I have:

    1. The Emmitt game – I think it was 1993 when he played against the Giants in the final regular season game with a separated shoulder and tore the Giants apart. Just a jaw dropping, awe inspiring performance. I’m almost speechless now just thinking about it.

    2. The Giants game last year – 2nd game of the year, Dallas 8 point underdogs and nobody thought they’d win. Not only a great game, but with a 3rd and 1 at the Giants 30, Dallas had ran behind Larry Allen for years and were getting stopped about 50% of the time, only to rely on the kicker to make a field goal. Not Parcells. Play action bootleg to Dan Campbell to the Giants 11, easy field goal and a win. What struck me about this game is the expression on the player’s faces, especially Quincy. They just had this smile and presence about them that they FINALLY got a real coach, and a coach that plays to win instead of playing not to lose.

    3. 1999 vs. the Giants – Dallas lost, but this was a different story altogether. Dallas was favored by 3 points in the MNF game. The Giants weren’t good that year and EVERYBODY took Dallas to cover. My buddy was a bookie and he, another friend of ours, and myself went to a bar to watch the game. The Giants are up 13-10 with only a few seconds left and were kicking the ball off. Gailey decides to put Deion in as a kick returner, the Giants don’t notice it and after a few laterals, Deion scores a touchdown which would put Dallas up 17-13.

    My buddie that is a bookie is completely distraught and can’t believe it. My other buddy whispers to me and says “Yeah, everybody took Dallas and there’s about 20 grand he lost.”

    Anyway, declare there was a forward lateral, thus no touchdown. My buddy just won 20 grand from all of his gamblers, but acted like he just had been electrocuted for the rest of the night.

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    that was the first one that came to my mind, too.

    that and the 92 nfc championship game are right up there.
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    The 5 SB wins :D
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    The 1965 Championship game with Greenbay...........even though we lost the game I still consider it to be one of the most exciting games I have ever watched.
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    Yep...funny, I was just going to list that one...if Landry didn't send in the wrong formation, who knows what would have happened...

    In no particular order:

    The Super Bowl win over the Dolphins was HUGE...broke the "Next Year's Champions" hex....

    The Hail Mary game against a TOUGH Viking team...

    The Emmitt Smith separated shoulder game against the Giants that got us into the playoffs

    The playoff win over the 49ers when Roger came off the bench late in the 4th quarter down, 28-13..and rallied the team to a 30-28 win...

    And the Clint Longley Thanksgiving win over the hated Redskins...
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    Simple we would have won the first Super Bowl........We were so close to having the opportunity of winning the first two Super Bowls ever played.
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    The 93 Super Bowl because of the head lines in the papers the next day. I bought the Tshirt with it printed on i had that thing until it fell apart :)

    I remember all the media hyping the Bills because they had been there the year before they understood what it took to win blah blah blah.

    We know how that turned out and the next day the Dallas Morning News had a head line

    Cowboys 52 Bills 17 Any Questions ? :D and of course a Big Color Photo from the game

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    Lots of great games listed.

    I'll only count those I saw as well. Started watching the team in 1968.

    1 - Beating the Niners at Candlestick 30-20. The return to greatness was complete. The SB was anti-climactic.

    2 - Losing to the Niners at Candlestick 2 years later. One of my proudest Cowboy moments was how we refused to give up. Had we pulled this off I think it would've been my #1.

    3 - Beating the Eagles in Philly in 1991. Sure it was Jeff Kemp at QB for the Eagles. But I think THIS was the pivotal game that signaled Dallas return from the ashes. K-Mart takes a punt back all the way as Ike Holt lays the final crushing block to spring him. It was AWESOME! Beurline at QB.

    4 - Beating, no trouncing, Denver in the 78 SB. Realize that I live in the heart of Bronco country when Broncomania FIRST reared its head. It was absolute INSANITY in Colorado that year. The Broncos and all there fans believed with all their heart that they were destined, and with good reason as they pulled some incredible upsets. Jon Keyworth recorded "Make Those Miracles Happen".

    5 - Hail Mary Game - I absolutely loved the Pearson boys who were instrumental in leading the first Wild Card team to the SB. Overachievers who couldn't quite get the last win in the SB but gave aproud effort nonetheless.

    Honorable Mention

    **Roger led comeback to beat the Niners at Kezar.

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    Actually, it was 1966, but who really cares.
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    Obviously you do since you pedantically mentioned it.
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    What does that mean? Too big a word for me.
  14. CanadianCowboysFan

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    Pedantry basically means nit picking.
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    Too many to choose from, but I can say that I've been to 4 games in my life, and I was only disappointed at one of them (the playoff loss to the cards).

    I watched the Browns game this year, Panthers game the year before, and the panthers game the year before that. That panthers game in 2002 was crap for most of the first 56 minutes, but those last 4 minutes definitely made up for it. It was great watching all the Panther fans leave with that look of disbelief and disappointment on their faces.
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    Here's another nit to pick.

    The kickoff was indeed received by Deion but the "lateral" is to Kevin Mathis who takes it most of the way and then as he's being tackled, tosses it back to Singor Mobley who takes it to the end zone. Deion's toss was finally declared a forward lateral.

    I recall Boomer wondering out loud in disbelief "what are they doing?" as the Giants kick deep. He absolutely can't believe it. And then the unbelievable almost happens.

    Then ironically, in 2003 the Giants do indeed squib the kickoff only for it to go out of bounds which of course was instrumental in giving Dallas a chance to tie - which of course they do, and then win in OT.

    The irony of all that is hilarious IMO.
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    My favorite was Emmitts near 200 yard game on a seperated shoulder.
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    My sentiments almost exactly.
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    I'm sure you, and the rest of the boys at the "Civil War Veterans Home" enjoyed it greatly!!!

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