5 greatest Cowboys ever: name 'em

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ehcrossing, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Can't have a list of just five. Just can't do it.
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    Randy not Danny LOL
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    You know I'm a sucker for the gifys...poor guy on the ends expression. Spit up my whiskey:D
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    11 Cowboys in the Hall of Fame.

    Take out Deon if you want since he wasn't a Cowboy that long.
    That leaves 10 who should never be left off any list.

    Lilly....Mr Cowboy and first ever HOF Cowboy
    Roger....first 2 SB champions with essentially two different teams
    Dorsett....silky smooth speed who also ran inside for lots of yards
    White....the unblockable manster
    Renfro....if before your time, every bit the super star CB as Deon, college RB converted
    Aikman....most accurate passer and focused QB in Dallas history
    Wright....perennial all pro OT for years
    Irvin....playmaker and emotional heartbeat of 3 Championship teams
    Hayes....converted track star who could really ball....all these years into the passing NFL, still holds all or part of 11 Cowboys records
    Emmitt....Mr Dependable...Mr All-Time...3 rings

    Soon we can add Larry Allen to this group.

    The Cowboys have struggled in recent history, but despite several other Cowboys who deserve the Hall, we fans have a lot to be proud of. The players above weren't your run-of-the-mill hall of famers. These Cowboys stand out even among their fellow hall of fame colleagues.
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    Larry Allen is the best OG to ever play, and the gap to John Hannah at 2nd best ever is a pretty wide gap IMO. I can't say that about any other player being the best ever, and with very little debate about it. For that reason he has to be on the list. Emmitt Smith himself said that he was the best player on those teams. Troy Aikman was in awe of the man. I can't keep him off the list.
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    It's pretty rare that in a world of athletic freaks that the most impressive "athlete" was an ex gang banger OL from a small college. Man was really a man among boys in that sense and can't ever remember another player ever stepping to him (intimidation wise). Pro bowler @ G and T, REFUSING to tuck his jersey in...who would ask him? :D
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    If we aren't limited by just players:
    1. Tom Landry- Had the vision to be an innovator for both offense and defense
    2. Emmitt Smith-Seeming average back by the numbers, but extraordinary in effort
    3. Jimmy Johnson-returned the time to glory much in the same way Landry put them on the map via coaching
    4. Bob Hayes-First playmaker and caused teams to have to create a zone.
    5. Tex Schramm-marketed this team and if I understand the story...hired Landry.
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    Larry Allen
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    The all-time "hyped after one game" top 5

    Jason Garrett
    Aveion Cason
    Larry Brown
    Derek Ross
    Reggie Swinton
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    Ya know, I thought about both of those guys but Hutchinson had to be a lock because he will be a trivia question one day" who was the Qb on Emmitts record breaking run? " and Rowdy is too obnoxious/loveable to leave off the list. Hambrick was a lock for asking a question we all want to know, "What do voluntary mean?". Afterall,I think we are all a bit unsure what it do mean. Jerry Jones bought the team and won 3 SBS singlehandedly so he had to get a nod. So the only real question would be Underwood
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    Sad that Emmitt had to break the record with that scrub of a team but am glad he broke it. Troy was just as dumb, but Darrin actually made that comment after he had a decent season before his RFA season I believe. I remember he took off from the police "on foot" through the woods of his hometown with a couple 100 pds of erb in his truck during the off season. Gotta love them Hambrick jeans :D My pair had the answers to the GED exam stuffed in the back pocket?
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    There's really no rationale for having Irvin over Emmitt. Unless you knock Emmitt for finishing his career with the cardinals, but then there is no reason to have Jimmy in the top 5.
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    Any list without Mr Cowboy Bob Lily is just wrong.
  17. ehcrossing

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    1. John Wayne
    2. Clint Eastwood
    3. Gary Cooper
    4. Gregory Peck
    5. Henry Fonda

    Honorable mention: James Stewart(same name as my pops) :)

    Ohhhh, yas meant Dallas Cowboys. I'll get back to yall.........................
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    Let me recap my list.
    1.Tom Landry
    2. Roger Staubach
    3. Bob Lilly
    4. Jimmy Johnson
    5. Michael Irvin
    6. Jerry Jones
    7. Tony Dorsett
    8. Emmitt Smith
    9. Randy White
    10 Larry Allen
    10a Lee Roy Jordan
    10b Mel Renfro
    10c Deon Sanders
    10d Erik Williams

    Now I listed them in this order because it is "my list" and Tony D was better than Emmitt if it is my list. Emmitt don't make the top five if Dorsett don't. Loved Emmitt loved Calvin Hill. Loved Preston Pearson, loved Marion Barber. Newhouse had legs. Moose had toughness. Garrison was a "Real Cowboy" Duane Thomas was weird. Don Perkins was the 1st. Hershel Walker was a Heisman. But nobody ran like TD.
    And Jimmy, well he had that team together and they won the biggest of the big games. Irvin was more than just the heart and soul of that era, he was an extension of Jimmy and he dominated his opponent every single week. Made the blocks, made the catch. Made the guys believe they could get it done in the 4th quarter. Nobody and I mean nobody inspired the Cowboys players like the Playmaker. I like my list and I can tell you there are 100 more excellent players who played for this team that made this team what it is. Sadly we are trying to call out the top five. As another poster mentioned...just cant do it.
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    Like your style;)
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