5 greatest Cowboys ever: name 'em

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ehcrossing, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Man taking pot shots and Reggie
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    The exact reason I have not replied in this thread before now.
  3. cwbyfn1957

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    80's-D White
    90's-E Smith
    2010-Present-Romo but Dez could win out.
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  4. tyke1doe

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    Roger Staubach
    Bob Lilly
    Emmitt Smith
    Randy White
    Michael Irvin
  5. tyke1doe

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    ^ This ^

    Dorsett is the reason I became a Cowboys fan. And as much as he's my favorite Cowboy, he's not in the top 5.
  6. JJB500

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    Bob Lilly
    Larry Allen
    Emmitt Smith
    Roger Staubach
    Michael Irvin

    Erik Williams makes the list if he never had his accident in 1994!
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  7. burmafrd

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    2000-2009 Romo over Ware?
  8. garrett316

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    Honorable Mention: Darren Woodson. Emobodied everything I'd want from a Cowboy. Great leader, great teammate, great player. Played hurt and played well for a ton of seasons. Why even have a Ring of Honor if it does not include the player that has more tackles than anyone that has ever worn the uniform?
  9. Venger

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    Whoever decided to limit this list to 5 is a sadist...
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    Pretty dang good list right there.
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  11. thechosen1n2

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    This is TOO Hard, and its gets even harder if you include Landry (or any non players) Someone will be left off that deserves to be there. I will say this, and I dont want to ridicule anyones picks, but
    Ware, Romo, and Witten (and I love them all) should not be in the top 5. To me the only people that can be in this discussion are:

    Aikman, Staubach, Emmitt, Irving, Bob Lilly, Randy White, Dorsett, Larry Allen, Woodson, Meridith.
  12. cwbyfn1957

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    Anyone that wants to put ware over Romo gets no argument from me. I just feel Romo had more of an impact then Ware. Mostly because of position, but remember, between Aikman and Romo was crap at QB.
  13. German Corner

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    bob lily
    troy aikman
    emmitt smith
    larry allen
    michael irvin
  14. ehcrossing

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    Heck of a thread OP!

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