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5 Reasons to Book next week's game against the Eagles as a win

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboysFanSince88, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Prossman

    Prossman Active Member

    978 Messages
    76 Likes Received
    The eagles are the one team with more drama than dallas. If they lose to the saints stick a fork in the eagles. If they win we will have a battle on our hands.
  2. CowboysFanSince88

    CowboysFanSince88 Well-Known Member

    6,017 Messages
    1,058 Likes Received

    JAWS just picked the Saints to win the game, does that tell you anything???
  3. baddude

    baddude New Member

    28 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    Here is why the Cowboys !WIN

    * First drive, 13 minutes 4 penalties. Romo heroics takes the team to the 13 yard line.

    * 3 man rush Romo scrambles under pressure but nobody is open. Romo throws it over very high out of the endzone.

    * Draw play, running back runs right smack into the back of the guard, gains 3 inches.

    * Next play, false start all world left tackle

    * 3rd and long, the words "kill, kill, kill" are heard over the stadium. The defense promptly plays conservative knowing the nobody knows what's going on. 3 Man rush, Free misses his block, on the way down to the turf, Romo hits throws a desperate throw to Mr. 3rd wideout. It hits his shoulder pads and bounces of his head ... falls on the ground. Field goal.

    * Defense gets on the field. 1st Down. Ware gets the 215th (200 in the first quarter) breaking the all time leading sack of the game when someone forgets to block him. Everyone is happy.

    * 2 and 20. Blitz 10 guys rushing going in circles round each other. Quarterback with 7 seconds to pass, pass wide open down the middle for 10 yards.

    * Vick runs for a first down.
    * Deep pass. PI, ball deep inside dallas territory.

    * Vick run touchdown.

    * Romo tries as hard as he can to mount a comeback. Throws deep, nothing but eagles. Dez ran the wrong route.

    * Eagles march down the field and score a field goal. All hail the defense for holding them to a field goal.

    * Beasly comes in gets 1 pass for 8 yards. His work is done. Ice Ice baby.

    * Offside, all world tyrone.

    * draw play, running back runs into the back of the guard again

    * 3 man rush, Romo running for his life. Shovel pass to Felix the cat who trips and falls

    * Half time, Garret says the cowboys need to run better. Romo keeps throwing into triple coverage. Somehow he manages to tie the game.

    * Late in the fourth quarter. Cowboys drive, Romo in rhythm. Cowboys cross the 50 and Garrets calls a draw where the running back runs into the guard again and 2 1 yard passes to Witten. Punt puts the eagles deep in their territory

    * The defense takes over, on 3rd down Vick runs for a first

    * Next deep pass down the sidelines, the safety is mesmerized by Vick and stands still. Pass caught, the safety 3 yard behind the cornerback. Great tackle by the conerback.

    * Next play, the Cowboys blitz. It's a stunt, everyone running in circles. The linebackers are studying where the hole is so that they can get a great shot a Vick. Vick runs for a first.

    * Garrett uses all his timeouts with 4 minutes remaining. Hey, we got the 5th rank defense in the NFL.

    * Eagles dink and dunk until 30 seconds are left and kick a field goal.

    * Cowboys get the ball, Romo throws 3 1 yard passes to Witten on the sidelines to stop the clock. Game over.

    By the end of the game Vick resurrects his career.
  4. CowboysFanSince88

    CowboysFanSince88 Well-Known Member

    6,017 Messages
    1,058 Likes Received
    After that Monday Night Game, anyone still afraid to BOOK IT?????

  5. Beast_from_East

    Beast_from_East Well-Known Member

    19,523 Messages
    8,637 Likes Received

    We needed the refs help to beat Tampa and you already got this game as a W?

    Yea, the Eagles suck but they are going to play their best game of the season against us...........I have seen this movie before.
  6. 17yearsandcounting

    17yearsandcounting Benched

    2,391 Messages
    1,677 Likes Received

    Im so excited to see who wins the battle of poor clock management, poor game management and pass happy non-sense.

    It will be like Jason coaching against a 300lb version of himself.

  7. crazytown41

    crazytown41 Well-Known Member

    1,323 Messages
    288 Likes Received
    If we lose to this pathetic Eagles team then Garrett needs to step down immediately after the game.
  8. fifaguy

    fifaguy Well-Known Member

    6,842 Messages
    2,288 Likes Received
    I don't think you can ever "book" a game in Philly as a win, and certainly not in this case given how the Cowboys have been playing. Yes, Philly has also been very disappointing, but that does not change things in my opinion. It's still in Philly, and they still have Andy Reid plus Vick, McCoy, Jackson, etc...
  9. crazytown41

    crazytown41 Well-Known Member

    1,323 Messages
    288 Likes Received
    Nobody is saying this will be a easy win but we just watched the worst defense in the league dominate this offense and made their OL look like pillows.

    If we cant do the same then this team should just quit the rest of the season...
  10. fifaguy

    fifaguy Well-Known Member

    6,842 Messages
    2,288 Likes Received
    You cannot count on the Cowboys to win ANY given game at this time; the team is way too unpredictable for that...
  11. maxdallasfan

    maxdallasfan Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    2,181 Messages
    1,424 Likes Received
    Nah, we'll lose. The Iggles will be fired up. We will be flat as usual.
  12. Kristen82

    Kristen82 Benched

    965 Messages
    221 Likes Received
    1. Mike Vick
    2. Mike Vick
    3. Mike Vick
    4. All the injuries on their OL
    5. Mike Vick

    Vick blows donkeys, and it'll be great when we embarrass him and seal his fate in PHI.
  13. bysbox1

    bysbox1 Well-Known Member

    1,210 Messages
    122 Likes Received
    And I slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night ... :facepalm:

    There are no guarantees in this league, no matter how "bad" you think Philly is. Look past this game and we will be 3-6.

    Just take it one game at a time.
  14. MartinRamone

    MartinRamone Well-Known Member

    1,470 Messages
    112 Likes Received
    We cant even book a win against the Browns, our fans will never learn.
  15. anj113

    anj113 Member

    951 Messages
    5 Likes Received

    did you ever think that we are just as pathethic? Its funny how you guys have nerve to call out another team.. WE stink people.. We arent any good.. I love how week after week i have to hear how this game will be an easy victory, its actually comical now that you people still belive it.. What it going to take to realize that we are a BAD football team.. Please I dont want to hear the what if's or if this happened... bad teams find ways to lose, its not an accident people....
  16. CowboysFanSince88

    CowboysFanSince88 Well-Known Member

    6,017 Messages
    1,058 Likes Received
    5 New reasons

    1. Last 2 Qb's completed 75% of their passes against the Eagles defense

    2. The new defensive coordinator for the eagles is still not the answer

    3. It will be even more pressure on the Eagles since the game is in philly

    4. Last 2 losses for cowboys combined was 11 points

    5. last 2 losses for eagles was 28 points

    Again, BOOK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. anj113

    anj113 Member

    951 Messages
    5 Likes Received
    yeah and the Eagles turn the ball over more than any team in the league, wanna bet we dont get one turnover.. TO bash the Eagles make me laugh, we are just as bad, if not worse.. we dont match up well against Phill, they abused us last year, so before you bash othe rteams please look at your own first we are just as pathetic..trust me
  18. CowboysFanSince88

    CowboysFanSince88 Well-Known Member

    6,017 Messages
    1,058 Likes Received

    I just gave you two reasons why we are slightly better
  19. CowboysFanSince88

    CowboysFanSince88 Well-Known Member

    6,017 Messages
    1,058 Likes Received
    Reasons 11

    11. Cowboys scored 37 pts in last 2 games against teams with a combined record of 14-3
  20. crazytown41

    crazytown41 Well-Known Member

    1,323 Messages
    288 Likes Received
    This team isn't pathetic like the Eagle dude. Look at the teams we've played. We got blown out by probably the best team in football and got blown out by probably the toughest place to play. Been in every other game.

    The Eagles got blown out by the Cards and Saints for ****** sakes.

    We're not even in the same level as the Iggles. Are you even watching our games?

    Give this team some credit...

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