5 To Know: Broaddus Evaluates Handful Of Top Safety Prospects

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Feb 6, 2013.

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    Kenny Vaccaro, 6-1, 218, Texas
    There are plenty of times where you study Vaccaro and he isn’t lined up as a safety in certain schemes…will line up at linebacker or in the slot covering a receiver when they go to a three receiver package…the most impressive trait he has is his ability to cover out of the slot….plays with a nice feel in coverage…has some corner skills to his game…reacts quickly and smoothly…good position in routes…plays with quick feet…didn’t see any separation to his game when he was put in that position….is a physical player…used as a blitzer out of the slot and off the edge in the goal line defense…will take on at the point of attack…is more than willing to fill on the run…wrap up tackler…did see a miss in the hole against Oklahoma that resulted in a long touchdown run…not a one trick pony when it comes to his play…you see him in the middle of the action.

    Jonathan Cyprien, 6-0, 209, Florida International
    Like Vaccaro of Texas in that he will play all over the defense deep or in the box….what I really like about him is his ability to cover ground…when the ball goes in the air, you see him on his horse to get there….had a pretty interception against Louisville playing out of center field…can pedal, turn and run…can really drive on the ball when it is in front of him…has the size to carry tight ends up the field and will fight them for the ball…did get beat out of the slot by a receiver on a back shoulder throw…not afraid to come up and take on linemen that pull…is a blow’em up type of tackler…will bring some violence and not afraid to take a shot at receivers when they cross the middle…if he has a weakness it is that he doesn’t always wrap up…had this happen to him a couple of times against Duke which one of these misses resulted in a touchdown but did make an open field tackle against Arkansas State that did save a touchdown…you don’t have to worry about him standing around piles.

    Matt Elam, 5-10, 202, Florida
    See him more as a strong safety type than that of a free...doesn’t cover ground like Vaccaro of Texas or Cyprien of Florida International…just not a quick footed player…can be a step slow arriving in coverage…doesn’t have that ability to pedal, turn and burst…plays much more in zone coverage than he does in man…can get a good jam when he gets his hands on the receiver…thought he showed good awareness finding the ball against Louisville

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    I really like Cyprien and Swearinger
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    Any of the three are just fine by me.

    Vaccaro will be gone most likely, Reid is poor in coverage, TJ McDonald no thanks, and Elam is more of a SS imo and apparently Broaddus as well.

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