5 Upcoming Free Agents I Covet

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheCount, Dec 31, 2011.

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    1. Carl Nicks, G - Nicks is #1 on my list, I don't know that the Saints can afford to pay him with all the guys set to sign new deals. Being able to bring him in as a FA would be huge because it gives us more flexibility with that #1 pick. Or hell, if he's there, take DeCastro anyway. A man can dream.

    2. Cliff Avril, OLB - Currently he plays DE for the Lions, but I loved him coming out of college. He's a Perdue man like Spencer, and they both had that tweener things going for them. Avril has made a pretty good living as a DE, but I think he has the athleticism to play OLB in a 3-4 as well. He's actually a better athlete than Spencer, but perhaps lacks a touch of the raw strength that Spencer has but he's just 26 years old.

    3. Ben Grubbs, G - Grubbs is not as flashing a name as Nicks, which could be great for us when it comes time to write a check. A former tight end and defensive line player, Grubbs fits the mold of what we're trying to do here as far as athletic linemen that can move and get to the 2nd level, so he may actually be a smarter acquisition than Nicks. Fun fact: He's left handed so perhaps a pretty natural fit at LG.

    4. Cortland Finnegan, CB - Finnegan can be a knucklehead, he plays with a chip and isn't afraid to play as close to the line as you can go without being considered outright dirty. That rubs a lot of people wrong, especially opposing receivers. He gets under their skin, he gets in their head and he takes pleasure in doing it. I don't mind that at all. What I DO mind is all the unsportsmanlike penalties. Let me be clear, he may have the #4 spot, but I don't want him here if he's going to be more trouble that he's worth. There's no denying the guy can play.

    5. Paul Soliai, NT - As long as there's a drum to beat, I'll keep beating it. I want to see what this defense looks like with a "true" NT. Ratliff is a fantastic player that gets a free window seat to Hawaii just about every year, but so was Gurode. I very much want Ratliff to continue being a key cog in this defense, I just happen to think he can still do that at DE. We're running around looking for DE's that can pass rush, and we already have the best one in the entire league on the roster. I honestly couldn't care less about Rat's pro bowl invites, they are certainly a great personal achievement, what I care about is what's best for the defense and the team. If Ratliff never goes to another pro bowl but the defense improves, I will shed no tears.

    BONUS: 6. Terrell Thomas, CB - Thomas tore an ACL in August, so I don't even know when he will be ready to go full speed but let's assume he can get healthy sooner rather than later. Thomas, unlike a lot of our corners, is a bigger, more physical corner. He might actually give us the legit option of pressing receivers, but he does it all. He defends passes, gets picks, forces fumbles, tackles and he's just 26 years old. If we want to get more physical on defense, it doesn't hurt to bring that to the corners as well.

    Calias Campbell should obviously be on this list, but I think he has about as much chance of hitting the market as Drew Brees. They can't afford to lose him. If he does somehow manage to shake loose, then he probably lands at #2 on my list, under just Nicks.
  2. realtick

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    I like all the names mentioned.

    I especially like Avril because he plays angry with a chip on his shoulder.
  3. SDogo

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    Nicks is going to get a pay day, it's just no going to be with the Saints. They handed out a hefty sum along the OL last year and with the Bree's deal coming down and host of other players needing addressed I dont think they will be able to afford him.

    If Dallas is going to spend big I would have no problems having that money go to Nicks.
  4. casmith07

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    Agree on Nicks. Disagree big time on Finnegan.

    I just don't think he's that good. I think he masks/masked a lot of his shortcomings by playing like a jerk on the field. For a team that's lamented by the fans for getting dumb penalties and signing knuckleheads, I just don't see that happening and I'm also curious as to why so many fans are high on him.

    Finnegan's wife is cute, though.

  5. realtick

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    How original, he wore sneakers to his wedding. Nobody has done that before...:cool:
  6. supercowboy8

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    I like the list but I would put Grubbs and nicks as one since there not a real chance we get both. The I would also replace Finnegan with Brandon Carr, oe Aaron Ross. I would rather have a cf that plays man than a career zone cover 2 cb

    Iwould go ahead and make Campbell my number 2. He will want dockett money and the cards need to spread that money around and who's to say he wants to stay in Arizona. It cost about 16million to franchise him
  7. unionjack8

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    if we're gonna blow 9-10m/year on a player i'd like it to be mario williams
  8. TheCount

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    What makes you believe he's not any good and why are you googling pictures of his wife? :laugh2:
  9. supercowboy8

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    What player will get 9-10 a year, and I don't think any of those players will get that much. I also mario williams will demand over 10
  10. supercowboy8

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    Finnegan is a good player, and I live in Nashville and he does alot for the city and people. The he is a very nice guy. Now saying that, but the titans hardly ever let players go if they still have something left. The Finnegan is good player in the system he plays input he isn't a shut down cb and he has never played man cover before.
  11. Eskimo

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    I like the idea of trying to get Solilai at NT. I think he would be a push with Rat at NT but Rat would put one of the DEs on the bench. Hopefully he will not be super expensive. I also think it is hard to find good NTs int the draft. There isn't one in this draft that excites me and that was the case for last year's draft, too. Phil Taylor went in the first but had too many character concerns for my liking.

    I'm not a fan of the OGs since I think we could get better value in the draft.

    Ditto for Finnegan at CB. We should be able to do better in the draft.

    As for Avril, that could be a good signing depending on cost. If this falls through, I wouldn't mind making a bid for Osi as a pass rush specialist. I doubt he could play OLB at this stage of his career. We could possibly get Albright to play on first and second down.
  12. supercowboy8

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    My five are

    1. Carl Nicks or Ben Grubbs. I would rather get Nicks because he is better, never been hurt and a year younger. I would make a play for both but I don't see us spending big money on to OL.

    2. Calais Campbell. Need I say more. Anyone saw the Cowboys Cardinals game can see why we need Campbell. We need a DE that can cause havoc. Everyone blames Spencer for not getting enough sacks, look at the good 3-4 defenses out there, and your see DEs that can get pressure and sacks. It doesn't need to be all the 3-4 OLBs. San Fran, Arizona, Baltimore, and Houston DEs all get pressure and sacks.

    3. Paul Soliai would be nice for sure. A big NT that can rotate with Ratliff and in some packages both can play the same down. Campbell, Ratliff, Hatcher, Soliai, Spears, Brent, and Lessimore is a good deep DL. Maybe add another DE in the draft.

    4. Michael Griffen or Dashon Goldston, a roaming free safety that can pick off the ball would be real nice.

    5. Aaron Ross or Brandon Carr, we need a vet young CB to replace Newman, I think we need to draft a CB early for the future but CB is the hardest position for a rookie to play. Get a vet in here that can play man cover and let the rookie get ready.

    Avril is an interesting player, I saw him drop back and pick off a pass last week, still looked alittle stiff so I don't know how much he could cover TEs and RBs. I think he could do it but I don't know if I want to pay a 4-3 DE big money to switch to SOLB when he has never done it before. Thats a big gamble.
  13. Muhast

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    I like your list, but no to Dashon Goldston. If we went after him last year he wouldn't have costed much. He put up another good year on a good team, so he will cost way more this year.

    If we come away with Campbell, Griffin, Nicks. That would be an incredible FA haul.
  14. TheCount

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    Definitely, but to be honest, I think you're going to see another slow free agency year for us. I have a feeling the staff is much happier with the current mix of players than we might be, wouldn't be surprised to see us resign our own guys and bring in a couple of older, affordable vets to fill in the obvious gaps in places like ILB and CB.

    Griffin almost made my list, but I am pretty sure this team has no desire whatsoever in spending big money on a safety ever again. :laugh2: If Elam is brought back on another 1 year deal, it wouldn't surprise me in the least.
  15. supercowboy8

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    I would also go after Larry Grant who has played great filling in for Willis in SF at ILB. I would sign him to a decent contract, he is only 26 and knows the 3-4 ILB spot. I would tell him that he and Carter will compete for the starting ILB spot.
    Then my ILB corp would be Lee(26), Carter(24), and Grant(27) next season.
  16. TheCount

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    That's a good suggestion, I don't know a thing about Grant personally but I much prefer that kind of guy that a 32 year old guy that's just looking to get a couple more checks before he retires.
  17. BAT

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    Not saying Finnegan is a shut down corner, but saying he has never played man 2 man coverage is simply untrue. The Titans have one of the most multiple coverage schemes in the league, playing many shells & they mix up zone and man coverages constantly.

    All that aside, the Titans' secondaries are consistently one of the top ball hawking secondaries year in and year out. The are a well taught, versatile, unit and Finnegan is their best player.
  18. supercowboy8

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    Sorry but no the titans run 90% zone cover 2. I live in Nashville and listen to sports radio all day, and this has been brought up.
  19. Oh_Canada

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    I would much rather our cb's get the occasional unsportsmanlike than the typical "ole" arm tackles or playing ten yards off the ball because they can't cover or just too soft to play press.
  20. WilmingtonHeel

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    I'd take Nicks, Carr, Grant and Paul and FA and take BAP of need in the draft

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