50,000 Bees Saved

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Hostile, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Pretty cool,Hos. 95% saved. Bees are amazing creatures and that guy's efforts are worthy of admiration. It was pretty cool of the filmmaker to put all of that in motion.
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    Bees don't bother me much, wasps, I hate. There are a lot of wasps around here lately but if you know when they are not hyper then it is easy to avoid them.

    I saw something today I have never ever seen before, it was a European Hornet. This thing was like 5 wasps in mass, I heard it from 10feet away. It was rapid moving, and I can admit I was SCARED.

    Ugh I really hope there are not more of those Hornets close, it was going after all the plants I watered.

    Here is what it looks like. I had to look this thing up after I saw it. Like 2 inches long.

  4. Sarge

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    Yikes - I never saw one of those before and never WANT to. That sting has got to be brutal.
  5. wittenacious

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    That thing's big enough to try to wrestle the PBR out of your hand, Sarge. European superiority issues, I think.

    Bad move from what I hear, Mr. Hornet. Don't even think about it! :laugh2:

    For the right cause, I imagine you'd muster the strength and courage of 10 men. Don't tell me PBR isn't a 'right' cause.
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    We had a bit of an infestation with those a couple years ago. Despite what you may read, they are highly aggressive. They sound like little helicopters flying around, very loud. They're also nocturnal and attracted to light. They used to repeatedly smash into our windows at night trying to get in toward the light. I got chased around outside a few times as well. Ran like a little girl.

    They also like to slaughter honey bees.


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