50 Rounds in a draft!?!

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Reef Engineer, Jun 9, 2004.

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    I was just going through the sports section and noticed that the MLB draft was just held and FIFTY freaking rounds later, it was done. FIFTY rounds!?!?! You've got to be kidding me!?! I realize that they're picking players for their major/minor league teams but FIFTY freaking rounds? Damn.

    ... and people though 12 rounds of NFL draft was too much! :rolleyes:
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    Baseball has to fill the minor leagues...With the Rangers that's 5 leagues (AAA, AA, High A, Low A, Rookie). That's 125 positions without even counting any of the 25 on the major league roster. Take 150 and subtract football's 53 and you'll need an extra 97 guys just to have a normal roster.

    Now, take the NFL, whereas the 7 guys (Give or take a few) you draft this year, about 5 will hold a roster spot in September. In baseball you're lucky if your picks see the major leagues in 2 years (Our first round 2002 pick is in AA, last year's pick is set to see Arlington in 2006 at the earliest).

    Also, most teams only draft 40 rounds (You can stop anytime) and of those about 50% will sign with you. So really you're only landing about 20 new guys.

    How about this for a stat - out of those 40, if you get 2 guys to have careers in the major leagues, it's a successful draft.
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    that does suck
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    I'm sure that some day the MLB draft (or at least the first couple of rounds) will be televised as well....it just shows how behind the times baseball is compared to the NFL.
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    Doubtful for several reasons:

    1) College baseball isn't as popular as college football

    2) In cont. of #1 there are 2 reasons (IMO) for this: 1) Like the NBA high schoolers sign pro contrats and thus are ineligible for the college game and 2) Dominican Republic - the next Juan Gonzalez, Manny Ramirez, etc. go straight to the minors, they'll never see time in college.

    3) Do you really care to watch a televised draft where 50% of the first round picks will flop? Not have a decent career - will flop, never see the pros.

    4) Do you really want to watch a draft where if you're lucky the guy you pick will become a member of the major league roster in 12-18 months? That's like taking all 7 rounds of the NFL draft and sticking everyone in NFL Europe and hope in 2 years he'll be good enough for a shot in the pros.

    If college baseball gets rid of the aluminum bats and goes with wood I think you'll see a lot faster transition to the pros, but the NCAA won't allow it because the costs will skyrocket.

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