.500 since 1997

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Nov 14, 2013.

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    Reality check:
    Over a long span of time almost all teams are going to be close to .500...so I don't think this stat means much at all as any legitimate indictment. The league has a host of mechanisms to push teams towards .500 over time.

    The lack of a playoff victories, however, is a completely different enchilada and speaks to utter haplessness.
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    No one's forcing you to click on the thread. If you're tired of reading threads like this, quit clicking on them.
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    I concur...I dont think people are intentional reminding everyone of this... I think theyre one by one coming out of the kool-aid fog and realizing we're on par with the Jags since that time.
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    wow i did not know that good thread
  5. Cowboy Brian

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    It was news to me. I knew we were hovering around there but not that it was exactly .500
  6. Cowboy Brian

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    I must be oblivious to these threads because I honestly can't recollect this discussion. I wasn't around much during the offseason though.
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  8. DejectedFan1996

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    Thank goodness for those years with Wade, otherwise we wouldn't be sniffing .500 :cool:
  9. dropdeadfred5

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    Sne 2000 there are probably only a few teams significantly over .500

    The Colts and Pats. Maybe the Steelers. Green Bay?
    Who else?
  10. Seven

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    The thing is....the record says they're .500.

    In reality, they're worse than the record says, IMO.
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  11. IrishAnto

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    Yea but it seems like every year the roster is 4-12.
  12. IrishAnto

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    How about we compare ourselves to those teams that have won a Super Bowl since 1997 and strive for that?

    Quit comparing ourselves favourably to losers.
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  13. ninja

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    I prefer to be fair in my comparison and judgement of the Cowboys. 32 teams and only one will get a ring and the NFL is pretty close to mediocrity. The cap and the draft along with little chance to trade make the NFL teams pretty equal. Some teams go through spurts but nothing lasts a long time in today's NFL. Injuries can decimate teams pretty quickly since no team out there has depth at any position. The Ravens went from champions to maybe worst in their division in one year with all kinds of questions and holes.

    All 32 teams strive for the Super Bowl. The Cowboys had their chances the past two years with a win-and-in situation the last game. It didn't happen for many reasons. Just like when I get my performance review every year at work, I hope the boss is fair and realizes that their are certain things out of my control. I don't want him comparing me to the employee-of-the-year and say I failed.
  14. IrishAnto

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    This isn't just about any old employee; this is about the Dallas Cowboys.

    They didn't get the moniker "America's Team" for the sort of performance we’ve had these last 18 + years.
  15. Common Sense

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    Actually, there are a ton of teams with decisively winning records since 1997. There isn't as much parity as you're assuming.
  16. Section444

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    We are the definition of mediocrity.
  17. ninja

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    Who cares about the moniker, it is not relevant in any way, shape, or form to performance. The Cowboys don't get any extra draft picks or extra cap money because they are 'America's team." The Cowboys have to play by the same rules (cap, draft, etc.) as every other team.

    Like with stocks, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Surely, you wouldn't complain to your broker if the stocks you bought in the 1990's aren't getting the same ROI today. It doesn't work like that. Landry and Jimmy Johnson and the triplets and Roger Staubach come around once in a blue moon. If you come to expect that on a consistent basis, you are setting yourself up for failure as a fan.
  18. Wolfpack

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    Does the .500 count the bye week victories?
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  19. Chocolate Lab

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    This is one stat that doesn't bother me that much because if you combine a Campo 5-11 season with a 2009 11-5 season, you get .500 (or even under .500 if you count the playoff loss). But the years are obviously vastly different.

    Basically, the 2003-2009 period was pretty darn fun even if we didn't win it all. For a few years of those, we were among the best teams in the league. That doesn't change just because you combine them with some very bad years.

    Now obviously the last few years have been literally .500.
  20. Reverend Conehead

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    Same here. I would have guessed we were approximately .500 since '97, but I didn't know we were exactly there. We're the mediocre team that makes plenty of money and has a great stadium. Maybe for some people the profitability and the super stadium counterbalance the lack of excellence, but not me, and I suspect not most fans here.

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