52 Years Ago Today

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    Tom Landry and Tex Schramm were given 24 hours by the 12 existing NFL teams to build their first football team. The other 12 teams froze 25 players on their rosters and opened up the rest to the Cowboys.

    The Cowboys were not allowed to take more than 3 players from any team.

    In those days the NFL Draft was held in late November or early December so the 1960 Draft had already passed. Making the Cowboys the only team in the History of the NFL not to get to build their initial team through the Draft.

    Clint Murchison was asked to start the Cowboys in 1961 along with the Vikings. However, he felt with the AFL's Dallas Texans starting in 1960 it handicapped his team too much and he insisted on a 1960 start.

    Genesis was 52 years ago today.
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    New Franchise have it made compared to what Dallas had to endure.

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