6-10 to 10-6 does it really matter?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Boys#1 95, Jul 1, 2014.

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    And we have a nomination for dumbest thread of all time! In addition to asking a really stupid question ( does it matter whether we're 10-6 v. 6-10), I have no idea what the rest of your post meant. No, we didn't trade a 6th round pick for a 7th. We also got a player, which was the point of the trade. Add in the fact that the trade is contingent on how McClain pans out. Other than all that, your post was Aces.
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    Thought it was a given Dallas got a player for the trade..You would have to be a special kind of stupid to not retain that one. Also, I did not know the wording to the agreement at the time as well. Which is a big relief at this point. Further, its not a stupid question if you don't make the NFC Championship game with a chance to go to the Big One. It only lessons your chance to pick top talent to help your brand. We all know that's not the only place to find help but, those pesky "Vet" pick ups are not as cap friendly as a rookie contract.

    other than that...your post was aces.
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    I do apologize for the slightly intoxicated "Knee Jerk" thread that was started but, i'm completely sober now.
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    You had me at "witch"
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    lol,yeah that would do it.
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    Dallas just traded a 6th for the Ravens 7th witch speaks very loud in the football world.
    curious what you mean by this.you foget we also got a player and if that player does'nt work out we pay nothing. i don't think the "football world" values the difference between a 6th and 7th rnd pick, especially when a player who if he gets his head right could be a nice asset to the team.
    as for 10-6 or 6-10 i don't see how anyone could'nt see there is a huge difference. one you are improving as a team and moving in the right direction. the other you are going backwards and getting worse
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    For the love of Football...there must be a bad echo in here?..can't imagine what those 10+ page threads are like.

    Just kidding.....
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    It is very clear to me. This just in: Farmers Branch half awarded the post its highest honor for writing.
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    Yes, today is a good day for drinking alcohol.
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    You, me and @BigStar are all in the same club now. Welcome.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    You see... What had happened was...

    Never mind... I got nothing lol
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    This is silly.. 10-6 would be amazing
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  14. Boys#1 95

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    see, now that's just not right on any level. ;)
  15. Boys#1 95

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    although i agree 10-6 would be great for this team based on schedule (Which is tough) and the fact Dallas has only "Potential" with the hope most of it finds a way to gel and actually be productive on the "D" side. This is only a reach from the OP to disclaim the obvious.

    This team has an "Achilles heal" and it's a big one. anything is possible ,but it's a misguided soul that thinks the timing is right to play ball with the big boys.

    most of this "D" will be rotation or nickle or situation..when our Cowboys are considered legit again.
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    If you don't stop drinking, I am going to have Cris Carter come to your house and tell your wife to leave you!
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    Yes it matters. We might not be a SUPER BOWL team....but we are better than 6-10. And regardless of what anyone says...we are rebuilding...just look what we have done in the draft with the OL over the last 4 years. Trenches is where football start...and on the OL in particular. And we are FINALLY putting the proper foundation on a succesful football team. Anytime you do not perform to your talent level....it matters. I would be elated with 10 - 6. I would be highly dissapointed with 6-10. You need proof that what your building is working. 6-10 would not provide that validation.

    If we go 6-10. The coaching staff and the QB would have to be blown up. I get the feeling Jerry will not start over with a new QB until he has a new head coach. And the HOPE is that this head coach and qb figure it out over the next 2 - 3 years. Which is why this is not a Super Bowl or bust environment. But it is a bust scenario if we go 6-10.
  18. Boys#1 95

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    ^^^^..so, getting to 10-6 is a risk. Does this team have the talent to make the "Show" once they get there. 46 years of playing, coaching studying, announcing , watching says ..no. so, it's not far fetched.
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    May I momma do dock to the banana patch?
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    well, it's kinda like this....i am a very explosive Dallas Cowboys "Homer"..yes..the truth shall set you free..right? Every now and then it's a late night and i do enjoy an adult beverage. i know..spoils of life..lol. so, when you see one of these just know that the knowledge is there. the freaking "Fingers" just have a mind of their own.

    my wife is very understanding as i have a very "Pressure" intense job. i haven't missed the mark yet. i'm just lucky and good that way.

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