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    Other than recognizing more than 4 gig of ram

    What are the advantages?

    Save your fruity computer comments tomson :laugh2:
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    Not gonna lie....I caught that right before I was about to respond. :D
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    While on top of accessing the entire ram it can take more advantage of your CPU cycles on those dual or quad core 64bit processors you are buying now days it does a better job with handling IO's and math calculations are fasters in 64bit vs 32bit (everything a computer does is based on computing math cycles)

    That is the core things it does better also be aware going to 64bit does not always help some applications because they are not written to take advantage of the 64bit.

    Also realize your video card memory counts as part of your RAM in a 32bit OS you if you spent that $600 dollars on that 512mb uber Graphics card and added 4gb of ram into your PC and installed a 32bit OS you just threw away a bunch of money because your video card just took up 512mb of that ram that Windows can address.
  4. Yeagermeister

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    Does it improve the performance of games? Or since they are 32bit it doesn't make a difference?
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    It depends on the game. Some games are ported for 64bit, you will notice better performance in those games. Games that aren't ported won't see a performance increase.

    Same goes with any other application.
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    Most your high end games like WOW and stuff should if for no other reason it will have direct access to more RAM
  7. Kangaroo

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    In fact in January next year I am going to get Windows 7 64bit and upgrade to a new Computer entirely. I have a solid one know but I am going to buy a solid state hard drive about 32gb is my guess because the price point is going to be even better next year on then I will load my OS and applications only on that drive and put in a second sata drive for storage 4gb of ram and I am going to be rocking and rolling when it comes to speed
  8. Yeagermeister

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    The only high end game I play is Crysis
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    One thing to keep in mind is that many pieces of software use mathematical approximations in their code to allow for faster execution and easier compilation into assembly, without losing needed precision or functionality. For example, in a game a rotation may be represented by the multiplication of some sine and cosine functions. It is more efficient to represent a large rotation as a sum of many small rotations (which can ususally be done in a minimal number of clock cycles) as oppossed to larger rotations. Even if the code is ported to 64-bit, there may not be a reduction in clock cycles needed to solve the equation. As a result, you may not see much of a performance increase from 32-bit to 64-bit (x86_64).

    Scientific applications or anything where you have large sets of larger numbers, you would definitely see an improvement in speed. Games probably not as much as you would expect.
  10. Kangaroo

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    I can give you an example of something that benefits 3d seismic data processing applications. Then again they use floating point math

    Most games like WOW; War Hammer and COH get more beniffit from being able to access more ram the game can keep more data ready to use.
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    When I got this Vista the salesperson showed me somewhere on this computer where I can toggle from 64 to 32 bit processing.

    Anyone know how to do this?

    I have some stuff I would love to try on this machine.

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    I have not yet seen a scenario where 64 bit processing was a significant advantage over 32 bit. I tell people unless they REALLY REALLY want to utilize over 4gig it's really up to personal preference and end user comfort level.

    Seriously, I've seen benchmarks where the best gain was in the range of 4 frames per second.

    For video games your performance is going to be the most affected by the GPU and then the L2/L3 cache available on the CPU. Thats where you're going to squeeze the most performance out, by buying a good mid-to-high range graphics card and buying a high end Intel or AMD processor with atleast 1mb of L2 or L3 cache per processing core.
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    you tell me where the fountain of youth is ill tell you the advantages

    and its still not possible to play it on max everything :| stupid super duper graphics

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