67 Team - Can You Put Name w/Number?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by CoCo, Apr 7, 2006.

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    There's been only one No. 13 in team history, so that one's easy, even though I wouldn't have recognized him out of uniform.
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    About 18, but some of the numbers and faces are not clear enough for me to tell for sure. It's been a long time and I got old.

    However I watched from the beginning and followed Dandy Don close in college when he was at SMU and I even went to the Baylor/SMU game when he was a senior. Ronnie Bull was pretty much Baylor's star back then. It was a great game.

    I can't tell you how happy I was when the Cowboys got Dandy Don.
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    ABQ did pretty darn well.

    I had those too (except Clarke) plus Niland and I thought sure Dave Manders would be 53 but he is listed on the 66 & 68 rosters but not 67. Anyway, he was 51. I thought Blaine Nye (61) would be on the 67 team too. But not til 68.

    That was some nice OL pieces - Wright, Neeley, Niland, Nye & Manders

    Ahhh, to have an OL again.
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    i got 20 of them right....including #11 danny villanueva.
    sad to say i blew #73 (neely)...im ashamed of that.
    #'s 68,37,53,45,83,62,79,56,23,72,33,79,31,50,57,65 totally eluded me.

    Pugh in # 85 slipped right on by also.

    after checking my answers with a roster, it showed 2 people having # 46
    that year...i remembered baynham, not les shy..so im not sure who the
    picture is.

    that was fun...gee i am getting old.
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    You and me both friend :D

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