7-3 to 8-6

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JPostSam, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Mash

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    we are what we are.....I rather build for the future then be a borderline playoff team and have a quick exit.

    "Im too old to lose" is a recipe for mediocracy IMHO
  2. wileedog

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    Are you just conveniently ignoring all the rookies in the starting lineup this year?
  3. vicjagger

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    After this season, Parcells' will have authored the biggest collapse in Cowboys' history.
  4. DipChit

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    Wouldnt Jones have authored it since he's the one responsible for having Bill here in the first place?
  5. kartr

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    No we weren't, we were winning against teams with weak defenses, the standard modus operandi of Bledsoe. Why do you think he averages only 8 wins a season. We also played the Chargers without Gates and Merriman. In the second half the season we were losing 20-7 to the Eagles with 4 minutes to go and didn't even have TO and down 17-0 against the Giants, and down 14-0 to the Chiefs at home and dominated by the Broncos at home in the first half and now swept by the Redskins whom we thought we owned, including yesterday's blow out. For all the bells and whistles added to this team, we are not as good as the 2003 team cause Parcells fixed what wasn't broken and didn't fix what needed to be fixed.
  6. StevenOtero

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    Welcome to the NFL. Every team is a professional team.

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