8/1 Afternoon Practice Report

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by radiohead, Aug 1, 2005.

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    Als of the Tampa D AND 228 Weight there - Can't be feeling great about his role in the 3-4 at a $2M cap hit.... Bill is hammering that home - 3rd string not great news as players are getting reps in 3-4. And he's watching.
  2. LaTunaNostra

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    Bill likes Al. Trusts him.

    He ain't going anywhere either, Nors.
  3. Crown Royal

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    Isn't Al's cap hit already in affect? Does it matter if we cut him now? If we cut him, we just get younger at an already inexperience position.
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    A vetrans yearly salary does not become guaranteed until they are on the week 1 roster. That being said Since we have no cap concerns Al will be going nowhere. He is a solid LB and Very trustworthy He will be there on Sundays all season.
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    Fantastic Recap. Thank you VERY much.
    I love hearing Rogers at RT. It's been a year since he was drafted, but the kid is a player. His injury might actually have made the transition to RT easier by giving him more time to study game film.
  6. Crown Royal

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    Ahh. Thanks BigD. I agree, then. I just don't see the benefit of cutting him, with the inexperience we have at the position. He will probably play much less, but without him, Dat is the only tested vet we have....
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    Al is waaaaay overpaid.
  8. Zaxor

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    Suprised nobody has mentioned that with Gurode at C. we can run and protect the middle better... but like I have been saying AL J.(love his attitude) but he is just too small to play center he gets tossed around too easy now blocking in space/angle or on a pull he is pretty solid but that alone should not even get him on the team as a backup (nothing against Al just wished we could get bigger and better at C and use Gurode as the backup C/G)
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    Yea, I think there is more to the Gurrode move to C than just poor play at G. Moving him to C solves two issues: 1: you have a guy who effectively stalemate a NG without help. 2: Gurrode was very slow off the ball at G, C solves that problem instantly

    In addition, I am beginning to wonder if Al came out of the knee surgery at maybe 90% of the mobility he once had.

    Oh well, we'll find out soon enough.
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    ESPN has Singleton listed at 236. But I am sure that this will not deter you from your repeat it til they believe it tactic.

    And yes the cap hit is a bit high, but seeing as how were under the cap still and not looking like were going to sign Ty Law I really do think it makes sense to keep Singleton around.

    He is one player with experience that the younger players can look to. Especially considering his playoff experience. Now I am definitely hoping that he is relegated to a backup and that Burnett beats him out but he is definitely someone I want on this team.
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    Thanks so much for these reports.
  12. Crown Royal

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    Can't disagree with that. Al was good last season, but a play or two come to mind where, one on one with a 1-tech, he just got blown up. Gurode is physically gifted, but last year I was ready to give up on him because he couldn't grasp the mental aspects of guard. I actually didn't know he was a center in college - but I am very glad to hear that he is doing well.

    The poster below you points out that he was slow of the ball at guard - I never even thought of that as being a reason he missed so many assignments, but it kind of makes sense. I like that Al is being pushed by someone - competition is healthy for a team.
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    THanks forthe report radiohead keep up the good work
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    What a great report.......thank you Sir
  15. Zaxor

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    and that ladies and gentleman was/is his problem and has been its not that he doesn't know his assignments or that he isn't strong enough...he just is slow of foot...I never played O-line so I am not sure if the center position has a need for speed or not
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    Great detail on the reports. Man I love the zone!
  17. doomsday_II

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    Thanks for detailed report.

    Do you use a laptop or take some sort of shorthand?
  18. Zaxor

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    Couldn't agree more... and as far as gurode being too slow all you have to do is watch him when he needed to be somewhere he was always a half a step to slow to get there or if he has to change direction quickly he just can't seem to do it
  19. BrAinPaiNt

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    Great reports, we all appreciate the time and effort you take to share those observations with other cowboys fans.

    THANKS. :bow:
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    Thompson is going against the second and third teams.

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