8/1 Afternoon Practice Report

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by radiohead, Aug 1, 2005.

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    Radiohead, thanks so much for the detailed account...many thanks.
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    Great work radiohead!
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    Thanks for the great report!

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    Helluva report! I'm very curious to see Bledsoe in the pocket and his command of the offense.
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    Parcell's wants a center that can pull, and that is where Gurode is going to have trouble. Al Johnson is 300 pounds, that isn't small, Stepnoski was only 269. Al actually should be bigger than his listed weight because they still have him under last years listing when he was coming off the knee rehab.
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    Wow are you kidding me is Al really a 300lber:omg:...he was getting tossed liked salad in that Chicago game which is the only game I watched the o-line play closely in..he looked LB small :shootme: ...maybe the guy who was playing chef for chicago was a 500lber:D
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    Pure greatness! Thanks for the detailed reports!
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    Outstanding work, I cant thank you enough. Its a tough job finding out what is going on in camp Parcells from the UK. Cant wait for the next one !
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    I just wrote this in the other board, and thought that I'll copy & paste them here for those who don't cross-read on both sites:

    - Drew Bledsoe threw well yesterday. I am certainly more impressed now after seeing what he did yesterday. His passes were mostly on target, crisp and with nice velocity - especially those that he fired to the middle of the field. The most encouraging thing is that in the three practices I have been to so far - not a single interception. I did see him pulling down the ball and scrambled a few times, and I hope that means he's really listening to Parcells about managing the game. Now if the OL can only give him time...

    - On the play where Ware was covering Thompson. I want to clarify that it wasn't just straight line running. Thompson made a couple of cuts to change direction, and Ware covered him throughout. Having said that, I was still more impressed by that play of Burnett where he not only covered his guy all the way, but always got himself between Romo and the RB - Romo simply didn't have a chance to get the ball in there.

    By the way, to answer another poster's question. I do carry a laptop with me and I am typing all these from a coffee joint here in Oxnard that has free wireless. This place is about 6-7 miles from the training camp site. During practice session, it's just the low tech pen and paper.
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    Based on what you've seen so far from the two youngins at the Qb position, who has had a better camp so far.

    Henson or Romo?

    p.s. Thank you very much for your contributions.
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    I'd say they are about equal right now. None of them has really separated himself from the competition, IMO, but the coaches probably see and know a lot more than what a casual observer like me can see.
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    Totally agree.

    Most fans and the media had Carter and Chad in a tie, but it wasn't even close.

    But if it's actually close, that doesn't sit well for Romo.
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    Excellent job and recap, thanks.
    Being away from home and can't get any news but the net.
    This board has been a life saver. Hopefully I can find a sports bar to see the games.

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