8/1 Morning Practice Report

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    Day 3 Morning (9 am – 10:50 am)

    The morning practice ended 10 minutes early. Unlike yesterday, most of the drills took place on the field away from the fans, making it very difficult to see, especially when those uninvolved stood on the sideline blocking fans’ view. Hopefully, Parcells will move the practice back to the closer field this afternoon.

    One correction from yesterday’s note. I had mistaken #93 as Canty, when in fact that was Coleman. I must had a brainfart. Anyway….

    9:00 am – run blocking and run defending
    The team worked on run formations for about 15 minutes. Parcells was personally in charge of this, and we saw a lot of different run formations, though I didn’t see any reverse being run. On defense, there wasn’t really much to see. I think for each of the play there were given pointers by the defensive coaches on what they should do in each situation. Other than that, nothing exciting.

    9:15 am – Warm up & stretching.
    I noticed LA’s in his street clothes again this morning. Unlike yesterday, he was standing there all by himself. I also noticed another guy riding the stationery bike on the sideline, though he’s too far for me to tell who he is.

    9:25 am – Individual drills
    - LBs worked on catching the ball, and then later split into two groups – OLBs (Cooper, Singleton, Love, K Thornton, Burnett, Ware and Ogbogu) and ILBs (all the others). I saw the OLBs worked on shedding lead blockers to get to the running backs.
    - The DBs worked on various drills. Aside from practicing ball catching, there are tackling drills. On one where they went head on with the opposing guy, they are suppose to hit them dead. Justin Beriault not only hit his guy (Izell Reese), but also lifted him like 6 inches off the ground, and Reese is not a small guy!
    - Over there on the far side of the field, QBs were passing balls to WRs. The WRs worked on running different patterns – most of those these morning were medium to long routes, like 20-yard fly pattern, 15-yard out, 25-yard double move (in, then out and vice versa), and 30-yard bomb. Most guys caught what they were suppose to (there were some slips as the field was quite wet this morning). Terry Glen looked the smoothest route runner out there. He just doesn’t lose much speed in his cut and is very fluid.

    9:40 am – Defense 8-8 drills
    I think they were practicing zone coverage. On first team defense were Singleton, Nguyen, James, K Thornton, Newman, Roy, Scott and Henry. On second team defense were Burnett, Shanle, O’Neill, Ware, A. Glen, Dantzler, Beriault and Reeves. Interestingly, the Killer was not in the mix on the second team.

    9:50 am – WRs vs. DBs
    To me, this was the most interesting show of the morning. The drill happening really fast so I didn’t really pay attention to who was throwing the ball on each play. The drill simulated the first 5 seconds after the snap where a WR would try to get off the line and get open. It looked like there was no pre-selected or designated route. Each WR just did his own thing and tried to get open. Winners of the 1-1 in bracket.
    1) Glenn vs. (Newman). Tight coverage by Newman on a slant by Glenn.
    2) Keyshawn vs. (Henry). Tight coverage by Henry, who got between Key and the QB.
    3) (Crayton) vs. Glenn. Crayton won (Interestingly, if the order is any indication. Has Crayton won the third WR spot?)
    4) Morgan vs. (Reeves). Morgan made a nice counter move from inside to outside, got position but dropped a slightly low ball
    5) Zuriel vs. (Jones).
    6) (Copper) vs. Lenny Williams. Nice catch by Copper who turned around and caught the ball on his outside shoulder. Some fan yelled “That’s it!”
    7) Merritt vs. (B Thornton).
    8) Crowder vs. (Henry). Tight coverage by Henry all the way. Crowder had no chance
    9) Rector vs. (Newman). TNEW picked this one off. Whoo hoo!
    10) (Keyshawn) vs. Reeves. Off the ball, Key stiff-armed and pushed Reeves on the ground, then ran inside for an easy catch. This drew a loud round of applause by the fans
    11) (Glenn) vs. Glenn.
    12) (Harrell) vs. Lenny Williams. The two put up a good fight. Lenny Williams jammed Harrell pretty good off the line, but Harrell regrouped and made a nice catch on this play. Even though Williams lost the battle, in a real game, this would probably have caused the QB to look another way as it took Harrell a second or so to “get back on track”
    13) Crayton vs. (Nate Jones). Dropped ball
    14) (Morgan) vs. Henry. Good d by Henry, but a nicer catch by Morgan down the sideline
    15) (Copper) vs. Reeves
    16) (Merritt) vs. Newman. Beat Newman on an inside slant
    17) Keyshawn vs. (Lenny Williams). Nice coverage by #23 on this play.

    10:00 am – 11-11
    1) Julius ran left (6 yd). Nice burst to the outside
    2) Julius up middle (3 yd). He’s really quick bursting up the middle, but the hole closed pretty quickly
    3) A-train ran up left hash and ran into a wall (2-3 yd).
    4) Julius up middle, did a quick stop-n-juke to evade a defender (3 yd)
    5) MBIII up middle (2 yd)
    6) ? up middle stuffed for no gain (0 yd)
    7) Thompson straight up middle for a nice gain of about 6 yd. The OL did a nice job opening holes. He was practically untouched for the the first 3 or 4 yd. He looks pretty quick, too, in addition to being fast (6 yd)
    8) ? Can’t see this one, but the guy next to me commented “Justin gave him a good licking”
    9) MBIII ran up left hash (3 yd)
    10) Bickerstaff up middle (2 yd)
    11) Thompson ran to the right sideline and up (5 yd). Great speed to the outside
    12) Kincade up left hash (3 yd)

    10:05 am – Special team
    They practiced some plays on routing the gunners on a punt. They also did a bit FG kicking, though from where I was I couldn’t tell who was kicking what.

    10:15 am – 11-11
    1) Bledsoe completed to Keyshawn down left sideline (10 yd). Henry was defending
    2) Julius tried to get out to the right sideline but was stopped by the wall of defending, led by Singleton (0 yd)
    3) Bledsoe completed underneath to Witten (6 yd, not including Witten’s RAC)
    4) Julius tried to cut up middle, did a lot of dancing, but only got little (2 yd)
    5) MBIII on a toss right but stopped behind the line (-1 yd)
    6) Someone jumped offside. On the ensuing play, Romo dumped underneath to A-train (3 yard in the air, and another 3 RAC by A-train)
    7) Romo incompleted to Copper who might have slipped down the left side line
    8) Thompson up the middle and juked off a defender (5 yd)
    9) Henson dumped off to Barnes on the sideline (after scanning downfield), but Barnes dropped it
    10) Henson short passed to Polite on the right sideline, but dropped
    11) Kincade ran left down the sideline (5 yd). Petitti had a nice block on this one to shield Kincade and let him get outside.
    12) MBIII ran up the middle on a fake reverse, but fooled no one (1-2 yd)

    10:25 am – Special scenario
    Offense only. Look like they were practicing some special scenario. Each QB took turn to throw the ball downfield to one of four running WRs. The WR who caught the ball would immediately fall down.. don’t know what this would do in a game. Torrin Tucker had a screw up again. When the third team offense went on the field, he didn’t know it was his turn – he only found out later when everyone was out there and he had to run into the huddle.

    10:30 am – 7-7
    1) Bledsoe completed to Glenn on the left side line (10 yd)
    2) Bledsoe incompleted to Crayton on left sideline, but not caught (a little high?)
    3) Bledsoe dumped underneath to Zuriel (4 yd)
    4) Bledsoe threw to Morgan on the left sideline, but the pass was broken up by Henry
    5) Romo dumped off to MBIII underneath (3 yd)
    6) Romo completed to Crayton on the left sideline (7 yd)
    7) Romo threw down the middle and was picked off by Beriault
    8) Romo swing-passed to Kincade running to the right
    9) Henson swing-passed to Julius running to the left
    10) Henson short passed to Keyshawn on the left (5 yd)
    11) Henson completed to Curtis up the left hash. Curtis was falling as he caught it
    12) Henson incompleted to Witten (leading him a bit too much, and the ball was thrown low, though Witten got his hands on it)

    10:40 am – 11-11
    1) Julius stuffed by a rushing Roy (-1 yd)
    2) Bledsoe completed a Keyshawn on a hook pattern down the left sideline (6 yd)
    3) Bledsoe completed to Witten who basically just ran up the middle to find an open zone, sit there and Bledsoe hit him (8 yd)
    4) MBIII up middle (2 yd)
    (I decided to go on a Demarcus Ware watch for the next 4 plays)
    5) Pass play – Demarcus covering Pierce, did an okay job
    6) Run play – A-train ran up right hash mark. Demarcus rushing from the other side and almost caught him from behind as A-train ran up field.
    7) Pass play – Demarcus tried a speed rush, but the LT did a good job routing him away from the QB (edited - the LT was Kurt Vollers)
    8) Run play – Demarcus pushed his man down but the play was running away from him anyway
    9) Henson completed to (#23?) to the left (4 yd)
    10) Henson threw a bomb down the right side line, intended for Merritt, but too far. Merritt did get his hands on it. Bruce Thornton was the DB covering Merritt.
    11) Henson completed to Merritt down the right sideline (10 yd).
    12) RB (?) ran up the middle but stuffed (2 yd)

    10:45 am – 11-11
    They ran another set but this time, all the non-participating players got in between us fans and the action so we really couldn’t see anything. It seems like the team really turned on the intensity on this series. There were a lot of screaming and yelling. Of the little I saw, I saw MBIII having a nice burst up the middle for a long gain, Pierce caught a pass, tackled by Jones, but the two continued fighting each other as Pierce struggled to gain more yards (After seeing him for two days, it seems like this dude Pierce has a nasty mean streak. I saw him tossed Ratliff down yesterday on one of the drills). On the very last play, I think a RB fumbled the ball and one of the LBs came up with it (Burnett?)

    Misc. observation:
    Romo’s on second team today. Henson on third.

    Impressed by: Beriault – I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t make the team (at least practice squad). It just seems that the guy makes plays and is always around the ball.

    Staying after practice to autograph: Roy, Beriault, Burnett, B. Thornton. I got Burnett and Beriault to sign my ball cap. Both really cool guys. I wish them luck.

    <End of morning report>
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    I have a question if Key caught the ball then why is reeves in brakets?

    But good recap thanks cant wait for the afternoon report
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    First thanks for the update now to the question. I'm wondering who the qb was on each pass?
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    Seems like Henry likes this bump and run stuff.
  5. Fla Cowpoke

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    Where are the "Henry's a bum" folks now? Everyone that panicked because he didn't look the best in the Underwear Olympics.

    I have read in reports from the mainstream media and our fan reporters that he looks very good out there. As expected.
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    Plays like this make me wish I could've played in something more than streetball as kid. :)

    And I luv'd the recap on the WR v DB drills. That sounds like that was fun to watch. Thanks Radio.
  7. dargonking999

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    What was real funny was in the battle of Glenn's LTN's boy actaully won:D
  8. radiohead

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    Dargonking - Oops.. I can offer a very simple explanation. I screwed up =) Fixed now. Thanks!
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    great recap Radiohead

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    Thanks for the info. Thats terrific coverage. Keep up the goodwork.
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    One on One's are the best part of practice for dbs and wr's. U get to go 1 on 1. All the bragging rights. i love those!

    Anyways, Interesting Thompson seems to average 5 yards a carry.
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    Maybe this is to call a timeout to kick a FG?
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    As far as im concerned with this it is impossible for you to screw up.

    Muchos thanks hombre.
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    great recap thanx for the whole report keep up the work man
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    Seems like julius isnt getting alot of yards, i havent seen him go for over 7 this whole camp. Thompson isnt having a problem doing it whats wrong with JJ?
  16. dargonking999

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    he's going against our new and improved first team D

    i think this speaks volumes of our D, rather than the inablites of JJ
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    Yeah, plus a real game is a grinder. You get 2 yards here 3 there, then pop it for 15. That's how Emmitt did it and that's how it is, so I wouldn't worry about JJ right now.
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    and then you add in this just TC

    i mean why try your best when JJ knows he's on this team

    TT and the oter guys have to play hard to keep the startging spot some for them to even make the team.

    JJ has security so why risk injury to himself by trying to show off in TC, nobdy is going to unseat him TC,

    he knows he has to play n Preseason, and regular season, thats his time right now it's all about just practcing and getting the plays right.
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    I will guarantee you that when LA get's back on the field, JJ will follow him all over the field. Where L.Allen runs so will Julius Jones. We are 3 days into training camp and we have to relax a little bit.

    How good was JJ doing last year around this time, I didn't hear hardly anything from him but game time he showed up and showed up big.
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    Way to go Newman, prove your doubters wrong.

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