8/2 Afternoon Practice Report

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    Day 4 Afternoon (2 pm – 4:15 pm)

    2:00 pm Non contact 11-11 drill
    Again, just as yesterday. Not much to see so I looked at who’s with the first/second team.
    On first team offense, Rogers was the RT, Scott was the FS, and Al Johnson was at Center. On defense, it seems like they are still trying different combinations to see what works best. On one first-team unit, I saw Glover-Ferguson-Coleman as the front three, and Singleton-Nguyen-(?) as the linebackers (w/ 5 DBs). Then on another “first-unit”, I saw Glover-Coleman-Ellis up front, Burnett-Nguyen-Ware as the linebackers.

    The team again was working on the different offensive formations, just as they did yesterday in the opening of the practice session

    2:15 pm – Warm up & stretching.

    2:20 pm – Individual drills
    - The DBs worked on shedding lead blockers, and the defenders would each took turn to run the scout team. On one play, Roy was playing the role of a fullback and Aaron Glen was trying to shed his block. Not a chance. I am just glad that Glen’s our 3rd corner. If he was with the regular defense, he could be a liability in run support.
    - The DBs later worked on blitzes. They were instructed to use their speed and lower their shoulder to get outside the blocker and to get to the QB. When it was Roy’s turn, he really didn’t do that (not sure if he even tried). He simply bull rushed the blocker and pushed him into the assistant coach who was playing the role of the QB. I guess whatever works….
    - The OLBs were on the other side of the field and were working on their coverage. They spent some time in 1-1 situation, but most of the session they were learning how to cover in zone – how long to stay with a WR and when to let him go. Stuff like that.
    - Just as the session was wrapping up, someone in the crowd yelled Jerry Jones’ here! And I saw him slowly walking across the fence in front of me, so I walked up with my ball cap and joined the group of autograph-seekers. As he was signing it, I said to him “Jerry, thanks for opening your wallet this year!” He paused, trying to understand if I meant it or being sarcastic. At last, he looked back at me and spitted out the word “Good!” I guess he realized I was serious.

    Back to the practice….

    2:40 pm – Defense 8-8 drills
    The DBs and the LBs got together and worked on zone defense. It wasn’t that exciting as the coaches just wanted to make sure everyone knows his assignment. The coaches would throw the ball to different spots to see if the right guy’s at the right place at the right time. If not, they’ll correct them, then run the next set.

    Henry had a nice one hand “interception” on this – soft hands.

    2:50 pm – Run blockers vs. run defenders
    In this drill, they have offensive linemen simulating run blocking and went up against pairs of DL/LB. Some of the highlights.
    - Larry Allen delivered a crushing blow to some poor lineman that I couldn’t see. The blow was so loud that we the fans just went “Oooooh!”
    - A few plays later, Stephen Peterman did a pretty good impression of “LA”. I couldn’t see whom he crushed, but it was a pretty strong blow. I can now see why Parcells is high on him. He’s the type that plays hard every down and doesn’t take plays off.
    - Spears did a nice job splitting between Tucker and the TE on one play to get through the blocks. Having said that, I think Tucker did ok in this segment. He held his own pretty good in a couple other matchups.

    2:55 pm 11-11
    1) Julius tried to run outside to the left but was forced inside by Henry (0 yd)
    2) Julius ran up the middle behind C (Johnson) but a charging Newman from the wing tackled him (1 yd)
    3) MBIII ran right and into a wall (0 yd)
    4) (?) ran up the middle but stuffed by Coleman (1 yd)
    5) Bickerstaff ran up the middle. There was no hole and he tried powering himself through (2 yd)
    6) Julius ran left but met Shanle, who broke through the protection (0 yd or a loss). Vollers was the LT on this play.
    7) Bickerstaff up the middle (4 yd). Finally a bit of daylight from the OL
    8) A-train up the middle and met Bradie James (2 yd). James made the initial hit, but then fell backward and down. Someone else finished the job.
    9) MBIII ran behind the C and RG (4 yd before he was touched – nice hole)
    10) A-train started up middle, then danced outside (3-4 yd)
    11) Thompson ran to his left, showed a little patience there before exploding through the hole (4 yd)
    12) Julius (?) stuffed by Ferguson, who fought through his block to stop #21.

    3:00 pm – Special team
    Special team worked on wedge protection in punt returns. They also did some FG kicking. Both kickers were 2 out of 3, though #4’s kicks seem more consistent today than two days ago.

    3:10 pm – Short break

    3:15pm – 11-11
    (Noticed that Coleman-Ferguson-Ellis was with the first team defense for this set)
    1) Bledsode dumped off to Julius after scanning deep and no one’s opened. Nguyen was on the stop (5 yd).
    2) MBIII up the middle on a toss behind LA and Gurode (5 yd)
    3) Julius ran up left hash mark as Flozell pushed his guy inside, completely shielding him for a clear path upfield (4-5 yd)
    4) Bledsoe went deep to Morgan running a deep post, but the ball sailed a little too far for Morgan. Morgan got Scott beat on this one, and if he tried to dive for it he could have a chance.
    5) Thompson started outside right and then cut inside for what would have been a long-run touchdown. Before he made the cut inside most thought he was stuffed. Somehow he emerged from the crowd and pulled away. The fans went nuts.
    6) MBIII ran down the right sideline. Ran very hard and tried to break multiple tackles along the way (4 yd)
    7) Romo underthrew on a long pass to Copper, who was running down the left sideline. Copper, however, made a nice adjustment to slow down, then turned and caught the ball over Reeves.
    8) Romo long throw to Zuriel to the right side. The ball was in the air for 15-20 yd and on target, but Zuriel just dropped it.
    9) Henson long bombed down the right sideline for Merritt for a touchdown. Just as Copper in the previous play, Merritt had to slow down for an underthrown ball, and he caught it over a defending Nate Jones.
    10) Newman run-blitzed and stopped MBIII behind the line of scrimmage
    11) Kincade ran behind the LG but ran into Van Hoy, who broke loose of his block to stop him (2 yd)
    12) Henson’s attempt was deflected by a leaping Goolsby at the LOS. Incomplete.

    3:20 pm – 7-7
    1) Bledsoe completed to Keyshawn running on a medium post route (15 yd). Henry was defending Key on this play
    2) Bledsoe dumped off to Pierce on the left sideline (2 yd).
    3) Bledsoe underthrew a out pattern to Zuriel Smith on the right side. Newman was defending Zuriel on this play.
    4) Bledsoe dumped off to Pierce on the right sideline (2 yd)
    5) Romo dumped off to Thompson underneath (2-3 yd)
    6) Romo threw a little low but completed to Terry Glen (20 yd). Glenn ran a post on this and had to stop and then caught the ball. Not sure why I felt special, but when he caught the ball, I felt like he’s got clamps on the ball. It was just a very solid catch with his hands.
    7) Romo’s pass to Crayton, who was running across the middle, was batted down by Ware, who was about 10 yd from the line of scrimmage.
    8) Henson completed a short-out to his right to Pierce (5 yd)
    9) Henson completed a out to his left to Crowder (15 yd)
    10) Henson threw deep to Rector running a post pattern, but the ball was high. Rector made a good leap, caught the ball, but lost it when his body hit the ground.
    11) Bledsoe threw low to his right to Barnes. Incomplete. It was an 8-yard attempt.

    3:30 pm – Special scenario
    Today they practiced the two minute drill - getting ready for a FG kick after a run play; taking a knee to end the game, etc.

    (To be continued...)
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    keep up the good work man, thanks for the report man

    thats some good stuff from the D, man i when there in action it's gonna be He** for somebody
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    much appreciated... :bow:
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    Sounds like the OL is not getting a whole lotta push thus far. Usually the defense is ahead of the offense, so I am not worried.
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    I have a feeling Fergy will really help shore up the run defense.
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    Fergy, Spears are huge and stoud - Huge UPGRADE UPFRONT
    Coleman is a stud 3-4 DE as well. And now we have 6-4 255 pound guys like Ware poaching. And Roy in the Box more at SS.....
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    "1) Julius tried to run outside to the left but was forced inside by Henry (0 yd)"

    Cut him.
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    Fergy is voracious, pesky. Gets in the backfield. Blows up a pocket and a very disrutive player. A silent key to winning games. He'll make all around him better.

    Reminds me of a BIGGER Russell Maryland. Unsung hero type.
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    Spears, Coleman, Ferguson those are big boys on the DLine!
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    Thompson is tearing it up. I am the new chairman of the TFBRB.

    Thompson for backup RB.
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    Thompson = Reshard Lee. I doubt he'll stick as a RB; maybe a KR.
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    Spears, Fergy, Canty, Coleman, Brooks, and not to mention that Glover has been running some DE too. Thats nice up the middle when you take into consideration Bp also thinks the D fits Brooks as well.
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    Its very feasible that we could have a 8 man rotation on the DL with Ratliff and Ellis, who I didn't mention in the above post.
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    GLOVER UP TO 288

    And getting some 3-4 DE reps. This is sic -

    We can go 3-4, 4-3 on the fly and for the first time be STOUDT at point of attack and not undersized going backwards. This is a great transformation. I am so up for this season to START!
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    Oh man, now you've got my mouth watering. That's one thing that's going to be so sweet about this years D. All kinds of people are gonna be bringing the wood, not just Roy.
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    While the news on the O's performance seems somewhat discouraging. This D is sounding like it's gonna be something fierce. Can't wait for Aug. 13 (1st preseason game).
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    I don't think Reshard Lee is nearly as fast as Thompson. Anyone have numbers?
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    (wouldn't let me edit the original message.. so here's the rest)

    3:35 pm – 11-11
    1) Glenn ran a reverse but didn’t fool Henry, who met him head on (1-2 yd)
    2) Bledsoe completed a quick slant to Glenn on Henry’s side (5 yd before any RAC). Before the play began I saw that big cushion Henry was giving to Glenn (about 10 yd) and I thought of exactly the same thing. I don’t’ know if Bledsoe and Glenn drew this play up, or that it was just improv.
    3) Julius ran behind the LT but tackled by K Thornton (3 yd)
    4) Bledsoe short pass completed to Witten, who ran up the seam and turned outside (4 yd). He was immediately tackled by James
    5) Romo completed to Witten up the middle (5 yd). It was a nice and sharp throw by Romo.
    6) Romo completed to Bickerstarff on the left sideline (3 yd).
    7) Romo completed to Zurel who ran a quick hook on the right side (3 yd).
    8) Bickerstaff ran up the middle (3 yd). Tackled by Shanle.
    9) Henson attempted a short out to Merritt, but overthrew him
    10) Henson flushed out of the pocket by Van Hoy and scrambled for a few.
    11) Henson dumped off to Curtis up the middle (3 yd)
    12) Henson threw a nice pass to Witten running across the field from right to left (20 yd).

    3:40 pm – Special team
    Worked on their kick off coverage today. A pretty lengthy one (by special team standard). At the end of this drill, they did some more FG kicking. Cundiff made both of his attempt, but No. 4 missed the short one while making the longer kick.

    3:50 pm – OLs vs. DLs/LBs: pass blocking
    I started by watching the 7-7 that was “simulcasting” on the other side of the field. I discovered the pass blocking drills a little late but glad I caught this.

    The first three plays of the 7-7:
    1) Bledsoe completed to Witten running across the middle (15 yd)
    2) Bledsoe threw short pass to Barnes standing on the sideline, but dropped by Barnes.
    3) Bledsoe dumped off to Julius up the middle (5 yd).
    (Joining the pass blocking drill in progress…)

    On this drill, you have different matchups and they happened FAST so I couldn’t write down everything that happened! There were 1) LT/LG vs. RDE/OLB, 2) LG/C/RB vs. DLs, 3) C vs. NT 1-1, and 4) RT/TE vs. LDE/OLB. Some of what I saw:
    - Rogers pushed Ratliff on the ground after a short fight
    - Ware could not get through to the QB on a stun. LA was in front of him all the way
    - Rivera pushed Singleton to the ground on another stun attempt
    - Ratliff beat his man and got to the QB. Couldn’t see who he beat. He got a high five from the assistant coach
    - Van Hoy fought Gurode on a 1-1, and Gurode ended up falling on the ground
    - Petitti held down Ware on a rush. Ware got pretty close to the passer on a quick spin move inside, but that wasn’t until 3 or 4 seconds. I think Petitti did a pretty good job.
    - Tucker held on an edge-rushing Singleton
    - Tyson Walter pushed Thomas Johnson to the ground on a 1-1 C-NT matchup.
    - Ratliff did a nice job splitting between the RG and RT and got through to the QB.

    4:00 pm – 11-11
    (Johnson’s at C)
    1) Julius ran up the middle and stopped by Ellis (2 yd)
    2) Bledsoe completed a quick slant to Morgan (3 yd)
    3) Julius ran up the middle (3 yd)
    4) Bledsoe completed down the left side line for Zuriel (about 10-15 yd?). Henry was defending but he slipped. A-train did a nice job picking up the blitzing Newman.
    5) Romo swing-passed to Thompson on the right side (5 yd)
    6) Romo dumped off to MBIII up middle (3 yd)
    7) Bickerstaff ran up the middle (3-4 yd)
    8) Romo short passed to Rector (4 yd)
    9) Henson quick pass to Crowder running a Out towards the right sideline (5 yd)
    10) Henson pulled the ball down and scrambled
    11) Julius on a draw, made a nice juke to evade the first defender (5 yd)

    4:05 pm – 2-minute drill
    In this drill each of the first, second and third team got 4 downs. The first team was asked to convert for a first down, while the second and the third team were asked to score a TD. All of them started just right outside of the redzone, at the 22 yd line.

    First team -
    First down: Bledsoe overthrew Keyshawn at the 1. He got a step on Roy and Scott but the ball was high
    Second down: Julius ran 4 yd up the middle. Roy hit him hard and LA didn’t like it. He gave Roy a little shove as Julius got up.
    Third down: Bledsoe completed to Keyshawn on a short-post (4 yd).
    Fourth down: Just as the offense was about to snap the ball, Parcells yelled out “Delay of game! 5 yards!” It was kind of funny because there wasn’t any clocks on the field. I guess he just did it to see how the offense would react. On the ensuing play, Bledsoe threw a screen pass to Julius on his left, and Julius ran up field. He was hit one or two yards short of the first down marker, he dove forward and converted.

    Parcells called the second team in……
    Second team –
    First down: Romo passed down the middle to A-train (3 yd)
    Second down: A-train ran up the middle into a wall (2 yd)
    Third down: Romo made a perfect throw to Pierce, who was running across the goal line but he dropped it.
    Fourth down: MBIII ran up the middle (2 yd).
    The offense failed to convert. Parcells yelled “Defense wins!”

    Third team –
    First down: Bickerstaff ran left (4 yd)
    Second down: Henson completed to Merritt on the right sideline (8 yd)
    Third down: MBIII ran up the middle behind the RG, and dove forward at the goal line for a TD. Parcells yelled “Offense wins!”

    Practice ended at 4:15 pm

    Misc. observation:

    - Canty returned to practice today, and he really is big… Unfortunately, other than individual drills, he was held out from most of the contact activities. (Edit: I forgot to mention. On the only drill I saw of Canty today - pass rushing to get around an OL - he demonstrated unbelievable quickness and agility, especially if you consider his huge frame. I was in awe when I saw he made that move!)
    - Looked like they decided to rest A-train today and gave Bickerstaff more carries to see what he got.
    -Anyway, for those who intend to attend any of the practices, you might want to get there early. Even though practices suppose to start at the top of the hours, I’ve noticed that they usually start the teaching/training on the field long before that. Case in point, I got there at 1:50 pm today and the team’s already doing light drills.
    - I am also beginning to understand how training camp practices work (at least for the Cowboys). It’s kind of like an outside-in approach. Each day there would be a theme – something that they work on for the day. Take the D as an example. It starts with small group teaching (CBs, Ss, DLs, ILBs, OLBs, etc.) and after they practice it a few time, then they get in a 8-8 drill to go through the motion. Half way through the practice they’d then get with the offense to “try things out”. I am sure it’s the same for the offense. Interesting approach. I wonder if other teams do the same things? For those who have attended other teams’ camp, can you comment?

    Stayed after practice to autograph: Burnett, Pierce, K. Thornton, Newman, Roy, Spears, Ware, among others. Burnett was pretty playful with the fans. When he got close he asked “Who is a Vols fans?” just as the fans were screaming for his attention.

    And what a day it was. I got the autographs of Demarcus Ware, Marcus Spears, and Jerry Jones! I can’t complain =)
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    Now That I like to hear. protect your RB OLine

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