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    BP's pres confernce getting ready start
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    link dargon?
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    dk: The mittens were great. Shouldn't compromise that stuff. :)
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    started halfway though....

    Who are the best condition guys?

    Ellis. Jacob Rogers in excellent condition. Campbell woulda been a guy you can judge. There is more and more of them. Witten. Those corners never look tired. Recievers you can run them a bit.

    Who are the always tired guys?

    Look around you can see it.

    Beriault blowing himself up?

    He's an aggressive kid. 500 tackles in college, 125 a year, 12 a game.

    How is he in coverage?

    He's more of a SS type. I think i'm going to leave him there.

    Dynamic between you and drew?

    He was a kid, he's a man now. Knows what he's doing now. He's fun. Sense of humor.

    He's doing a lot of streching his shoulder?

    He always does it. (reporter was hinting at an injury)

    Does Key need to knock rust off?

    He's in better condition than he was last year. He worked out harder. He wont tell you that, but I can tell. Weight is perfect Doing well.

    Has Al Johnson progressed how you wanted to?

    Yes. Wished he get a little bigger.

    That's where Gurode gives you more size?

    Yes. Tradeoff, Al does some things more efficient. With Tyson we have a chance to get good.

    Rotation at C?

    I would think about rotating anyone. The way the game is, it enhances. Defintely gonna rotate RBs, keep them heathly.
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    He was referring to Keyshawn here..........
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    Good recap - thanks, TH.
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    my recap since i have the day off. I am sure others will have better ones but from what i wrote down:

    expectations of jj?

    -stronger physically
    -jj absorbes alot about being an nfl rb..not x's and o's stuff
    -qb and rb have the biggest bullseyes..hafta deal w/ bad games
    -learning about how to alter running style based on defenses/schemes faced

    how t. glenn looking since injury?

    -his inj. was not as bad as campbell he is looking good now but was not cutting that hard during mini-camp

    how does the 34 sw. affect dat?

    -wanted him at the MIKE position at 1st but now think he is better suited at weakside ILB..historically the highest tackle position..fits him well.

    Key? rusty a bit?

    KJ in better condition now than Lyr. He has worked out harder than last yr and is at the perfect weight.

    more to come. some
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    That's why its right under "Does Key need to knock the rust off?"

    or am i missing something?
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    RIP Mittens :(
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    How has Al Johnson progressed?

    Parcells paused and said wish Al had "not more strength but wish he could get bigger. Gurode gives more bulk but its a tradeoff w/ bulk, instincts.

    Steelers good at finding hybrid guys for the 3-4. What in Ware did you see?

    -Cant be a str8 up DL, has to pick his spots. But LT couldnt be a str8 up DL either so that is not a knock on him.

    some ? about Tucker? I did not hear..quick answer

    Tyson Walter?

    -versatility. esp. w/ the C position


    -coming off rehab, 3rd yr. mentally better. Tweener between RB and FB, could see him as a FB.

    Bigger challenge for Zimmer, the scheme or incorporating so many new starters?

    -incorporating so many new starters


    I like him. But he is cocky so I can't talk too much good about him (jokingly) Very smart. Mental aspect shouldn't be an issue.

    If K. Davis starts at FS who would help pick up slack on Sp teams?

    -Beriault..another ? about him and Parcells said he is so productive w/ over 500 tkls in college and thinks he will stick w/ him at SS.

    few other ?'s but minor stuff that is stuff we know/have heard before.
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    Anyone know what was said about the QBs? I tuned in late and I though I heard the tail end of something about the QBs.
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    i only remember one question about QB and that was about Bledsoe. Didn't write anything down but something about his shoulder exercises were not a concern and he is so much more mature/older than when he coached him w/ the Pats.
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    What's the deal with the mittens?? What was controversial about them?
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    First I've heard of this... I would have guessed Dat would be on the strong side. He's not the fastest guy and I would think you'd want someone with a little more wheels on the pursuit side of the takle box?
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    Pettiti turned an ankle. He’ll be okay, he wasn’t out there today. Campbell and Frazier are making progress. Ryan is status quo. Working out a WR named Farmer.

    Ever made a player cry like Saban?

    Not when I was screaming at them, no. I’ve had a few cry about the situation. Not recently. It’s a human emotion, we all do it. Doesn’t bother me. Unless it’s a woman, then I try to ignore them.

    Scuffles this morning? Do you think it’s a distraction?

    I don’t encourage that. I try to get them to walk away from those things. I remind them that its usually the last guy who gets called for the penalty. We want to play hard football, and that stuff is not in the rules of the game so they can cause you to be penalized or ejected. The fine for being ejected now is $18K.

    What has Julius Jones shown you this year vs. last year?

    His preparation is different. Much stronger this year. Much more knowledge about the peripheral things about being a running back in the NFL. You’re one of two players that has a bullseye on your chest every Sunday. You’ll have to deal with not being successful on a temporary basis, because there will be tough sledding there sometimes. You have to say I’m not going to give up yards, and I have to know how to change my running style according to where I’m at on the field. Okay, I’m in the secondary, what are the principles that I need to look out for? I teach all my backs the same things. We had a guy here named Lewis Tillman, we were playing some game against the Vikes and at the end of the game we were running the game down and he fumbled on 9 yard line. I got on him on the sideline and he reminded me that I hadn’t let him carry the ball in 3 weeks. Now, Marion fumbled on the goalline this morning so we had a little discussion about that.

    Is calling plays easier when the RB is going well?

    Its much easier . You can use your own discretion there. You can keep running it or take your chance down the field. 2nd and 10s, 3rd and 10s are hard to call these days. A lot of different things happen.

    Romo and Henson?

    Charting them every day. All 7 on 7, all team situations. I can see if there is a change in their percentages based on the pressure they get. I got attempts, comps, poor dec., drops, errant throws, missed open WR’s. They’re all charted, I was just looking at them this morning.

    What does the chart say?

    Too early. We’re just out of the starting gate here, much less the first furlong. We’ll get them plenty of work in the games. I would say we’ll have to see better from both of them.

    Terry Glenn look rehabbed from his injury?

    Terry had a very severe, had had one of these ligaments tear in his foot. I noticed in mini camp he wasn’t cutting it loose. He was favoring it a little when he was running his routes. I told him to just let it go for camp. You have no control over it now, its fixed. If you don’t undo that learned behavour, you’ll hurt something else. But he’s doing fine now.

    Pros and Cons for the 3-4 when looking at this team in the offseason.

    Pros were can we find enough of the defenses that are key parts. What do we have currently, what do we need and how can we supplement to create some depth? You talk about a couple of the players not fitting in the style as well, but a couple of others have benefited. I think everyone we have here can play the defense. It’s a combination of learning new techniques and understanding the overall philosophy so that you don’t make judgement errors. Gamble at the wrong time, and it costs you. It’s a fun defense to play, its simple in concepts. The DL doesn’t have a lot to learn. Its technical more than mental. Some of these kids know how to play it already, I can see it. Others are leaning quickly.

    How does it effect Dat?

    I was going to play Dat at the mike middle linebacker. Now he’s the jack, the weak side middle linebacker. That’s the highest tackle producing position. Dat has good range and is a good tackler. There’s also a little less blitzing from that position, and that’s good because Bradie and some of the bigger guys are better blitzers.

    Is he protected more?

    He won’t be protected more than a 4-3, but he’ll have less traffic to the perimeter of the defense because both of the OT’s and the TE’s will be covered up. We only had one covered up in our scheme last year. But he’ll be more covered up than the position that Bradie plays.

    Why is the 3-4 more physical?

    Its just more about 1 on 1 matchups. Now, the 4-3 is physical too, its just changed over the years. Coach Landry’s defense in the 4-3 was a physical defense. Nowadays, the 4-3 is more of the offset gap type, so its less head up one on one football.

    What about Ware when you were scouting him made you think he could play that hybrid position?

    You didn’t have to look too long. I think with Ware, If you made him a down end he would wear out eventually. You have to pick your spots a little bit. Lawrence couldn’t have rushed the QB on every single play and been succussfull, he really couldnt.

    Torrin Tucker?
    I’ve seen improvement lately. He’s only made 1 mental error so far that I’ve noticed, which is a change from the past. A positive one.

    How does Tyson Walter get on the team?

    That center positon, I’m just going to play them and it will sort itself. Out. He’s got versatility.


    He’s a more veteran like. Coming off injury. He has to stay in tuned mentally. He had problems with that early in his career. He’s an in between guy, not sure where he will wind up. He has power running ability. He did some things in the preseason games my first year here. He could wind up being a fullback.

    If you’re a bubble player, is versatility the #1 way to make the team?

    A player like that? Yeah, special teams, full back, short yardage tailback.

    What is the bigger challenge for Zimmer: Knowing the new scheme or coaching 5 to 6 new guys?

    Handling the new guys. He’s knows this scheme now. I can tell, because the questions he’s asking me these days are very specific about what kind of coverage we would use in this particular situation. He is down the road now.


    I got him. I like him. He’s a little cocky though, so I’m not going to say anything too good about him yet.

    Behind missing mini camps?

    No because he was able to watch the drills and the coaching and stuff. He’s very bright. Very bright. Mental won’t be his problem.

    Do you have anyone who can replace Keith Davis on special teams if he starts at FS?

    I’m impressed with the physicality of Beriault. He might be one of these kids that blows himself up though. I hope not.

    So far you’ve had the players in pads in every session. Is that on purpose?

    Oh yeah. Hey, get ready. I’m not trying to beat them down. When you watch practice, you’ll notice we’ll have a hard period, then back off. Then have a hard period, then back off. .

    Tyson Thompson wow you a little bit in KO?

    Not really. Done a good job so far. But well see when they start hitting back.

    What are you looking for in pads as to when its time to back off?
    I look at the best conditioned players on the team, and if they are tired everyone else must be too. Ellis is in very good condition. Jacob Rogers is in excellent condition. Dan Campbell would have been one. Witten is another one you can look at. Those combination positons that have to run and hit. The CB’s and WR’s don’t look that tired, they just run. But the run and hit positions.

    Beriault might blow himself up, what do you mean?
    Well, you know. Look, he’s an impressive kid. He made 500 tackles in college.

    How’s he in coverage?

    He’s more of a strong safety type, and I think I’ll leave him there.

    What is Drew Bledsoe like now versus New England?
    He’s a grown man now. When I first had him he was a young kid. Now he knows the game and knows coaches. He’s got a sense of humor, and will give you the needle. I like that.

    He’s always stretching his shoulder, is that an injury?

    He’s fine. He always does that. I asked him if he was still a fast ball pitcher or like Maddux and throwing all the offspeed stuff. He told me he’s still a fastball pitcher.

    Last year you said Keyshawn needed to knock the rust off. Is he a guy who takes a while to get warmed up in camp?

    He’s in better condition than he was last year. He’s probably worked out harder in the offseason. He won’t tell you that, but I can tell. His weight is perfect. He’s doing well.

    Al Johnson doing everything you want out of him?
    Yeah, I wish I could get him a ltitle bigger. Not strength really, he works hard in the weight room. Gurode gets me size, but it’s a trade off. Al does some things better than Gurode. I think we have a chance to be pretty set with that group.

    Do you think you might have a rotating center last your first year?
    I would think about rotating any position. Especially now a days. I really would. I am definitely going to rotate my RB’s if they stay healthy.

    You play a lot of 3-4 teams early in the season. So might you go with a big guy there since the C will play heads up on the nosetackle?

    Yeah, 3 of the first 4 teams we play will be a 3-4 team. All of the California teams.
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    They were talking about charting the QB's passes, comp, attempts bad throw, missed receivers and such, then someone ask what the chart said and after repeating what he said in a smartalic way, he said it was too early to tell.
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    I didn't hear it, but I've read that you-know-who looks a little lost out there ...

    Could it be because he is?

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    Question: Can you hear the PC after it has already been held? I had to make some updates to my computer and I haven't been in town for the past couple of days?

    BnA has some catching up to do ...
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    I don't know how you get it so perfect, but if I knew you were going to do a recap every day I would not even listen!
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    Some people didnt enjoy the look of my pink mittins:( :(

    But on the thrread great recap guys, i woudl have did it also but my job asked me to do soem work like right after it started:bang2:

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