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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Richmond Cowboy, Sep 21, 2005.

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    Has it started yet? A recap would be most appreciated.
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    Fowler is the only player being listed on the injury report. He is questionable with a calf strain. Parcells told the team they will be not be judged on 1 loss and to make sure they don't dwell on it. The team is staying in the Bay Area between games because it will help the staff tremendously with preparation time.

    As for the Washington game, Parcells said there are always things you would do differently when looking back at a game. One in particular would be staying with their regular offense after Julius's 6 yard run down 14-13 and 2 minutes to go. They probably pushed the envelope too much there. He said Payton calls the plays, but I approve them. Payton will continue to call the plays.

    The team was in position to win the game. If they made any one of seven plays in that game, they win. He wants the team to continue to play mistake free. He doesn't want to give away games like they did last year. Teams that are +1 in the TO margin have won 18 of 22 games so far this year. Parcells said if they continue to come out on top in TO margin, then they will win games. He really doesn't want to talk much more about the Washington game, would rather look ahead to SF. The players have moved on from the Washington game and are practicing for SF.

    The reason he played Thomspon in the game against Washington is because he wants to get him involved in the mix. There will be no change at K at this time. They are continuing to look at the K on their practice squad. The snapper had a couple of poor snaps against Washington, but he is a good snapper and is finding his way.

    He thought for the majority of the game, they did things better against Washington than against SD. The pass protection was excellent. Bledsoe wasn't even touched and that is impressive against a pressure team like Washington.

    The two holding penalties were killers. The holding call on Flozell was not his fault. He anticipated something else happening and someone else didn't do their job. Parcells intimated that it was a 2nd year player, but he doesn't throw players under the bus. The Glover penalty was a legit call.

    Pile played some at FS against Washington and will play more in the future. Same goes for Fujita and maybe Burnett as well. Ware is thinking too much right now and is not comfortable. He didn't really get better from week 1 to week 2. He is not sure what they will do at FB for this week. He wanted to see how it would work having 5 WR's active, but he doesn't really like going into a game without a FB. The KO coverage was much better this week.

    The deep balls were not really Roy's plays. Parcells said he told the media after the game who was more responsible (believe he said A. Glenn). They are working N. Jones at S.

    He said it's too early to panic after 1 bad loss. If they play well from here, everyone will forget about the Washington game. If they don't play well, people will point to that game for the reason they are struggling even if that game has nothing to do with it. He thinks the Fat Cat syndrome is worse than rebounding from a tough loss. The first two games both came down to the last minute. They won 1 and lost 1 and if the games continue to come down to the wire, then that is probably what will happen. They have to work to make sure that it doesn't always come down to the end.
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    Thanks for the update.
  4. Richmond Cowboy

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    You think throwing the ball on 3rd down and long instead of running to improve the field goal positioning might be the way to go?? What a dumby...
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    Thanks for the recap... and be good to each other :)
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    I heard that, too. I don't remember the back in the game, but it had to be Julius who screwed up.
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    Ahh, the irony is delicious...have a big cup of it.

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    The comments on Roy are interesting. I can only imagine that Glenn should have been up in press coverage and he wasn't. Interesting indeed. Still, it's Roys assignment. I think BP is trying to shield him just a bit but I think he would be better off just saying the defense blew the coverage and leave it at that.
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    Sounds like BP still has his positive opinion about this team, as do I. I agree that there is no call for panic. It was nice to hear BP acknowledge that Roy didnt lose the game for us, and nice to hear him take responsibility for the play call, that will help Payton ot get discouraged, thats the last thing we need.
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    So the team is staying out in San Fran for a week? Has that ever been done before? Where are they practicing for the week?
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    The first two games both came down to the last minute. They won 1 and lost 1 and if the games continue to come down to the wire, then that is probably what will happen. They have to work to make sure that it doesn't always come down to the end.

    Thats the way i've been looking at it. It doesn't matter if we dominated for 56 minutes, only to completely unravel in the next 2-3 minutes and lose the lead. This is a 60 minute game. Somehow someway we found ourselves in a 1 score game with 2-3 minutes remaining on clock. Just like the SD game, it could have gone either way with a play here or a play there being made. We could easily be 0-2 right now. So winding up 1-1 aint so bad.
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    Its crazy not to be positive about this team. I dont think any one expected a smooth road but Mondays loss in a matter of minutes was insane. I give our offense credit, they were up against a very good defense.
    I think the way we lost has people nervous and for good reason.
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    I don't think they've had back-to-back games in the bay. Not sure where they would practice, but Oxnard is probably a possibility.
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    Matt Mosley asked this question...If we were playing the Eagles and Giants on back to back weeks on the road would we stay on the East Coast?

    Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, except the 2 hour time difference in PST and CST, which could make a difference flying back into CST and losing 2 hours.
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    :bow: :bow: :bow:

    Thanks Jlust22.
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    Good point ... I ain't mad at him for doing so.
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    FYI -- They had been talking about the back to back SFO & Oakland games since the schedule came out. Even back then, the Mickster was reporting that the team would probably just stay there rather than have to travel two weeks in a row. I think they had the details finalized by TC--seem to recall Mickey (or someone) reporting it back then. They apparently had briefly talked to the Raiders about sharing their facilities, then decided against it cause you know Parcells & his thing about potential spies! I think they're going to use some university facility.
  19. chicago JK

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    Sounds like a business trip type feel to it. All I have to say is the Cowboys better hope they win at San Fran. Being with Bill on the road for a week after losing a game doesn't sound too appealing.
  20. AbeBeta

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    I think BP is worried about the staff's amount of prep time. You lose time like you mentioned but also on the east you'd more likely play in the early game so that's another 4 hours. BP wants to work with the staff Sunday night and he can't do that if they get back at midnight.

    Besides, the bay area kick butt over Dallas any day.

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