9-7 will win this division

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CooterBrown, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. CooterBrown

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    Okay, so the Cowboys are 5-6. That sucks. But, despite that, they still control their own destiny.

    9-7 will win this division. 8-8 might win this division, 10-6 will be required for a wild card.

    Not saying the Cowboys will win it, not after the way they have failed so far, just saying that it ain't over yet.
  2. pjtoadie

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  3. dexternjack

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    Not a chance this team wins 4 out of the next 5 :(

    We might beat Philly and a QB less Steeler team but NO and Cin will pummel us IMO
  4. CATCH17

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    Don't really care at this point.

    I hope they make it but getting rid of Garrett would be better long term.

    This franchise deserves a top flight coach that puts us in the best position week to week and Jason getting the Cowboys to the playoffs just gives Jerry the excuse to keep him.

    I really wish Garrett had lived up to the hype but its unreal how in over his head he is.
  5. Lazyking

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    You're Right. 9-7 will win this division but it's looking more and more like the Cowboys will finish 8-8 again.

    I really hope that's enough to get some real change with the team..
  6. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    That's one of the horrible things about this division is if we get on a roll & somehow squeak in the playoffs at 9-7 it'll give Jason Garrett another season.. I would rather this happen, I definitely would like to be cheering for something meaningful in January, but the sad thing is it would probably be best for them to just fall apart the rest of the way and finish 5-11, 6-10 so we could maybe get some real change around the coaching staff & playing field + draft position.. I know it's a losers mentality, but with Carter now out unfortunately that's how I feel now.
  7. Lazyking

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    Really? This thought just came to me.. Lets say they somehow make the playoffs. What does that accomplish exactly? It likely keeps Garrett here, gets Romo a new contract.... the short term thrill will not cure the long term repercussions. Unless you're saying they'll actually win a playoff game..What's the point?
  8. StylisticS

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    We will be lucky to get to 8-8. I wouldn't be surprised if Philly would be our last victory of the season. This offense has to play 60 minutes. Not 30. If our offense comes out against NO and Cincy like we did against Cleveland and Washington, we will be down 35-0 at the half in both games.
  9. TTexasTT

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    I hope we can sneak into the post season. Maybe even win a playoff game.
    It will give Garrett another year for sure. Perhaps a few FA pick ups and a more healthy team will put us where we need to be for a SB run next year.
  10. Lazyking

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    We also need Murray back badly cause Romo can't do it himself.

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