9 Y/O Tough Guy Goes MMA, Chokes Out Pitbull

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    I think this has been posed correct?

    And why does Jujitsu have to be MMA? Did he hold the dog on the ground for 4 minutes where there was absolutely nothing going on? If so, then it was MMA.

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    You obviously haven't seen much MMA. Brazilian jiujitsu is what they all study. Even the guys that were just wrestlers in high school and college.

    Royce Gracie and the entire Gracie clan started "Ultimate Fighting." They won most of the first sanctioned fights, and they were all from Brazil and studying Brazilian jiujitsu. So now "BJJ" as it's known is essentually required training to even have a shot in the ring during MMA.

    I'll admit that some matches can get boring when they get to rolling around on the ground and not getting up. But they all can't be Vitor Belfort.


    Or Urijah Faber

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    Run Forrest, RUN!
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    The story has been posted before but not a link to the video.

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