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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Randy White, Jan 13, 2012.

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    Simple, my friend.. It's been available to everyone since, well, Al Gore invented the internet:

    in windows:
    Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Character Map

    Then, just about which ever font you choose, just scroll down until you find the note symbol, copy it, and then paste it.
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    Sorry about that. for some damn reason I always call Bradford " Stafford ".. :abuseme:
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    the argument against Barron, although I don't agree with it, and sorry about Jarvis Jones because I didn't know he chose to stay until right now. What I'm trying to do is get into the Cowboys' heads and see what they could possibly be thinking.

    The way I see it, when it comes to Barron, is this:

    If the Cowboys sign Nick or another high profile guard, probably their logic would lead them into not investing a #1 draft pick on another one. Their thinking might be that with Bill Nagy ( who they like ), David Arkin, and possibly bringing back Holland, the other guard position should be more than taken care of. If none of those 3 contribute much, they could address it in 2013, but it's not as if that one particular position is a franchise killer. Two ? yes, one ? Not really.

    So that leads to the next problem, which is bigger than the O-line. Now, the ideal situation is for Kirkpatrick to fall to #14. He'd be the obvious choice, even over DeCastro. However, I don't think he will. The guy is good and plays a position that's in demand. That leaves the safety position. Those of you who say that Barron can't cover, I would like to know 2 things: a) define " can't cover ", you mean like a CB ? or like a safety ?, b) what are you basing your opinion on ? I'm not going to tell you that I've seen Barron play since highschool because it would be a lie. However, I've seen enough to know that this guy is a player. Comparing him to Roy Williams, or basing an opinion on him because of Roy Williams' tenure in Dallas is counter-productive. It's like saying the Cowboys shouldn't draft Sam Montgomery ( for example ) because Anthony Spencer didn't work out. Both were DE in college, both are 6'4, both are 250 lbs, and both were pass rushing specialists. Doesn't make sense.

    As far as the " safeties fall in the draft all the time " argument, that is factual. However, every draft is unique and every player is different. The point that the position is weak this year, and that he's the best one of them all ( not to mention a first round talent ) has been made very clear. That, by itself, screams that this guy is not going to get out of the first round. Take another position that shares the same reputation as safeties, at least over the past few years. Should the Chiefs pass on Trent Richardson ( if he falls to them ) because he's a RB ( and they can get those just about anywhere ) even though he's a first round talent and he represents a big need for them ? IMO that would be a mistake.

    I'm not saying the Cowboys should draft solely based on need. I'm against drafting " solely based on " anything, including the so called " best player available " theory. I am for drafting based on a complete and thorough evaluation of not only the player(s), but the roster, the coaching philosophy, and the draft itself. What are my needs ? Who's available ? Who's drafting in front of me ? Who's drafting behind me ? Who fits my systems ? Those would be the questions, along with the background checks, in which I'd base the draft decisions on.
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    Well, this is the book on Branch:

    Clemson DE/OLB Andre Branch

    Branch exceeded expectations and turned some heads this season, most notably by answering some of the questions about his ability to turn the corner at the next level. He's looked more explosive out of his stance and shown the ability to bend back inside once he gets under the outside shoulder of the offensive tackle. Add in his above-average upper-body strength, and Branch is capable of giving a team's pass rush an immediate boost.

    NFL fit: Buffalo (No. 10 overall) needs to bolster its pass rush and address the outside linebacker spot in its base 3-4 scheme. Branch would be a good fit, because despite showing only average fluidity in space, he has experience dropping into coverage and is agile enough hold up in underneath coverage on occasion. He also has experience rushing the passer out of a two-point stance.
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    Jarvis Jones is staying in school
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    The reason for the Barron/Roy Williams comparison is simple . Barron gets beat on the deep ball . Very few teams were able to throw deep on Alabama due to their pass rush . This covered up Barron's lack of coverage skills . I have watched a ton of Alabama games and Barron just doesn't have the ability to cover deep . Ths fault will really hurt him at the next level. Most of the mocks that have seen shows him going late first or in the second . His teammate Lester is a better pro prospect IMO .
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    Look at the guys who have dominated at safety over the last decade...

    Ed Reed 5-11/200
    Brian Dawkins 6-0/210
    Troy Polamalu 5-10/207

    And all of them could run the 40 in less than 4.5

    And you have to believe their short area time was very good also because they were short-striders.

    These safety's that are 6'2 and 220lbs... Most simply can't move fast enough to be good in coverage at the next level.

    And if a guy coming out of college is 220lbs... what's he going to be in a two, three years? 225? 230?

    Can you say "Roy Williams?"

    I say go smaller and faster at safety.
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    i wouldnt give him a first round grade.

    He's not as good as Nate Allen or Morgan Burnett imo.

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    I think defensive player that is considered in the draft or free agency should have above average speed . This defense is slow . There are too many players with just enough speed to make the roster . Barron can not keep up on deep routes in college . He will struggle in the NFL IMO .
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    Yea that was my thought.

    I appreciate the effort, but I'd be livid if this happens.
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    I would not be a happy camper if we made that pick at #14.

    Not a happy camper at all.

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