A 9yr perspective on home runs

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Bigdog, Sep 4, 2011.

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    So I am out to dinner with my 9 yr old daughter last night and they had the Az/SF baseball game on TV. An AZ player hits a HR and my daughter turns to me said dad "Do the players have to run the bases after they hit a HR?" I told her yes and that it was the rule. She then said that is stupid rule and that you are insulting the guy who threw the ball (pitcher). Just then they show the SF pitcher hitting his glove with his fist and shaking his head. She turns to me and said "See, he is upset and now he has to watch this guy run around the bases. That is not nice. That guy who hit the ball should go back to his teammates becasue everyone knows he hit the ball out of the park. That is a stupid rule that needs to be change."

    I have watched baseball for years and have never really looked at it that way. Kids have a way of looking at things totally different than we adults. Most of the time it is for the better.
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    Haha. Cute...and she's right, lol. What difference does it make if they walk off to the dugout or run the bases?

    Baseball is archaic, though.
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    :) I enjoy to listens to childrens imaginative way of seeing things. I would think the only reason the rule wont ever change is because if it is a situation where the runner doesn't know if the ball went far enough to clear the fences. Let say it bounces of the wall. If the runner hasnt started making his way around the bases, he might have just robbed himself of a double or triple while he stands on first base kicking himself.
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    So we shouldn't let them run the bases so as not to hurt the feelings of the pitcher.

    Just how far will we go with this politically correctness?
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    I also told her that the guy who is running the bases have to touch every base. She asked me well who watches him to make sure he does that. I told her the umpires. She then asked me, "Well what if they get distracted? Do they have that TV thing where they look at it. You know the one where the announcers say the ref is under the hood when you watch football. I always thought he was looking at a car's engine and thought that was weird." When she said that I almost spit out my drink, I was laughing so hard.
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    Kids are the greatest. They really are.

    But we don't manage life in a manner designed to spare peoples feelings. Should we be considerate of them? Of course. But part of maturity is dealing with disappointment in an honorable manner. Pitchers have to do so when they give up hits of all kinds. Batters have to do so when they make an out.

    Home runs too, are a celebration of sorts. And the best way to celebrate that is with a respectful trip around the bases.
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    There are many things in life that are archaic and contain plenty of good.
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    Most kids don't have that sort of sympathetic imagination. I think it's a great sign she'll grow up to be a great person in life. We need more kids like that--grown ups too.
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    My thoughts as well. :banghead:
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    Priceless. :)

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