A Call To Arms: Mlb Becomes Jesse James

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by Cowboys Dad, Aug 16, 2005.

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    This will be a brief introduction to a battle that I am choosing to take on and a call to all who play fantasy sports to raise up and tell Major League Baseball that they arent going to steal my recreational outlet!

    On Outside the Lines last night the discussion centered around the current litigation process that Major League Baseball has undertaken. Apparently realizing that they could use a technicality in the law to claim the rights to players statistics IF the players name were attached for the purpose of generating an industry, namely fantasy baseball. Experts across the board believe that by rights the League and its licensing agreements will in fact win this litigation. At which time the landscape of what we now see in fantasy sports will change dramatically.

    In effect Baseball would change the way that games are reported on, viewed, and of course used for fantasy purposes. By gaining this verdict Major League Baseball would create a monopoly on the statistics that are used to score fantasy games. What does this mean? Well it means that in order to safeguard its newly found enterprise to generate more money for the industry it would not provide the current easy access to the endless supplies of statistics that it now does. In reality there would be a blackout of ALL fantasy baseball related stats and these would only be made available for paying an inordinate fee. After all if you want the stats to run a league youll pay whatever they want RIGHT? Wrong!

    I am starting what will amount to a labor union. I am calling on you guys to register in this thread and email me with thoughts of how to proceed. I am going to put together internet petitions for all fantasy owners to sign. AS well as the fan who likes to look in the box score for his favorite player or teams stats, after all those stats would be gone as well. I further will pursue whatever means necessary to bring baseball to understand that they cant have what they didnt create. WE will not only not pay for the stats or play the game, we will not attend live games, buy the baseball extended packages for cable and dish tv. Further baseball paraphenalia will be boycotted, no hats, no jerseys nothing remotely related to the sport will be purchased. Nor will we watch the sport on TV in an attempt to make your television advertisers aware that they cant reach us or have our money either.

    We will not be robbed by Jesse James to allow a precedent to be set for all sports. We will expose MLB for the hypocrits they are in regards to Pete Rose and gambling, we will pursue any and all matters related to their anti-trust status, we will as mentioned not spend any money related to MLB. AS well we will ask the questions including whats to stop Joe Outfielder from tanking the last game of the season because hes about to win his fantasy league but hes on the other guys team and hes the last guy left to play?


    Save The Free Leagues, leagues that MLB wants each owner to pay 100 dollars to enter!

    Email me at mr_fuji2@yahoo.com to join the army that will tell MLB, YOU CANT STEAL OUR GAME!

    Please note that this is no joke to me. I have already begun to round up as many pertinent people as I can. I will be scheduling an appointment with my Lawyer in the next 48 hours and will visit with him soon after that point to discuss any, if there is any, legal rights we have.

    We all have various opinions related to Religion, Politics, and other major matters, however its my belief that this is one matter that we can all see clearly on and our biggest weapon is unity and strength in numbers.

    Take it seriously, because if we dont rush to arms then we will have noone to blame but ourselves when there are no more box scores and no more free fantasy leagues to enjoy!

    Sincerely Chris Butler founder Organization of Fantasy Owners Against Major League Baseball.

    POST NOTE: Watch for updates on the matter at www.dallascowboys-hitchinpost.com.

    Post Note 2: Thanks to this fine site for allowing another outlet to reach out to those who will be victimized by MLB!


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