A Case for Redball

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Matts4313, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Not quite sure I'm following the "Before - After - 3rd Year" part.

    Before what? After What and is that projected to next year?
  2. Hoofbite

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    RKG is getting played out.

    What, is Jason the only coach in the NFL who can identify players of quality character?
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    LOL at the part where we had 35 players on the roster that could not make an NFL roster when Garrett took over.

    The previous year we won a playoff game.

    Hey, I get it. Garrett has done jack so far as head coach so you have to make it sound like he took over an expansion team full of CFL caliber scrubs to justify all the losses. The only problem with this story is that those CFL scrubs won a playoff game the year before.........LOL.
  4. Idgit

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    There's something to be said for committing to fill a roster with the right kinds of players. He's done a nice job with it, so far.
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  6. Woods

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    Well written post.

    2 points I would make.

    1. I like the job showing the changes in our roster over the past 3 years. One point of note is the OL. Whereby we managed to upgrade the LB position, for example and our CBs, it is evident. But when you look at the OL, it is clearly still in progress, imo. I still prefer Gurode from 3 years ago to what we have today. (Though I understand Gurode playing days are over now.)

    Same for Kosier. A healthy Kosier was at least as good, imo, as who we're playing at OG now.

    Garrett HAS to bring in the players for the OL, etc. this off-season, or I think he will be in the hotseat next year. There is no way I see JJ missing the playoffs 4 years in a row.

    2. I think it is important to bring in the RKG. With those type of people, they are self-motivated, improve the culture in the lockerroom. You don't have to worry about them not showing up during the off-season to get their workouts in, drug issues (hopefully), etc.

    But, once again, Garrett has to prove he can win with the RKGs. Having the RKGs is not enough, imo.

    The point of drafting the RKGs is because you think you can win with them. JG has to show that.

    Keeping posting your analysis. Good stuff!
  7. jnday

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    If the sloppy play was cleaned up in the least little bit, I would feel different about Garrett. That should have been the first sign that the team is headed in the right direction. There is a long list of things that makes me think the team is not headed in the right direction, but penalties and stupid plays tops the list of changes that should have been addressed. There is no excuse for it.
  8. goshan

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    Every single NFL team has this sort of diversity of the roster every single year. This is the reality of today's NFL. Garrett hasn't been molding this and it isn't going to be molded by him. Garret is the head coach - he is responsible for putting together the schemes, practices and game-day management of the team.
  9. gmb85

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    Garrett needs to stay. It would be a shame if Tony went through 4 head coaches. We just have to be patient and get better in all phases. :)
  10. rickjameschinaclub

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    "Right kind" of players and "Quality" guys... If you ask them how they define it, they'll coime up with even more vague terms... There is nothing to quantify JG's success...

    BTW, that roster that was replaced by JG, was the result of an aging core, that was brought in by Bill Parcells. That aging core, Wade Phillips also inherited, which he wokred with and got much better success. It's not like Wade Phillips wasn't strapped with Anthony Henry, Jacques Reeves, Ferguson and other 'veterans' that were at the end of their terms.

    What people claim as the result of JG, was just a natural necessitity, i.e. this team had to fill roles. If we look at what JG has filled his roster with, especially the OL, which has had the biggest holes, he's given this team in reality nothing. The only quantifiable, potential stud drafted, was Smith, and that was a no-brainer for anybody needed an OL at that pick. Picks like Sean Lee and Spencer were done in the Wade era, and a Bruce Carter was a defensive pick, not one of offense, which is supposedly JG's area of specialty. Ratliff was made a NT by Wade. Carr and Claiborne, again were defense, and Dallas wanted to play more man from a defensive stand-point to create TOs and CB was a need going back to the Wade era, hell even Parcells era. Jerry spent a lot of money in getting CBs, because he knew he had to. The defense not creating INTs was a major issue during Wade's tenure, but in reality, I wouldn't blame Wade, because he was saddled with Dave Campo and scrubs at CB. Wade was more hampered than JG ever was in reality, but the Jg supporters don't want to admit it. The whole Garrett family sits in this organization, on of JGs brothers a pssing game coordinator, the other a 'director of pro scouting'....

    I mean if you want to talk personnel on offense, you can go back to Roy Williams, Brad Johnson, Jon Kitna and a bunch of other scrubs, which clearly show JG's over-rated personnel skills, by his group of loyal followers. Funny, how the defendors of JG at the beginning of the season were telling us how these brilliant picks were not so brilliant, because none of the WRs could run routes. Our best blocking TE was drafted before JG as well, and one can see how well his loss left us from a blocking standpoint, because Phillips can't block worth a dime. Bennet was allegedly the other 'cancer' that created problems for JG.

    And when the team loses and looks bad, which is quite often,, all of the sudden, Jason Garrett has no players...
  11. visionary

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    if you can "make a case for garrett" at this point, you are delusional

    delusion = bad

    self delusion = worse
  12. Idgit

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    Winning is more important to them and personal achievement, and they'll maximize the effort they're willing to put out every day, practice, game, snap.

    There are a lot of talented players in the NFL who don't meet those criteria.
  13. visionary

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    so the aim should be to "fill the roster with RKGs"

    does "winning" factor in somewhere along the way?

    RKGs, hmmm... should we also get Mr. Rogers while were at it?

    the only thing that is to be said for the job our GM has done thus far cant be said in front of kids

    from 8-8 to 6-6

    now that is the kind of progress i want to see
  14. rickjameschinaclub

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    More vague terms...

    I thought Doug Free got a fat check and packed it in... So based upon what you observe in practice, who in the Wade era that has been let go didn't want to win... How is this measured? So why are the WRs always running wrong routes, the OL can't block, and so on? Is it because they don't want to win, or just suck?

    So wanting to win is more important than actually winning?
  15. CATCH17

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    Unreal. The guy is terrible and some of you want to give him another year.

    He has absolutely zero presence as a coach and his playcalling plus in game management is amateur.

    I don't want a coach that doesn't adjust his system to his players.

    People are a little happy with Garrett right now because he went out and beat a completely inferior team at home.

    We also came out stinking in a typical Garrett coached team fashion.
  16. goshan

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    Just stop it guys. Every NFL team would ideally fill all positions with RKGs. There is nothing new or interesting about it. But a team with 100% RKGs will lose to a team with 80% RKGs that has a lot more talent all day long.

    It is amazing how so many have latched onto this.
  17. goshan

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    Your comment about his presence is something I have mentioned before. His presence is bad for the Cowboys brand, and over time this will affect the bottom line.
  18. CATCH17

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    This franchise can get and deserves a top of the line coach at all times.

    Jerry may not give us an advantage with his ability to get the team what it needs on the field but he can put his pieces in the best position for success if he'll just get it right with the guy on the sidelines instead of hiring friends and puppets.
  19. visionary

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    dont expect an answer

    just more double talk
  20. WV Cowboy

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    So who will do this?

    Who will have this internal conversation about discipline?

    How will he know that the amount of boneheaded mistakes are beyond unacceptable?

    Who has the coaches ear?

    Please don't say Jerry Jones.

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