A Case for Redball

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Matts4313, Dec 3, 2012.

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    I agree, we miss his abilities to block from the 12 personnel. The problem was though that he always blocked inline, and never played the F-role. For as good as an inline blocker he was for some reason that couldn't carry over into him also being a F-back blocker.

    I'd take MB as the second TE over Phillips - no question despite some of his shortcomings.

    They are and as the GM said publicly that's just a bonus. Why? Because the Giants do not use the TE as much the Cowboys do. They sure as hell do not use MB to draw double coverage away from WRs.

    MB also went through a dry spell of catching TDs from Week 4 - 12. He just caught a TD in the WAS game after the Redskins completely blew a coverage in the redzone. It's good to see MB get some opportunities and a fresh start but let's not act like the Giants are making him a superstar because quite simply he's not even close to that type of talent. I saw another pass clank off his hands much like the way it did when he was here. When I saw that I chuckled to myself and told a co-worker that it's the same old MB.
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    Well - It would appear that many of you are trying to interchange "RKG" for "Talentless Choirboy".. That is not the case. Here are some direct quotes from Redball about RKGs.

    But before you read it - take a second and think about this:

    How many article, how much talk, was there from 2008-2010 about the lack of leadership? About the entitled persona coming from valley ranch? About how this team thought they could walk on to a field and the other guys would just lay down?

    Do you still see those articles being written? Do you think there is a reason for that?

    Garrett on RKG:
    Jason Garrett said, after being asked about the Cowboys' draft philosophy that year, that the "most important thing is we talk about what it means to be a Dallas Cowboy, the kind of guys we want on our football team....they’re the Right Kind Of Guys." He later defined the term: in addition to being talented players, RKGs "love to play football and show you that they love it each and every day." Moreover, they play with "passion, enthusiasm, emotion."

    Garrett went on to acknowledge several of the qualities that makes a player an RKG. One of them is leadership


    eventually, there should be a tipping point, a
    moment where these hard-working, tough-minded youngsters who have grown up together, challenging each other in the weight room, on the practice field and in the huddle, will suddenly, collectively, be the better for it.

    “We’re looking for the right kind of guy,” he said. “The right kind of guy, to us, is someone who loves to play football, who is very passionate about it, willing to work hard at it, willing to be part of a team, willing to be part of something that is maybe greater than himself.

    “We want a guy who has an ego. Egos are important.
    But ego in the context of what we’re trying to accomplish as a team. Guys who are willing to work, are great teammates – there’s always going to be a place for those guys.”

    Especially when we're talking about the bottom 30 players on a roster.

    How much do you study? How important is winning? Where is football on your priority list? How hard do you play?

    Give me a good player who gives supreme effort every snap over a supremely talented player who plays when he feels like it. We all know Albert Haynesworth is one of the most physically gifted players in the game, but don't be surprised if he spends this season at home.

    Teams are tired of begging the defensive tackle to play.

    Garrett is changing this team's soft mindset and the silly sense of entitlement that runs through it one player at a time.
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    I think you just blew up fantasy land. Oh dear! :lmao2:
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    Not that you need any validation, but your post is excellent. Congratulations.
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    This is a clinic of right.

    BTW, I would add that Jimmy Johnson once said he'd take a team full of RKGs over a team with a handful of superstars who think they are more important than the team.
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    The last two years almost EVERY body in Washington DC metro area was blasting Shannahan and his son..I think there was no adjective left in the books or off the books that weren't used to describe them...

    The calls for them to be fired were off the chart.....

    Listen to DC fans, media, etc etc....They are geniuses and talked about like Gods and saints now and you almost throw up hearing the praise they get from the same people who wanted them out of town...

    The point is...when an organization sinks deep into mediocrity for years and years it cannot be fixed in 1, 2, or sometimes 3 years...it needs a PROCESS to fix it and I believe JG is doing just that...The people fixing it might look dump, stupid, idiots, and whatever you wanna call them but given time things will be straighten up nicely.....the key word is PATIENCE...

    This team is not a super bowl, or even a playoff, team that just needs any coach to take it to promise land...this team STINKS and it needs to be fixed..

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    Give me a break. Shanny has skins, but didn't have a QB. It's amazing how genius a coach looks when he has one of those. :rolleyes:

    JG has had Romo his whole career and has done squat. Only way he stays IMO is if we make the playoffs. If we do make the playoffs he still must hire Chryst, or somebody to be the OC.
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    They didnt have a quarterback. Now they do.

    Dallas has had a QB all along and still struggles mightily, looks unprepared & poorly coached.

    Should've read this before I posted but :hammer:
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    I guess I'm one of the "crazies" that want Payton to coach here but if Garrett makes a push for the playoffs, I'd understand giving him some more time.

    Speaking of crazy, your words in bold print.:lmao:
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    I think he is doing a good job of changing the culture in Dallas.

    I don't think he is a good playcaller or game manager. I thought I was going to have to jump through the TV screen to get him to challenge the spot.

    He is so reluctant to challenge - I don't get it!
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    The only difference i've seen between he and Wade is he gets the guys to play harder.

    In all honesty, before the team quit on Wade, he had them playing at a higher level than Jason ever has.
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    I'm not going to debate wether JG deserves another year because I believe he's coming back regardless of the record. There is no way Jerry fires him after only 2 full seasons on the job. Even the poodle got three years and Jerry has repeated over and over that the only decision he regrets is having fired Chan after 2 years. So there Jason is coming back. Hopefully his third time is a charm. Who knows it aint over this year and
    in the interview with JFE. If the window is closing as we speak with the current group it will close with Jason Garrett not without him. One more year.
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    so, in a nutshell, to defend a guy who has accomplished nothing in any capacity in football, you are left to say "do as he says not as he does" ?

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    There isn't a coach or organization in football (outside of Oakland) that doesn't go after the right kind of guy.

    Everyone wants a hard worker, leader, yada yada.

    That's just standard coach speak, no need to treat this like Garrett is revolutionizing the way teams are built and coaches look at players.
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    once again back to jimmy, landry, parcells etc

    please dont compare a guy who has accomplished nothing to coaches that have won SBs, in some cases, several

    jimmy "RKGs" knew how to walk the walk, night and day from garrett
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    Jimmy coached at the sketchiest school in the country, had a team that had a 'white house' specifically for debauchery, and couldn't care less about what a guy did off the field as long as they were winning.

    Talent>Character all day, everyday.

    Remember him on his bio with Hoodie talking about how he can't coach a 'dumb' player - but listening to Jimmy Johnson talk about RKGs is the definition of irony.
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    jimmy knew how to get players to play for him and for each other and to maximize their talent when the chips were down, those players did not run like garrett's team does
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    LOL Garrett is teaching fundamentals and smart? REALLY? LIke the thought of the OP but fundamentals and smarts should not be in the same thread that involves Garrett. This team is 2nd to last in penalties a game. Clearly he is not teaching fundamentals and smarts.
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    You can write all you want that Garrett is changing the team, but when you actually sit down during a live game and watch this team struggle against the Eagles, Browns, Bucs (who at the time were awful), Panthers, and Redskins (4 out of 5 of these teams picked in the top 10 last year and likely 3 of them will again next year), I sincerely doubt you're sitting there cool and collected and confident that this team is made of the right stuff.

    I find it funny that 'Garrett is taking us the right direction' threads typically pop up around mid-week. That is, only a few days after we are removed from the embarrassment of a team that played their usual lethargic, penalty-filled and mistake-prone brand of football (the Cowboy way!) are we hopeful again.

    You can convince yourself of anything.

    What we see from this football team is the exact opposite of what Garrett is supposed to have instilled
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    Right, this is it in a nutshell. Every coach in the country wants a team of players with great character and great talent. Unfortunately a team of Jason Wittens is impossible to field. So every coach has to choose where to make that balance. (And like you said, Jimmy had a team of anything but RKGs everywhere he was successful, especially here.)

    And it cracks me up when the OP says things like, "I like what Garrett is trying to do." Trying? Every time I read that it reminds me of Hutch in Hard Knocks whining about how hard he was trying.

    Every coach is trying to do the same thing -- maximize the talent potential of his team. Like everything else in life, some are just better than others at actually getting it done.

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