A Case for Redball

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Matts4313, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Name me a single coach that doesn't want talented players that work hard... man, this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
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    The difference is, Shanahan already won Superbowls.. The difference is, they were waiting for a LEGIT quarterback, which as soon as they got, they've essentially turned the franchise around in one year, totally tailoring the offense according to RG3's skill set... We already have a legit quarterback.. JG hasn't tailored anything around the skill-set of Tony Romo and is totally clueless..

    The case of the Shanny's actually proves the exact opposite of what your trying to use it for...
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    I don't even think they quite on Wade... I think some of them thought the wrong guy got fired and they essentially quit on the season, nothing against quitting on Wade the coach. There were already grumblings in the lockerroom about how JG was sucking as a coach, but those guys those days were labeled 'cancers'. Cue in Dan Reeves being brought it to work on the 'running game'...
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    JG had a QB?


    That's your opinion to consider having Romo (undrafted small school QB) as to having a 2nd overall draft, heismann-winning, once-in-a-decade-talent QB like RG3...

    Romo, admittedly good not great QB, is in no way at the same level as RG3 or Luck.... Yes he is my Cowboys QB and I root for him big time but let's not get over board....

    Not that you, and other Romo-apologist Garrett-hater, will change your minds but putting it out there for the record...

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    Let us assume Romo is a good QB and not a great one.. Can anybody in their right mind argue that the Shanny's haven't totally re-designed their offense based upon the skill-set of RG3, in his very first year? What has JG done in respect to the unique skill-set of Romo?

    BTW, that very Shanahan was the one guy who was threatening the Cowboys in pursuit of Romo, i.e. if it weren't for Payton, Shanny would have gotten Romo on his team and Romo would probably be on his march to the HoF...
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    JG needs to scrap his Golden Playbook and bring in a OC to run his own offense. Romo needs a more westcoast style offense, but dont kid yourself , the cowboys are not keeping Tony from the hall of fame, Tony is. having said that the Golden offense isnt doing tony or anyone else any favors. having Garrett focus on HCing responsiblities will let us know if can actually do it. Right now he is failing miserably on everything but the environment of the team. Odds are we are looking at another 8-8 frustraiting season if MAJOR changes dont happen at out HC position.
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    Jimmy disciplined players and got rid of the bad apples along the way.

    We've tried to make it work with "talented" guys like TO, Pacman, Tank Johnson and even Crayton. Spoiler alert: it doesn't.

    Guys like that divide the locker room and ruin teams like a bad staph infection.

    I'm confident that Garrett knows more about each player's talent and liability than what we as fans think from afar.
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    Bryant is not a bad kid. He works hard, plays hard, tries to help his teammates and badly wants to win. He doesn't seem selfish like TO was. I do think he is immature and he probably has some learning issues that the team is trying to help him through. The thing that comes through is he has great passion for the game and that is probably the most important element of RKGs. They play football because they love the game, not because they are physically talented and it is a way to may a lot of money. If you go back and look at the triplets (Aikman, Irvin, Emmitt) they all had a passion for the game and a strong desire to win.

    Let's take a look at two former troubled but talented Cowboys - Deion and Irvin. Irvin is a RKG despite his drug problem. We could work around that because of his love of the game and love of winning.

    OTOH, Deion was not a RKG. Great talent, but narcissistic and selfish. He would take dumb risks and make "business decisions" on the field.

    I don't know that RKG is what Garrett envisions for the Cowboys' identity. He wants this to be the predominant culture of the team. So long as the vast majority of the team are RKGs they can often keep a handful of others in-line from peer pressure and culture. I actually think he wants an aggressive offense with a physical running game, OL that can get out in space and attack at the second level and a precise aerial attack that utilizes multiple formations. On defense, he visualizes a team that plays aggressive coverage and blitzes moderately with a focus on limiting big plays. They seem to place a high emphasis on LBs and CBs over DL and Safeties but maybe that is just the talent that has been available to them thus far. I do strongly believe that there hasn't been enough time to transform the roster to his liking yet because of the cap situation and the lack of a core nucleus of players at their peaks to carry us. Instead we rely on the old guard, young pups and a few scrap heap vets that we manage to find to fill in gaps.
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    I agree that Bennett could have been utilized more but he often seemed to screw up when he was given a chance by Romo. We actually threw to him quite a bit in his rookie season but then he really started to mess up quite a bit and Romo decided not to throw to him anymore except as an outlet when everyone else was covered downfield and the odd screen.

    The other reason that he wasn't featured much is that Romo has never been one to throw high passes for his receivers to jump an grab. That finesse type of throw just has never been part of his arsenal and he has struggled with those corner lobs in the end zone for years. Eli is particularly good at those and catching a few of them gave him some confidence to use him more.

    As others have pointed out, Witten just hasn't missed any games. Bennett was always playing behind Witten and was never going to be the main target for us at TE. He always was a great in-line blocker and he was a weapon for us on outside runs.

    I do know that he is a player that we wanted back but the Giants offered him a chance to start and he took the opportunity by the horns and has done well with it.

    The biggest problem in the whole affair is that we spent a second round pick on a backup to an All-Pro player in his prime. He was not going to see the field much as a receiving option and if we had wanted a blocking TE who could catch dumpoffs we could have gotten one in the 6th round. This was just a dumb pick and the GM was not using resources wisely here. We could have really used an OL in that draft but instead used a 1st and 2nd round pick on backup players.
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    I think they got rid of TO because he wasn't a fan of the way Garrett ran the offense.
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    TO was in serious decline and was questioning Romo, Garrett and Witten. He had become a distraction and his declining skills could not override the cancer he was in the locker room any longer.

    After we sent him packing he didn't last long in Cincinnati before they turfed him.
    He tried a comeback after ACL surgery but looked like a UDFA rookie on the field with hands of stone. The FO made the right decision not to bring him back for another year. Jerry made the mistake of extending his original 3-year deal right before the season when he fell apart by the seams. The confidence gained from that contract let him get comfortable and let his true nature shine through.

    I don't wish ill will on anyone. But I think it is deserving that he won't have an easy retirement with the riches he earned during his playing days and will have to try to make a living. I look forward to seeing him get fired a few more times before he is finally shoved out of the limelight.
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    This whole argument is old and tired, but

    I think Garrett deserves not one but at least two more seasons.

    I think you're kidding yourself if some other coach is magically gonna come in and flip the switch and start winning Super Bowls with a roster that's filled with players that have been able to outlast 3 coaches and will be deeply entrenched in their ways waiting out the next guy because the pitchforks will be out again.

    And they escape yet again with no blame directed at them.

    You want a new coach?

    Fine blow the roster up.

    Keep Lee, Carter, Claiborne, Murray, Witten and Bryant.

    And then give the new HC the chance that Garrett and all other coaches during the past 20 years never got.
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    No one is happier he is gone than Tony Romo. I'll leave it at that.
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    When your own owner who fast tracked you can't think of a way that you've improved the team, it's time to go.

    I like our drafts under Garrett, but it's clear as day he isn't cut out for coaching. I wouldn't mind him being put in a management role somewhere, helping us with the draft and finding talent. On the field, he is actively losing us games by not throwing the challenge flag out there, doing things like icing the kicker, etc. Look at how the offense explodes once his play-calling is removed and we go into no-huddle. We don't have time for Garrett to learn the game. Get him an OC or get us a real head coach and stuff Garrett in a role that he has actually shown having a knack for, which is finding talent.
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    Where does this talking point keep coming from? I see it cropping up, but don't recall the interview where it came from Jerry.
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    Do a write up on how he failed as an offensive coordinator.
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    I'm pretty sure he doesn't give a **** about a nobody disgruntled fan. But when he was here, was our best chance of going places. Too bad we didn't have a QB then or now to do anything about these chances.
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    The offense explodes from the no huddle because of when we do it in the games. We are usually down and have to move the ball very quickly and the defense is playing soft prevent. I don't know why that is so hard for some fans to understand?

    Don't get me wrong, I think JG badly needs to go though.
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    Seems like defenses would take notice of multiple weeks of Dallas carving up prevent defenses and refuse to play prevent defense.

    Maybe not. Probably asking a lot from coaching staffs to notice something like that.
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    Take notice of what? Dallas losing in that situation?

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