A cloud of pot busts lingers over college football -- and the smoke isn't clearing

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    A cloud of pot busts lingers over college football -- and the smoke isn't clearing

    By Mark Schlabach | ESPN The Magazine

    DAYS BEFORE the University of Georgia broke for spring break in March, athletic director Greg McGarity gathered more than 600 athletes and warned them about the consequences of consuming alcohol and illegal drugs.

    Not everybody heard him.

    Before the end of the month, police had arrested Bulldogs starting cornerback Branden Smith for misdemeanor marijuana possession and, according to multiple reports, All-America safety Bacarri Rambo tested positive for weed. (The school has not confirmed or denied the reports; according to Rambo's high school coach, he unknowingly ate pot-enhanced brownies.) Under the school's drug policy, Rambo, whom the school had previously suspended for a rules violation, could face a multigame suspension. Smith, a first-time offender, will miss at least the Sept. 1 opener.

    The incidents highlight a trend in college football that has taken hold of the news cycle several times since the beginning of last season.

    Most recently, on April 11, former Auburn running back Michael Dyer testified during an ex-teammate's trial on armed robbery charges that he consistently smoked synthetic marijuana while playing for the Tigers. Dyer was suspended for last season's bowl game and has transferred to Arkansas State.

    In February, four football players were among 17 Texas Christian University students arrested in a campuswide drug sting. Linebacker Tanner Brock, safety Devin Johnson, offensive tackle Ty Horn and defensive tackle D.J. Yendrey are charged with delivering a quarter-ounce to five pounds of marijuana to undercover agents. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram also reported that five TCU players tested positive for marijuana and another 11 had trace amounts within the margin of error after a Feb. 1 test.

    Read more:http://espn.go.com/college-football...one-many-elite-college-programs-espn-magazine
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    The reality is the NCAA is coming down harder on these individuals than our actual Justice system is. Not to get into a debate about marijuana, but the facts are (at least in California) that marijuana is barely even a slap on the wrist anymore. In fact, possession under an ounce is an INFRACTION. To me the whole thing is a joke.
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    Its different in a lot of states. Just because California does it that way means nothing. They do a lot of stupid things there.

    Bottom line it is ILLEGAL everywhere. As long as that is true this will happen.

    Morons get what they deserve. If you are too stupid or too weak to put down the bong that is on you.
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    I agree. Unless you are dealing (think Sam Hurd), then it should be treated more like speeding. Society has moved in that direction. The little old ladies that run the NCAA and NFL should too. Plus, I've never been part of any team, from high school on, where there weren't at least some of the guys smoking weed. There were guys that smoked that played in our local church basketball league for cyring out loud--and I'm a Baptist. These authority figures need to lighten up a little.
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    I agree. Not only that, if you can't take steps to make sure you aren't caught or pass a drug test then that says something about you. The testing regiment is not that strict. It is not too difficult to find ways around the system.
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    Societally, smoking weed isn't a major thing.

    Be it Willie Nelson or Lil Wayne music is reminding us how popular this is.
    I don't do it and would prefer all the players not to as well.
    Were I a GM I'd want to know I could trust a guy to tell me the truth and understand the importance of staying eligible. All that said, I wouldn't take all the potheads off the board.
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    Its definitely not performance enhancing

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