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    Here is my column that was printed in a recent issue of the newspaper I work for. Just thought I would share it.

    By JOE G.

    This is the week my wife dreads the most.

    It started Wednesday night, when America’s Team, The Dallas Cowboys, defeated the New York Giants.

    What started you ask?

    My doing absolutely nothing on Sundays, now that NFL football is back!

    It’s not just Sunday, I can also guarantee you, that from now on, throughout the rest of the football season, the paper route on Saturdays will be done in record time, so I can go home and watch college football.

    As I type this, I am imagining my spot on the couch already waiting for me.

    I broke it in Wednesday night during the Cowboy game. It was great!

    Jessica had to work, so I and kids made a trip to the grocery store and picked up some snacks for our own little season-opening party.

    The kids ate, and ate, while I sat there jumping and screaming at the television while watching my team play.

    With chips in one hand, and hot wings in the other, the kids really didn’t pay much attention to me.

    The only time they did was when the Cowboys did something worth celebrating, and I ran up to each one hoping for a high-five, but instead, all I got was a crazy look from them. There was no way they were letting go of those hot wings!

    Now back to Sundays. Once we get done with church, it’s dad time.

    No chores or no small jobs around the house — just football.

    I usually flip from channel to channel, if Dallas isn’t playing, or just watch the Red Zone Channel.

    This happens unless the Jets are playing. My wife is a Jets fan, or should I say a Mark Sanchez fan.

    I’m still trying to get her away from the dark side, and bring her towards the light, but it’s just not happening.

    Although, Jessica does root for the Oklahoma Sooners! That one took me a while, but I slowly got her to get rid of all her Texas Longhorn apparel.

    Family get-togethers for football are great during college season.

    One sister is a Texas Tech fan, the other a Texas Longhorn fan, while my brother-in-law is an Aggie. The other also roots for Texas Tech. As you would guess, when our teams play each other, and depending on the outcome, we might not talk to each other for weeks.

    As far as team allegiances, I’m working on my kids right now.

    Diego already knows he has to root for the Dallas Cowboys. If he doesn’t, I’ve already told him I will throw all his toys away! (I’m kidding!, I won’t throw all of them away).

    Honestly, I will let Diego root for anyone except (I have a small list of no-no teams), College — Texas Tech, Texas, or USC; NFL — Philadelphia, Washington, Pittsburgh, Houston, or the Giants. All other teams, I will make an exception (maybe).

    I just want to raise my boy right!

    See, my love began for the Cowboys on my second day home. I was born in November, and dad told me my second day home, he held me while watching a Cowboys football game. Since then, that’s all I look forward to.

    In the early 90's it was great being a Cowboy fan, but for a while now, it’s been tough.

    No one really likes the Cowboys until they start winning, and then you have those who hate the Cowboys, just to hate the Cowboys. I don’t get those people.

    There is just something about that star on the helmet, and the past and present players I was told about, or had the chance to watch.

    I grew up hearing stories about Roger Staubach, Drew Pearson, Tony Dorsett from my Dad. When he talked about them, it was like he was there watching the game. I was a huge fan of theirs, and I never even saw them play!

    So when I had the chance to interview Pearson and Dorsett, I knew it was something I would never forget.

    While I was interviewing Pearson, I told him about all the stories dad had told me about him, and how much he loved watching him and the Cowboys, as he was growing up.

    After the interview was done, Pearson told me to turn on my digital recorder, and he sent a message to my dad, thanking him for his support, and for being a great Dallas Cowboy fan.

    To this day, I will never forget the smile on my Pop’s face while I played that message for him.

    I was lucky enough to see Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith play in, and win, three Superbowls.

    I know Diego is probably sick of me telling him how great those guys were, while watching the current Cowboys play.

    If I do this right, I hope one day he will be telling his son or daughter stories about Tony Romo, Demarcus Ware or Jason Witten.

    And maybe, just maybe, he will be happy his dad threw all those toys away to help his love for the Cowboys grow — or he will either root for a team on the forbidden list.

    But in the end, I just hope he grows up and has memories of our sitting around Sundays watching football and just having a good time together.

    I have those memories of me and my dad, and those are some I will never forget.

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