A Dallas Media Myth: "Jerry must do X to sell this team to the fans and fill the seats"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by KB1122, Jan 13, 2014.

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    This is a myth that various media members insist is true. You hear it a lot. It usually is Jerry must make x change" to sell the fans and keep the seats filled. Like 'Jerry must fire the defensive coordinator to sell the team to the fans and fill the seats." I heard Rick Gosselin throw this out a few weeks ago. It's such BS. And it encourages short-term thinking.

    You what to know what Jerry Jones has to do to sell the team to the fans and keep the seats filled?

    Open the doors.

    The Cowboys have a ridiculously loyal fanbase, contrary to media opinion, and a good portion of the game-goers have practical mortgages on their seats. The Cowboy fanbase is not sitting there waiting to find out if Callahan stays or goes before they renew their tickets.
  2. big dog cowboy

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    The one man promotion machine known as Jerry Jones thinks he has to sell something to the fan base each off season. I don't give a rats backside about that stuff. Just start winning games on the field in January and everything will take care of itself.
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    Exactly, fans still abide despite all they've had to endure of his reign of terror since the salary cap and free agency crippled the last great team he had the good fortune to preside over. I have little to no hope whatsoever for the foreseeable future but I'll never have another team, I'm held hostage by my undying devotion to the team I love.
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    Don't know if it is true or not, but heard Jerry Jones and the Cowboys spent $250M and netted a profit of around $300M for last year. When you're making that kind of money, the media gets very jealous. Who really cares about what the media says about the Cowboys. They are almost always negative anyway. Doesn't matter what you do.
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  5. TTexasTT

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    Media myth? Ive never heard this.
    The Dallas Cowboys just need to be the Dallas Cowboys, thats it. Getting people in seats wont be an issue.
  6. ShiningStar

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    Here is a fact, people want their teams to win, not all teams are winners. Its not a myth, jouranlism alive and well might be a myth.
  7. Beast_from_East

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    But that is how good Jerry is at promoting.................we have not won games in January for a hell of a long time and yet fans turn out in droves to watch his head coach in training put up 500 records every year.

    That takes talent!
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  8. Fritsch_the_cat

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    This fan wishes Jerry would sell the team to someone else, but knows that won't happen.
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    This and I will add......

    We represent a very small minority of the Cowboys. Most of us know who the players and coaches are along with what schemes are being run. Look outside of internet message boards, a ton of people can't name 5 players on the team or who the coaches are besides Garrett. Heck, ask any random fan on the street who we play the next week and most could not give a correct answer.

    There are plenty of casual fans to buy tickets and merchandise outside of the hardcore fans, we would barely make a dent in the grand scheme of things if we actually boycotted. Jerry doesn't have to do anything other than field a team that shows up on gamedays.
  10. TTexasTT

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    lulz, and its so sad its almost funny. I have a relative that lives far beyond my tax bracket because he and his wife have been very sucessful in their work. They attend many games a year and have Cowboy gear in the threatre/game room. I get the impression they are there at the stadium to rub elbows and mingle while wearing Cowboy colored cardigans. I get along with him great despite the large difference in social status. However, his actual knowledge of the team is poor even though hes probably been to over half of the home games over the last decade. I was talking to him and his wife about the defensive issues since Lee went down. The conversation went like this.
    ME- "I hope Carter can step up his play now"
    HIM- "Is Brady James hurt too?"
    HIS WIFE- "Who is Brady James?"

    Cowboy seats will always be filled.
  11. Beast_from_East

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    Yea, I know some Cowboy fans like that as well........................can barely name 5 players outside of Romo, Ware, Witten, and Dez......................you are right, the stadium will always be sold out no matter how bad the team is.
  12. trueblue1687

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    Look at the seats the next game the Cowboys play after their long vacation this year. There are plenty of people who want what he's selling. Winning games hasn't made any of the other Superbowl machine teams as valuable a franchise, so apparently the two aren't necessarily related. The Cowboys seasons have pretty much been let downs for years...they're still sitting at the top in value.
  13. trueblue1687

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    Newsflash: people don't go to football games to watch in any other way than casual fans. They go for atmosphere and to get drunk and shout idiotic stuff at the top of their lungs. If you're a student of football or a former player (at college level or above), it's hard to sit in the stands of a stadium and digest the retards there. Sure, there are a few that go for the experience and wnat to really watch and support their team, but the majority are there for a social event.
  14. Dhragon

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    I disagree that the seats will always be filled. The Cowboys haven't always filled the seats. I remember games being blacked out before due to low attendance ( quite a long while ago to be sure ). When fans lose all hope, sales and attendance will decline.

    Jerry has been able to successfully offer hope to enough fans thus far to keep them coming each offseason. Romo has been a good enough QB to offer hope to many as has other adjustments and tricks Jerry has employed.

    However, this offseason, I don't think there is anything Jerry can do other than firing Garrett and getting a real HC in here to excite the fan base much ( except maybe getting Manziel, but that won't happen ). So that might be why he is biting the bullet and going all status quo on us ( at least up until this point ). I don't think Jerry can keep doing this and maintain the profit he is accustomed to making.

    I don't think the status quo will work for too may more seasons before the Boys WILL become irrelevant and Jerry really stats to feel the pinch. Jerry and the organization itself has burned through the originally enormous amount of goodwill he/it earned after the Superbowl years ( yes, for a lot of us, even despite the may horrid errors over the years, we remained optimistic and hopeful. Fewer and fewer "homers" are remaining homers. That isn't good for Jerry.
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  15. NJ22

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    If X = get hit by a truck, then I agree.
  16. stasheroo

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    I completely agree with you here.
  17. DenCWBY

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    This is true. As long as they keep the insignia/brand it's an easy sell due to many of the moronic DC fan base. Also many ticket buyers are not nessecarily fans, but corporations selling an experience to their own customers (who are not die hard fans) at a "game" or truly a circus. I feel that most of the true fan ticket holders are outmanned by the corporate tickets that sell the game out therefore they will never have home field advantage. Jerry thinks the true fan can be appeased with his encouraging words on the radio and a few minor changes (a la defensive coordinator) to each year. He's basically deflecting the real problem (which is himself) by doing this and the idiot fans are buying in each year. Most of the fan base in the CZ is on to him. A few others will eventually get it or go down with the ship.
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  18. BoysFan4ever

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    No team lives on their past more than the Cowboys.

    They had iconic players & an iconic coach & the "brand" was magic.
  19. theebs

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    Hey man your stealing my bit.

    Forever I have said if Jerry wants to fill the stadium and make money all he has to do is open the doors.

    It's simple. Most of us fell in love with this team years and years before we ever heard the evil name of Jerry jones.

    If the cowboys were winning and run properly they could pay at the cotton bowl and make tons of money.
  20. Chocolate Lab

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    Cowlishaw and Mosley are talking right now about how we're coming up on the 20th anniversary of Jimmy's famous "We Will Win the Ballgame" call into Galloway's show, and how different the two franchises are right now. They're going into three NFC Championship games, we're going into three 8-8 seasons with lots of process.

    Also, Cowlishaw recalled how after the Eric Dickerson Rams beat us in the NFC Champ game, Tex said he wanted us to win again so we could get back some of our arrogance. Which is funny because we made deep playoff runs almost every year then, but he thought we needed to "get back to winning". Now Jerry is arrogant even 8-8, talking about his show and his stajium and being close to making the playoffs.
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