A Democrat I agree with. This is some video

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Aug 31, 2009.

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    The Fed is just too complex and inefficient for its own good. The fact that you can just "lose" trillions of dollars and have no idea what happened to it? Really, there need to be serious overhauls.

    I know conventional wisdom on this forum is that government is bad and inefficient and that is absolutely true, but why does it HAVE to be true? Why can't we do better? It's just frustrating as hell sitting back and watching years and years of of incompetence and the only solution is to run as fast as hell away from government intervention instead trying to fix the problem.
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    I personally think at this point. No one knows what to do but they wont admit it. And who do you leave in charge to do said overhaul. Repubs wont trust Dems and vice versa. Who does the overhaul for the little parties? Where do we draw lines?

    The question is not just that we have to do it, the question is how do you go about it?
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    An Inspector General who doesn't inspect!

    Who appointed her?

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    Bush, presumably. She was appointed in May of 2007.

    This doesn't shock me. The EPA OIG was right down the hall from us when i worked at the FRA, and the joke on the floor was those guys got delivery because they were too lazy to go to lunch.
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    This is old news I posted a couple of months ago. Of course they have no idea who they paid off for what. I always say follow the money. In this case the people following the money are incompetent. Your government hard at work for you. Enjoy your new Obama Care.

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