A different kind of "must" win

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. erod

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    It ain't enough to win Sunday.

    Dallas and Cleveland are essentially mirror franchise images of each other. Cleveland was one of the most dominant teams in the NFL for years....during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations. Just like Dallas was a premier franchise....before the internet, the common cell phone, and the Playstation 2 were in use.

    They'd better not mirror each other on Sunday here at Cowboys Stadium.

    A 16-9 squeaker with Weeden throwing for the end zone in the waning seconds won't speak well of the Cowboys chances the rest of the way. You have to look the other way at ugly road wins, because you should just count those and move on, but home games against bad teams need to be won handily.

    Likewise, I'm not saying it has to be 35-10 either. That's not the NFL most Sundays regardless who is playing. A nice 27-13 type of game where it's well in hand most of the way will be a signal that this team is ready to vie for the division title, which by the way is the ONLY way a team from the NFC East will be playing postseason football.

    If a corner is to be turned, two wins by next Friday are mandatory. But it's also important that Dallas shows - especially itself - that it is not in the class of the Browns and Redskins in the process.

    This is a "must win convincingly" game.
  2. rocboy22

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    I don't agree. Just win. 3-0 is fine by me.
  3. Dodger

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    Well then, chances are you're going to be a bit disappointed. The Cowboys typically play up or down to their competition, depending on who they're playing. Blowouts, either wins or losses, don't happen that often with this team lately. Notice how they play the Ravens close and score 30 and then next week play the Panthers close and score 19 against a lesser team than the Ravens. It's weird.

    Witten said recently...I think Romo did too...that this team plays better when they are behind. What went unsaid, I think, is that they tend to coast when they are ahead, and that's one of the problems with this team: being content. I think the evidence speaks for itself over the past several years. There are just too many examples of games where they should have won comfortably but instead played a nail-biter.

    I think the Cowboys will win on Sunday, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it was a close, low scoring affair.
  4. ethiostar

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    I don't care how they win it. I only care that they do and come away from the game with no more major injuries to key players.
  5. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    This is ridiculous. A win is a win no matter how much you win by. Last season the Giants had alot of ugly wins throughout the season and they won the Super Bowl. Last season they only won by double digits four times in the regular season. You think they care that they won ugly frequently? Of course not so why should the Cowboys? Sure it'd be nice to enjoy a blowout victory, but I just to win the football game regardless of margin of victory.
  6. jzcowboy

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    You have won your argument with me, to the ignore list you go!
  7. Hook'em#11

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    It's week 11 in the NFL season.

    The team is 4-5..

    I "think" we are way beyond "this is a MUST WIN" game.

    Last time I checked, fire was hot, ice was cold and trees are made outta wood.

    "Countdown to "another" MUST WIN game thread.":laugh2:
  8. arglebargle

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    The Cowboys have nothing but must-win games from here on out. They can only afford a single loss, two if they are lucky, to have a realistic shot at a playoff game. This will be the nature of the beast for them from now on.
  9. jimnabby

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    Must win convincingly...or what?

    For Dallas to make the playoffs, they almost certainly have to win these next two games. Doesn't make a bit of difference how.

    If they struggle to beat the Browns at home, yes, that tells us (the observers) something about the team and what our expectations should be for them going forward. But how they win doesn't affect the team itself one bit. They are who they are.
  10. rocboy22

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    it could even go the other way - they win big and think they got it all figured out so then they crap it up against the skins. nobody really knows, this is pure speculation and meaningless. JUST WIN BABY!! don't care how

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