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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by sureletsrace, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Not that I don't want David DeCastro, because I do. Just throwing some new ideas around.

    This is assuming we get Nicks/Campbell in FA.

    1 (14)- Quinton Coples, DE/DT, North Carolina - 6'6" 285lbs. - Cowboys use him at DE. The pair of him and Calais Campbell will be dominant. He is a legitimate pass-rushing threat and strong as an ox.

    2 (45)- Chase Minnifield, CB, Virginia - 6'0" 185lbs. - Terence Newman's replacement. A solid starting-quality CB.

    3 (83)- Kevin Zeitler, OG, Wisconsin - 6'4" 318lbs. - Quality starting-caliber OG out of O-Line U.

    4 (114)- Michael Brewster, C, Ohio State - 6'4" 305lbs. - Not quite the run-blocker that Costa is, but he's ten times the pass blocker, which is what our offensive line needs.

    5 (145)- Joe Adams, WR/KR/PR, Arkansas - 5'11" 190lbs. - Finally a legitimate special-teams return threat.

    6 (176)- Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin - 5'11" 201lbs. - A bit smaller than the prototypical NFL quarterback, but he IS throwing behind an NFL sized offensive line playing at Wisconsin, where he put up 31TD/3INT and 5 rushing TDs. Developmental 3rd string QB. I really think this guy can play. He's just an inch shorter than Drew Brees and the same weight. Just do it.

    6 (comp)- Antoine McClain, OG, Clemson - 6'5" 328lbs. - Depth.

    7 (207)- Adrian Robinson, OLB, Temple - 6'1" 250lbs. - Depth.

    Our O-line would look something like this: Smith Zeitler Brewster Nicks Free
    Our D-line would look like this: Ware Campbell Ratliff Coples Butler

    Jeez. Blocking and a Pass rush. Good game, sirs.

    Flame on.
  2. casmith07

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    I'd be more on board with this if our free agent signings are Nicks AND Grubbs.

    The only way I'm okay with not drafting DeCastro is if we land two free agent guards. Then we can look Pass Rushing OLB/DE or CB in the first round, maybe even trade back into the 20s and pick up an extra early 2nd rounder or late 1st rounder.
  3. Chris in Arizona

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    Most 4-3 DE's and 3-4 OLB's are interchangeable but Coples strikes me as a 4-3 DE Only. I don't think he can stand up and cover nor do I think he can take on the physicality required of a 3-4 DE, at least not play in, play out.
  4. cbow44

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    Coples played tackle as a junior and excelled. He will probably be gone by the time we pick. but if he was there we need to jump all over him.
  5. batman36

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    I also think that Russell Wilson is gonna be a quality backup for someone. Hopefully, he gets that chance here.
  6. Chris in Arizona

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    It's the ACC so he didn't face top notch offensive lines weekly. He moved inside on passing downs and would have had to play DT more just to get on the field with Robert Quinn and Michael McAdoo at the DE spots. Once all of the suspensions kicked in he stayed at and excelled at DE. I like him, I'm just not sure he has a spot in a 3-4 scheme.
  7. sureletsrace

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    I'm no expert by any means, but looking at his frame, he looks like he could add 10-15lbs of muscle.

    Here's the draft analysis I was using to read up on him while watching some of his tape.


    Pass rush: Good burst off the snap, though it remains to be seen if he has the speed and flexibility to dip and rip around the edge as a traditional RDE. Powerful. Has an excellent bull rush and uses his long arms to keep offensive linemen away from his body so he is able to dictate the action. Doesn't possess elite lateral agility or closing speed, but gains ground quickly because of his length. Is a strong drag-down tackler capable of pulling down the quarterback while still engaged with a blocker. Uses his hands well. Features a strong rip move, as well as a swim. Good anticipation of the cut block, showing the quick hands, feet and balance to "sprawl." Alert defender who will get his hands up to cloud passing lanes.

    Run defense: Lacks the bulk teams are looking for as a defensive tackle. Comes off the snap a little high, but uses his excellent strength to quickly stand up his opponent. Good hand placement and upper body strength to stack and shed the block. Good swim move inside to defend against the double-team and slip through the crack. Has enough lateral agility and such length as to make it difficult for running backs to elude him at the line of scrimmage. Even when he isn't credited with the stop, his presence in the backfield often forces backs to pause and look elsewhere, resulting in some easy tackle opportunities for teammates. Good lateral agility and balance to "play the keys" and pursue laterally, avoiding the trash.

    Explosion: Explosive strength to rock the offensive lineman back onto his heels. Can generate some ferocious hits when he gets some momentum.

    Strength: Among his best assets. Can simply bull rush most opponents and drive them back into the pocket. Struggles a bit with leverage when playing defensive tackle and can get pushed off the ball early in the play, but ultimately gains his freedom due to his strength.

    Tackling: Good drag down tackler, who can latch on to ball-carriers with just one arm and slow them enough for teammates to clean up the trash. Long arms allow him to "catch" opponents and rassle them to the ground. Lowers his head too often when making contact, which could result in some helmet-to-helmet penalties or a potential injury. Good effort in lateral pursuit. Will leave his feet when forced to do so and lunge at the ball-carrier, showing the explosiveness to knock his opponent down without wrapping up. Typically does a nice job of wrapping up, however. Few ball-carriers are able to escape his grasp due to his long arms and strength.

    Intangibles: Investigated by the NCAA for attending draft-day parties with former teammates Marvin Austin and Robert Quinn, but was ultimately cleared of any wrong-doing. Has a dual major of African-American studies and Communications and is on pace to graduate. Has added 30 pounds since signing with North Carolina.


    Bolded items are what jump out at me and make me think he'd be a good fit at DE.
  8. Zaxor

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    this is another good draft imho till the 6th rnd than I think it went south
  9. MichaelWinicki

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    I like DeCastro much more than Coples.

    The 3rd round pick could then be a 3-4 DE type.
  10. Future

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    Coples is going to have to put on at least 15 lbs if he's only 285. Having Ratliff in there makes it difficult for our run game already, adding another guy that small and I think we'd have a lot of trouble.

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