A few notes on Michael Brockers...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by sureletsrace, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Look. I'm not the biggest fan of this guy. I didn't know much about him, and I felt that was unfair of me to judge him based on what I've heard about him. So over the past few days, I've watched a solid hour to 90 minutes of his film several times through, and I'd like to write down a few notes on how I feel about him. And I wasn't just watching highlight reels, I was watching plain ol' game tape.

    I'd love some input for you draft God's that know much more about him than I do.

    -He seems to get better as the game goes along. Almost like the offensive linemen are worn down and he's full of juice still.

    -Except for a handful of plays, he is unblockable one-on-one. He almost required a double team on every play that I watched. On the plays where he was one-on-one with an offensive lineman, he easily collapsed the pocket with a bull rush, often forcing mis-timed or errant throws, a few of which were intercepted.

    -He holds his ground well against the double team, and I was shocked to see him tackling ball-carriers outside of his gap responsibility just because he's so damned long. When he gets ahold of a runner, 8/10 times, they go down, and often backwards.

    -He's got very active hands, getting them up into the air when he sees the QB set up to throw. Made a one handed circus catch interception. Was very cool to watch.

    -He seems relentless in his pursuit, and does not give up when initially beat. Looks to be a very high-motor, well conditioned athlete with room to grow. He could end up 340lbs with the same athleticism that he's got right now. Almost like a 2-inch taller Haloti Ngata with 10 more pounds of muscle.

    -Has a swim move and a counter spin, but it seems like he often uses them one right after another, and they definitely need development and polish, but the intuition or natural urge to use them at the right moment are there.

    -Very, very long arms. He's got a very good tackling technique. He wraps up and spins the player down, and on more than one occasion saved a 3rd down conversion because of this technique. Can block field goals.

    -Not susceptible to the cut block, and on 2 seperate occasions jumped back at the last second, putting the offensive lineman on their stomach, and continued pursuit.

    -He occasionally overpursued on his pass-rush, almost taking himself out of the play when he runs a stunt to the outside matching up against the tackle. Tackles seemed to just ride him out of the play.

    -Seemed to drop his head to look at his feet real quick after engaging his man. I didn't like that. Granted, he picked his head back up, but that would need to be coached out of him.

    -He knows the knuckle trick well. For those of you who were never defensive linemen, the knuckle trick is where you look across the line at your man and check if he's got white finger joints. If they are white, he's more than likely putting too much weight forward and will be attempting to drive you back, meaning it's a run play. If you find a white-knuckling offensive lineman, then you know when his knuckles aren't white, he'll be dropping back to pass block or pull. I saw him take advantage of this against Mississippi State, getting a couple sacks because of it.

    Again, I'd love some more input from people who are better at this than I, maybe SDogo or Couchscout. There's a lot of you who are much better, so please, feel free to chime in on what is more than likely the Cowboys first-round pick tomorrow night..
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    Very much appreciate the post. Nothing to add but I sure appreciate your research and impressions.
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    Thanks for posting this.
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    Nice post, thanks.

    If what you have there is true, then he sounds like a really good pick and the fact that they say his best ball is ahead of him is even better.
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    I'm just telling you what I saw. I am not a scout by any means, and I could be completely off. These are just the things that I picked up on.
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    How could you determine this from television footage, pray tell?
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    I've warmed up to Brockers completely, and think he's worthy of the pick.

    Potential + Hard work = Production... he seems to have it. Elite physical traits with tons of room to grow, and a hard working quality on the field.

    People say "he can't rush the passer." But he sure can alter the QB's comfort in the pocket, move the QB off his spot, control the edge to lessen the distance the edge rushers have to go to get to the QB... he's a "whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" type guy. At a position of dire need at that.
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    Because you could tell by the way he came out of his stance that he knew what was about to happen.

    As a former 3-4 NT, I could tell. I used to watch Centers' and Guards' knuckles. It's not often, because you are coached as an O-Lineman (I started LT at my school too) to not lean forward and put your weight on your hand; you need to stay balanced and ready to pop up and explode up into the D-lineman.

    Also, another thing that I noticed was although he was taller, he also was good at getting leverage and getting under his man's pads.
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    you played NT and you are pretty darn perceptive and knowledgeable in your observations. I appreciate it. I have felt all along this guy isn't getting a fair shake from Cowboys fans. He's NOT Marcus Spears folks; just because they went to LSU and some other LSU linemen haven't panned out in this league does NOT mean this kid won't either. People are so quick to condemn and criticize then they truly don't know what the heck they're talking about.
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    I hear this all the time as well but I have also heard that he wasn't really asked or required to rush the passer that often. Something to due with their rotation on the D-Line so maybe he just didn't have the repetition and opportunities to do it was much as other guys. Who knows but if he can develop that skill(if it isn't there), he would be perfect.

    You could also look it in the way a lot of people looked at Tyron Smith: that he is really young, has the elite physical traits and can only get better.
  11. SDogo

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    Only commenting on the one's I either disagree with or just want to add to. If it's not here you can assume for the most part I agree.

    He has great ball recognition but one area he lacks in and is a major flaw in his pass rush ability is his handwork. Because of his long arms he gets space but has lazy hands. He depends on his size to bully defenders where he wants them. Once he learns to use his hands to steer defenders as well he will improve leaps and bounds.

    By his own admittance these are techniques he really learned and started to use only in his SR season. He tends to use them at the wrong time or his timing is just off because for the most part they have been rendered worthless. This also go's back to his lack of proper hand use. His tries to muscle these maneuvers when they are finesse moves.

    You see this a lot in a young player that is thinking too much instead of playing. The good news is he was coaches right, the bad news is he needs to trust himself. Basically what he is doing is realizing his pad level is too high, the natural reaction is to drop your head before you shift your pad level, problem is by the time you realize it, it's already too late.
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    Apparently he has the highest def TV in the world....
  13. SDogo

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    You can see it on TV by the way a lineman shifts his weight or how far he is up on his ankles.

    Ware's is very defined when he is in a 3 pt stance. Watch him sometime from a 3pt when he's rushing or when he is going to peel back. Big difference in his weight shift.
  14. jswalker1981

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  15. sureletsrace

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    Bolded portion definitely shows up on film, and the sentence itself doesn't make sense unless you've watched him play. That's a spot on assessment. Thanks for your input SD. As always, anything from you is highly appreciated and regarded.
  16. dmq

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    Actually, I just watched a video of every play he was in during a Georgia game and I wasn't very impressed. He did make some plays, but he didn't do that much collapsing in anything I saw and he was frequently up against one OLmen. What I did see of a Cox game against Georgia I loved.
    Brockers can make it as a Pro, but he is going to have to do it in the weight room. He is a big guy that isn't super fast. His asset is his size. He is very young, so he has a chance to turn in to a terror, but he has to want it. I guess you could say that about any player and that's the part the Cowboy's hopefully have done their research on.
  17. theogt

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    Yeah, that Georgia game was pretty bad. If you want to be turned off on the guy, just watch that game.

    The one thing I can say is he has effort on nearly every single play. But it just doesn't get him anything.
  18. supercowboy8

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    This is due to LSU rotating their DL every two downs. They are so deep on the DL they kkep them fresh through out the game.

    I don't want Brockers at 14 because I think he is all potential. One year in a major college program and still needing strength and technique work doesn't make worth a #14. If Barron, Cox, DeCastro, Ingram, and Gilmore are all gone then trade back and get Brockers in the 20s then I wouldn't be as made because we took Spears in the early 20s.
  19. SilverStarCowboy

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    There looks to be easy upgrades available in the DLine.
  20. kmd24

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    I think this is universally agreed upon, and the thing that scares me about it is that he showed up in poor shape for one of the most important days of his young life. To me that's a red flag with respect to work ethic. I know he's got a reputation for having a good work ethic, so maybe something else was going on.

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