A few notes on Michael Brockers...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by sureletsrace, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Yes, it was a coach who said it. Gary Danielson was the one who was talking, but he and Verne Lundquist were quoting something John Chavis (LSU DC) had said earlier in the season.
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    He is not as explosive as Haynesworth. He may be a little longer framed and alot less crazy but Haynesworth is in the freakiest freak class of athlete.
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    He had HOF talent, but no heart and no brain. The one year he really applied himself (to get a new contract), he was a nightmare.
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    A decent overall write up.. good observations. I wouldn't mind him being the pick because we need the help up front if Barron isn't there!
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    I see him more as Marcus Stroud, physically. When you compare Stroud's 2001 Combine with Brockers LSU Pro Day they're almost identical. Stroud was probably more polished since he played through his Senior Year, but Brockers' motor might run a little better and might not be as high maintenance.
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    Even though Brockers is not my top choice at #14 (assuming the others are gone), clearly he has good skills with a nice upside.

    The long arms and size combined with fine character and a great motor are attractive and certainly he will only get better.

    If all the others are gone, I have no problem with drafting Brockers!
  7. Idgit

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    Nice call. I'd take that, any day, if we could be so lucky.
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    As another posted mentioned, the fact that he showed up at the combine out of shape really sends a red flag up for me. That goes to the "makeup" that Garrett and Jerry talked about yesterday during the presser.

    If I was going to a job interview and had millions of dollars on the line, you dam well bet I would show up in the best shape of my life.
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    Anyone saying he played "bad" that game clearly has no idea what to look for.
  10. DCBoysfan

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    Thanks for posting the more I read about him the more I would be happy with the pick he is starting to grow on me. Him or Decastro I could live with.
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    In the Georgia game he pushed the pocket, split double teams, snuffed out screens, got his arms into the QB's "window" and caused a couple big plays... dude is an animal.
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    He wasn't out of shape.
    Scouts oohed and aawed when he walked in to weigh in like they do for tyron smith because he was massive and leanly muscled.

    He wasn't great in drills and had been working with an actual DL coach not a combine training team (like the workout warriors do) pre-combine.


    LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers‘ college career was lacking in production, but he’s got the physical-build part down. During Saturday’s Combine weigh-in for defensive linemen, Brockers measured in at 6-foot-5 and 322 pounds with 35-inch arms, according to NFL.com’s Marc Sessler.

    Per Sessler, Brockers’ weigh-in “caused a stir.” His wingspan is a mammoth 83 7/8 inches.

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