A Few Observations from the Stadium (that you might not have seen on TV)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BulletBob, Oct 21, 2013.

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    I've noticed the guard/center tap a lot not just with the Cowboys but around the league. It seems to have appeared or become common place in the last season or two. It must be easier for the guard to look back and get the signals, than for the center to look upside down, between his legs for them.
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    Romo did mention how the wind was a pretty big factor in his interview with brad and babe. Was causing both sides problems. i didnt notice during the game.
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    The Eagles couldn't time it, because the timing of the snap after Waters' tap seems to vary. I'm sure Frederick and Romo discuss what count they use in the huddle following Waters' tap.
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    I remember in the 90's the line man would hold hands in noisy environments, the OG would hold the hand of the OT so when the ball was snapped the OG would let go. It seems tha tis not used much anymore.
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    This is simply an outstanding report. Thanks so much for sharing.
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    Todd Archer mentioned this in his 5 wonders. Thought you might be interested.

    Right guard Brian Waters has helped cement the interior of the offensive line this season. It has not always been perfect, but it’s been solid and that’s not always been the case for the Cowboys the last few seasons. Waters is 36. I wonder if he wants to play again as a 37 year old. The Cowboys signed Waters to a one-year deal before the season started and allowed him to work in slowly before taking over the starting spot. If Waters wants to play again -- and it’s a question I’ll try to ask him this week -- I would bet the Cowboys would want him. There will have to be some assurances that he will take part in the offseason or training camp for sure. The proximity to his home should make a difference if he wants to play. I don’t know how big that “if” is, but the younger players have learned a lot from Waters and so have the more veteran guys. He helps with the shotgun snap by tapping rookie Travis Frederick. He has the strength to hold up at the point of attack. He doesn’t move as well as he once did, but he’s not just a phone booth guy either.

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    A lot of teams have gone to the "love tap". It's easier for the guard to look back at the QB than for the center to stare between his legs upside-down to get the nod from the QB that everyone is set. Waters lets Frederick know.

    A lot of teams do this now.
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