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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by honyock, Oct 11, 2012.

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    i've been out of the country for the past 30 days, and for most of that was totally out of all contact with civilization (was trekking in the Himalayas). I've spent the past day or so getting caught up with what I missed about the Cowboys games 2-4. It sounds like the line, and especially Bernadeau and Cook, have been disappointing, the receivers have struggled, Romo's turnovers have been up.

    What about Livings? Solid? (if anyone on the line can be called solid by what I'm reading).

    How about the secondary? What are the early returns on Claiborne? How has Church held up in coverage? Has Carr been as impressive as he was in training camp/preseason?

    How has Carter played...has he showed the instincts to go along with the physical talent?

    Have Wilbur and Crawford gotten any playing time, and done anything with it?

    Thanks...I've been aching for some Cowboys news.
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    That sounds like a memory of a lifetime. Out of curiosity, what was the highest elevation you achieved?

    Everything pretty much centers around the OL. They have simply not done a good job at all. Tony Romo has been a magician, but his magic got spoiled last game by some costly turnovers. The debate has been whether three of them are on him or not. I say one was a fumble not an INT, but it was 6 the other way no matter how it is scored.

    The Secondary has looked good minus the last game when Brandon Marshall once again had a Randy Moss like game against us. He was everywhere and at big times. We couldn't lay a glove on Jay Cutler most of the night and he picked us apart.

    Ware has been great, Spencer proved his worth by being injured, and Jason Witten is back and in top form. Murray has been bottled up, mostly due to the run blocking.

    Seattle is way better than anyone expected and the Bears are decent too, so we did lose to good teams. We looked poor against a bad Tampa team.

    The bye week is much needed to get the OL in sync.
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    Livings is solid, Smith is learning, Cook is somewhat, Bern/Free flat out suck.

    Marshall tore us apart last game, and Clai got beat got beat on a double move by Hester, supposedly there was supposed to be safety help but Sensy bit on the PA.

    Murray can't do squat with this line,

    Romo's stat line should be 5 TD 5 int.

    Carter has looked good, Lee has been having an all-pro season.

    Crawford has played ~45 snaps and looked good in most of em, not sure about Wilbur.

    Our ST is garbage, except once when Dez had a 44 yard PR against the Bucs. We're probably gonna be missing both our punters for Baltimore.

    Church is out for the year with a hammy or something around there.

    Spencer has looked amazing for the 3 games he's played in.
    That's about it, oh, Ratliff/Costa are back, Spencer should be too.
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    We're 2-2. Half game out of the division lead.
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    Was you searching for the Yeti? :)
  7. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Rofl @ Livings being solid. Have you watched the games? He's been horrendous. Arguably the worst guy in the line so far. He freaking sucks. What a horrible waste of money. Hope we cut his sorry butt after the season.
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    Games 2-4 you say?

  9. Aven8

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    Oh yeah? How do you like my boat?


    It's the one in the middle...
  11. honyock

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    Thanks Hos and Joshmil. I was afraid that Seattle was going to be a tough game. I had an email from my brother when i got back to Kathmandu describing Romo's 5 interception game against the Bears. Ouch.

    That's too bad about Church, after he looked so good in preseason. Who is starting in his place?

    It was amazing, very hard but a trip I won't ever forget. We crossed three passes at 16,000 feet plus. The highest was right at 17,000 feet. We were all sucking air at that altitude...you climb in slow motion. We visited some remote villages in northern Nepal that are basically the same they've been for hundreds of years. It definitely put in perspective how ridiculously easy we have it in this country.

    I did a similar (but much easier) trek in the fall of 2010. I came back to find the Rangers in the World Series and Romo out for the season with his broken clavicle. As bad as it sounds like the OL has been, I'm relieved that at least i came back to find the season isn't over like two years ago.
  12. honyock

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    Lol...I was trying very hard to avoid the Yeti.
  13. Hostile

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    Wow, nearly 3 miles high. That is awesome. I think the highest I have ever been was around 12,000 and I literally could not breathe. If you took pictures I'd love to see them.

    One last bit of Cowboys news for you, Sean Lee was leading the NFL in Tackles going into the bye week, With one extra game the lead on him is only 5 tackles so he likely will retake the lead at some point in the next couple of games and may stretch it after the players head of him head to their byes.
  14. Little Jr

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    Where has wilbur been? I kind of forgot about him
  15. Little Jr

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    Are you sure you're not thinking of b mack?
  16. dexternjack

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    I hope he is. Mack has been the worst followed by Free. Although they are all not that far apart so far :(
  17. Hoofbite

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    The regular refs are back.

    Please watch the ending of the Seattle/Packers game during week 2 to see why.
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    Well the entire oline has been bad for the most part in run block and pass protection. T Smith does seem to be getting more comfortable on the left every game. Livings has been slight better than I expected.

    The secondary was looking really good until Church suffered an achillies injury. I hated to see Chuch get injured he looked like the hard hitting safety we wanted for years. Mo has looked better than I expected him to at this point QB's rarely look his way. He will be great in a couple of years. Carr has been good he even played some safety when Church got hurt, he got burned by Marshall a few plays but Brandon will do that to you sometimes.

    Bruce Carter has impressed me alot. I honestly thinks Dallas has the best lb corp in the league now.

    Crawford has shown promise on his limited snaps. I don't believe Wilbur has played yet.

    All in all defense looks much improved but the Offense has went into the tank due to no running game.

    That being said I really think Dallas upsets an overrated Ravens team on Sunday.
  19. Joshmil53

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    Yes... Livings is the second best we got.
  20. honyock

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    That's awesome. Thank goodness for Sean Lee. It sounds from recaps and comments that the defense has been pretty solid all in all so far.

    I'm fighting through some serious jet lag at the moment, and just now starting to sort through pictures. I'll send you a link once I get some online.

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