A few things I know after one game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dirt, Sep 11, 2006.

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    There are a few things I think I know after yesterdays game:
    1. it was the first game and the season is crazy long and tough
    2.i know that first quarter was an indication of what a tremendous team this could be if it maintains focus and hits on all cylinders. The Jax fans were booing Leftwich for crying out loud! The d was dominant and the offense appeared to have a ton of weapons.
    3.I know that after that first quarter something happened--triggered by Bledsoe perhaps missing Owens wide open down the middle??
    I know that after that the cowboys did not look much different from last year--kicking issues; a QB who looked like a rookie--nervous, indecisive and prone to terrible decisions--which is Bledsoe's career in a nutshell. Compare him to how Brad Johnson looks in a hostile evironment tonight so far.

    4. I think I know we arent going to the Super Bowl with this O-line and QB play. The O-line has been neglected and mismanaged from a talent standpoint so far, I think you will all agree. Perhaps this is the last piece in the puzzle to create a perennial powerhouse and will be fixed this off season
    I know I am tired of stop gap players like Colombo, Rivera and Kosier

    5.I know I am extremely tired of Flozell the Hotel. Frankly he is the equivalent to paying $200.00 bucks for a room and getting Motel 6 decor. I am sick of his propensity for making mistakes at the most critical junctures. I hold my breath everytime Bledsoe drops to pass with my eyes fixed on the left side of the line screaming LOOK OUT Drew!!!
    Perhaps he is the best Right tackle we have on the team

    6. I know this defense does not have that take charge leader who will grab the D by the you know whats and say "this stops now!" Look at the other teams in our division--Eagles have Trotterand Dawkins, Giants have Strahan. When a big play is needed these guys make a play. Our defense starts to let the opponents get on a roll and all of a sudden every 3rd down is getting converted and the attitude is gone and the offense is exerting its will on our D

    7. I know football is a game of exerting your will--on d or offense. There is a point in the game where an important first down is needed or a sack or stop is necessary to break the other teams will. We dont do that

    8.I know I am sick and tired of gaining 8 yards on first down and then blasting into the middle for minus 1 and looking at 3rd and 3 or 4!!!!
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    I'm sick and tired of being sick & tired myself.

    Good post.
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    I have to admit, after the first quarter I was having flashbacks to `92 and `93. They looked that sharp.
  4. Cbz40

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    The first quarter we looke like the best team in the NFL.

    Was I feeling good.

    When Bledsoe overthrew TO......I said UH....OH. :mad:

    Things went down hill from there.
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    Things went downhill once it started raining and Bledsoe took his first sack. He was never the same after that.
  6. DIAF

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    3765 6581 57.2 43693 245 201 77.1

    7 seasons of 20 or more TD passes, 3 4000 yard seasons.

    yep, bledsoe has looked like a rookie his entire career. :rolleyes:

    I know one thing, i'm sick of Chicken Littles.
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  8. dirt

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    gotta be a reason Bill Belicheck dropped him for an unproven Brady in mid stream--no chicken little here--statistics don't always tell the story do they?
    and the comment wasnt that he looked like a rookie his entire career--but that he made rookie like mistakes and continues to do so year in and year out. This is what you get with Drew Bledsoe
  9. burmafrd

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    Brady is one in a thousand. BUT you DO remember the only reason he started was because drew was hurt so bad he almost died. And was out for many weeks.
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    Not to mention a bunch of Pro Bowls, 19 4th quarter comeback wins, 2 AFC Championships, a boatload of Team passing records still held at Buffalo and NE.

    I'll take this guy as my QB. Y'all want to dump him after one game and replace him with a golf pro? No thanks.
  11. dirt

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    give Belicheck props for having the foresight and the balls to go with Brady--no-one could have ever predicted that Brady would turn out this good and this is from a die hard Michigan Wolverine fan--who admittedly was hollering for Henson to come in for Brady that year
    Belicheck saw something in Brady-probably much the opposite of what Bill P didnt see in Henson in the Chicago game after a half
  12. DIAF

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    Punctuation. Learn to use it.
  13. The30YardSlant

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    If Bledsoe doesnt overthrow TO, he walks in for a TD, we are up 17-0 and would have ran away with it. Oh, what could have been.... :banghead:
  14. dirt

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    Duly noted "DIAF". I will attempt to change the tone of my postings from merely conversational to formal. I did not realize we were being marked on our postings.
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    Iknow I'm sick of reading all of these negative comments. Look, I understand your frustration but we are not the GM or coach so leave well enough alone or go find another team to complain about.
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    Could this be the after effects of TO missing all that practice time with Drew? Naaaaw, he was so wide open, Bledsoe should've got it to him. It just breaks my heart.
  17. Zaxor

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    and how!... me too my friend

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