A football life: Barry Sanders

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by StarBoyz83, Dec 5, 2012.

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    Though there would be a thread on this. It was a great show. I think he's the best RB to ever play hands down!!! He had no o-line at all his whole career! His o-line makes ours look like the 90's Cowboys. lol it sucks he retired early but it actually made his legacy bigger by doing that. He'd still have the record by a lot if he played his career out. He was a beast!
  2. CowboyChris

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    he's a quitter
  3. Little Jr

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    I agree he's the best but his ol wasn't as bad as you made it out to be. It wasn't even close to being as bad as our is now.
  4. Lonestar94

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    Watch the show when you have time.
  5. Idgit

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    Not the best in my book. Brown. Payton. Smith. After that, we can talk. But I suspect the OP is just baiting us, anyway.
  6. dexternjack

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    Agree with this. He was good but not the all-time best. Emmitt > Payton >maybe Sanders
  7. muck4doo

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    Agreed. The Lions fans make me sick with their trying to downplay Smith. They had a decent o-line. Their RB just wasn't as good as ours, and quit on them.

    Smith is the best RB ever.

  8. Lonestar94

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    No, Walter was the best RB of all time, then Jim Brown.
  9. Zaxor

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    No, the only way to judge without being subjective is yards gained and Emmitt wins

    any other barometer is being subjective if you go by yards by carry you have to look at olines and what the backup did behind that same oline and so on...

    so the only way to do it fairly is to ask "who ran for the most yardage" that is the winner
  10. NickZepp

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    The myth that his OLine or offense sucked needs to be stopped. He had pro bowl WRs and pro bowl linemen all throughout his career. Detroit was pretty much usually average in his career not terrible like is thought. They didn't have what it takes to beat the powers in the NFC like San Fran or Dallas on defense. But their offenses were formidable and even beat the likes of Dallas and San Fran a time or two in the 90s. When it came to playoff time the defenses Detroit had would fail them. They did go to the NFC Championship Game in 1991, only to be stomped by Washington.
  11. mldardy

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    Yeah I don't like this at all. I watched some of this last night and Herman Moore, Lomas 'mush mouth' Brown and Thurman 'loser and I can't locate my helmet' Thomas were all downplaying Emmitt getting the record and he wouldn't have it if Barry kept playing and Barry would have had 25,000 if he kept playing. Lomas Brown even went on to say 'you wouldn't even hear about Emmitt if Barry didn't retire' *** you cotton ball mouthed idiot. Everyone knew who Emmitt was and did. Emmitt has the record for a reason and Barry doesn't. Barry chose to stop playing not Emmitt's fault.

    I did love Emmitt's response when he said people are going to say something positive and negative but he doesn't care because it is what it is. I loved that response. I wish losers like Brown, Moore, Thomas and pretty much all of the Lions fans would shutup about woulda coulda shoulda. It never was for Barry. He didn't break the record and Emmitt did. That's that.
  12. Joe Realist

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    He was the most exciting player I ever saw.
  13. CashMan

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    Maybe in your world. That is a biased question. If I were a Jim Brown fan, the question would be, Who has the best Y/A? Jim Brown.

    I would say, Walter>Brown>Sanders>Smith
  14. dwmyers

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    I wonder how these guys would rank in run success rate? I suspect that for Brown and Payton, the play by play data needed to generate those kinds of stats simply don't exist.

    And since the game was so different then, the effect each had on wins isn't entirely comparable to 1990s players.

  15. CashMan

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    I didn't read the article, but are suggesting that the game was harder for the 90s players or harder for Walter and Brown?
  16. erod

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    If I'm buying a ticket to watch a game, I want Barry Sanders.

    If I want my team to win that game, I want Emmitt Smith.
  17. bbailey423

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    he MAY have been the best "runner" (although I am a Dickerson fan)....but he was not the best Running Back. Being a RB at this level requires MORE than just being the best "runner". When you consider what Emmit accomplished....with his so-called physical "limitations"...there is no doubt who the best RB is. Emmit. When you consider how durable, determined, passionate, smart, tough, commited on/off the field....fim study, diet, weight training, massages, hot tubs, cold tubs, 15+ years of training camps.....to gain that many yards running the football....at 5'8" 215lbs.....truthfully......no one comes close.

    I mean we have guys that cannot even play 5 straight games.....without missing the next 5!!!!! And we were a run first team. And everybody was gunning for Emmit. And the NFC East was good!
  18. erod

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    Oh, I will argue with you there all day long. Emmitt was better than Barry overall as a back, but not the greatest of all time.

    Jim Brown and Walter Payton are the best ever, period. O.J. Simpson would be in the discussion after them, and if today's knee surgery existed, Gayle Sayers might have been better than them all.
  19. Zaxor

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    can you tell me if Brown could have avg that for another 5-6 years...no you can't once again subjective...

    so again the only measuring stick is yards gained otherwise you have to add in variables for each and every runner and they are all subjective..would Bo Jackson have shattered Emmitts yardage had he stayed healthy..would Emmitt had as many yards behind Sanders oline...all fantasy land and what if.

    in reality Emmitt rushed for the most yardage case closed
  20. Jaxonsdaddd

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    These discussions are never ending..

    I am a Cowboys fan and a Emmitt Fan but Barry Sanders is the best running back I have ever seen.

    Eric Dickerson is rarely mentioned in the top 3 or 4 all time but there was a 3 year window where he looked as special as any running back ever. Then you get into whether longevity should have anything to do with it and those that knock Barry certainly go to it often.

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