A football life: Barry Sanders

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by StarBoyz83, Dec 5, 2012.

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    I'm not sure why anybody watches football, if not to be entertained.
    Their personal accomplishements are 'nice'. For them. I don't benefit from them one bit, so I can't guage them by that.

    I completely enjoyed watching Emmitt Smith. The guy was an all-around juggernaut who could run, catch and block. Reliable, tough and indispensible.

    I completely enjoyed watching Barry Sanders. Even until today, there doesn't exist a player who makes me want to watch a team I do not even like. (Earl Campbell came close earlier). The guy was lightning, made moves no other human would attempt and blew away the poor guy who was sure he had him wrapped up.

    I couldn't down one for the other and would be happy with either one.
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    He was the most overrated football player I ever saw. Forget the 'quitter' stuff (which he was), he was flat out overrated.

    There's some YouTube videos where they show games and only show his carries. One game against the Packers their O-Line was fine. Their backup TE stunk. But, they did quite well against Reggie White and the gang. But every time the opposing defense got any penetration, everybody remarks how 'bad' the Detroit O-Line was.

    Barry was simply afraid of getting hit. Unless he saw a wide open crease immediately set for him, he was going to stutter step and try to reverse his field. It made for some incredible highlights, but it also made for him getting -3 yards when there was 3-5 yards to be had. And because he was a tailback who touches the ball frequently on 1st downs, the Lions would get a lot 2nd and 13's when they should have had at least 2nd and 8.

    I'm not trying to be a contrarian when it comes to Sanders because he could do things I didn't think were possible. But, that's exactly what he was...a highlight film. I wouldn't even put him in my top-10 tailbacks of all-time. How could you when he kills drives like he did?

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    I would take a healthy Bo Jackson over any other RB in history.
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    A lot of interesting comments on Barry. I'll throw one out there that might surprise some folks. I can't prove this, but I got to see him play high school football. Sanders grew up in my hometown and I currently live about 5 or 6 minutes away from "Barry Sanders Football Field."

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