A funny and great idea for political debates

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Aug 1, 2008.

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    I can't take credit for the idea.

    A couple of posters on www.fark.com came up with this but I thought it would be a great idea and would find it funny.

    Poster - what_now: I would love (took out a few words not needed for the forum) to hear an ACTUAL debate between these two (he is talking about McCain and Obama of course), complete with fact checkers buzzing in immediately when one of them makes a mistake, a misstatement or a glaring lie.

    To which another poster named Code_Archeologist replies...

    McCain: And drilling off shore would lower our gas prices 25% in three years


    Moderator: I'm sorry Senator McCain but the bs buzzer went off, you will have stop there and forfeit the rest of your answer. Senator Obama, would you like to rebut Senator McCain's statement.

    Obama: No, I think the bs buzzer did that just fine.

    Of course you could change it up to where Obama gets the buzzer and so on.

    But the idea of it would be pretty interesting and funny.

    Could you imagine a buzzer going off and the moderator giving proof that what a candidate said was false.

    That would be hilarious.
  2. Seven

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    That would be kinda cool.

    They'd have to make sure the buzzer was of insdustrial strength and plugged into 220. :D
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    Would be good, but neither candidate would agree to it. It's not to their benefit to have lies exposed and deflections ignored.

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