A general consensus on S J.J. Wilcox....

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Risen Star, Apr 27, 2013.

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    3(80) J.J. Wilcox S Georgia Southern

    Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN: 5th rated S, 51st player overall, designated top sleeper and made underrated list, 2nd round projection.

    Despite playing just one year at S, Wilcox showed big time results in 2012. I love his speed to the ball, that he hits with purpose and that he's a good overall tackler. He's going to keep getting better in coverage and, with more coaching and experience, he could evolve into a pro bowl caliber performer. Wilcox has tremendous long range potential and hinted that he could be special in a year or two by being one of the stickout performers in Mobile at the Senior Bowl practices. With his talent and upside potential, I can't see an exciting prospect like Wilcox getting out of the second round.


    Nolan Nawrocki, Pro Football Weekly: 5th rated FS, Not included in top 150 overall, 4th-5th round projection.

    Inexperienced, inconsistent defender who bounced from WR to RB to S and it shows in his uneven play. Flashes enough athletic talent to warrant consideration as a developmental project, but requires patience and might never get it. Still very much a developmental prospect.


    Frank Coyle, Draft Insiders Digest: 11th rated S, 149th player overall, 5th round projection.

    Athletic hard-hitting senior safety has risen up the charts quickly after converting to defense for his final season. J.J. had an impressive performance at S in 2012 that culminated with Senior Bowl and Combine invitations. He played RB and WR his first three season but was a natural once he moved to S where his physical skill set and temperament were a good match. He has good speed and range to play the position. He shows a nose for the ball with quick read and react skills. At times he looked for the big hit which caused him to miss tackles. He is the type with the mental and physical toughness to be an early special teams demon. He is capable of surprising in package defenses if he settles in a position in the dime set where he can shadow the QB or play the back quarter. He is not ready to match up with fast receivers initially in coverage. Marginal top 125 prospect. Eventual starting S with well rounded skills.


    Scouts Inc.: 8th rated S, 103rd overall player, 4th round projection.

    Still picking up the nuances of the position. It's somewhat surprising that he doesn't pick up the ball better considering his experience on offense, though that could improve as he gets better at reading QBs and WRs. However, he has the blend of size, speed and fluidity to play S at the NFL level is he continues to improve. Even though he isn't a fundamentally sound tackler, he's not afraid to step up and he flashes some pop.


    Rob Rang, NFL Draft Scout: 5th rated SS, 120th player overall, 3rd-4th round projection.

    Wilcox ranks as one of the more intriguing projections of the 2013 draft for scouts. His size, athleticism and versatility caught the attention of talent evaluators, including Phil Savage and the Senior Bowl, who brought him in to compete against the nation's elite prospects. Athletic frame with thick lower half. Good lateral agility. Surprisingly adept as an open-field tackler. Attacks the line of scrimmage when he reads run. Showed some instincts and range operating as a single-high S in Mobile. Questionable straight-line speed. A work in progress regarding his technique, though in fairness, this is to be expected.
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    Thanks Risen. These consensus posts are very informative.
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    You're welcome, Duane.

    Kiper loves this kid. Let's hope he's right.
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    What was Mayock's analysis of Wilcox? Mayock has a good feel for secondary players.
  5. Duane

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    Mayock liked him as well.
  6. Gaede

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    Probably my least favourite pick. The odds that he becomes anything more than a special teamer are slim
  7. Biggems

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    i dont hate the pick....just feel Phillip Thomas and Rambo are more complete and polished at the S position. I am confused that we need S help and we take on a project instead of a complete work. But then again, we have come to expect this from our FO.
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    I agree with the Philip Thomas more complete at this time. Henderson sounds very happy with Wilcox.
  9. pacboyX

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    I like his enthusiasm but I haven't really seen him play the ball in the air, receiver experience does ease my mind a little (similar to claiborne)..but I def don't see the awareness that Rambo shows, then again his frame is a bit more sturdy :/
  10. RS12

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    Nawrocki is probably the toughest grader there is, hope he is wrong.
  11. AKATheRake

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    I`m sick the Giants got Damontre Moore.
  12. Manwiththeplan

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    again, put me in the doubter category. would love to be wrong, but i don't see how someone who went to a 1 AA school and played safety...no wait....defense, for one season, becomes a starting NFL safety
  13. newlander

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    ..........and the SKINS of all teams get Rambo in the 6th...god why do I have a feeling he'll be a star and this kid won't?:banghead:

    ...I watched his film and agree with Nawrocki: he's inconsistent and raw. Big Reach.
  14. 187beatdown

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    He went in the 6th round for a reason.
  15. HanfordDixon

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    There is precedent for the RB to Safety switch to succeed at the pro level with little experience. Tebucky Jones started at Syracuse as a RB when I was there. I believe he switched to the D side before his senior season and was a 1st round pick and won a SB ring.
  16. blackbull

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    As did Tom Brady, and Richard Sherman. Be quiet. Rambo is going to beast in Washington.
  17. HanfordDixon

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    Nobody drafted in the 6th round is "going to be a beast."

    Get real.
  18. Manwiththeplan

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    some people just can't admit when they're wrong on a prospect, and while he could develop, the fact that he was a mid to late 6th is a sign that maybe.....he's not that good despite his issues.
  19. Chuck 54

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    We have back end guys...all the positives on this kid--production in tackles, tackling ability, taking on blocks, fighting through traffic, seeing it and gone, and running with TEs, I'd suspect Kiffen wants this kid in the box.
  20. Chuck 54

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    So Rambo must be an even worse prospect by that reasoning...glad we didn't reach for him earlier than Skins.

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