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Recommended A good man in charge

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

    15,270 Messages
    15,970 Likes Received
    Jason Garrett looks incredibly relaxed. Genuinely happy. Comfortable and in charge of his world.

    Here's a guy we thought suffered through an awkwardly and brutally uncomfortable offseason. Brother got canned, hand-picked coaches appointed to him, ducking Jerry during a drunken postseason episode of Gailey and Campo flashbacks. Off to his room without any supper, sentenced to clean out the garage. Jason messed up really good this time.

    Or so we all thought.

    Just look at him. Bouncing around practice from station to station. No doubt who's in charge of practice, bantering with and confronting players and coaches, one and all. Head up, eyes piercing, ready to pounce on anything askew.

    You can tell when someone is hitting their stride.

    The offseason PR was handled poorly. But the moves were all right on cue, exactly what the team needed, no doubt in my mind. Jerry took front and center stage, as he does, as we all know by now, but these moves suddenly don't smell of Jerry alone. Not this time.

    What's camping in Oxnard right now looks too logical and orchestrated to be the reactionary tomfoolishness of a January Jerry binge. Perhaps it started so, who knows, but the final product strongly hints of a coordinated meeting of minds. Jerry, Jason, Stephen, Lacewell, maybe even Jimmy or another mystery voice.... This was thoughful and strategic in a way that doesn't resemble circuses past.

    Garrett is uniquely gifted in an important way. He's able to ignore the barbs and resist the cheese. He's OK if we're wrong and we don't know it. Think about that as posters on this site alone. How much does it bother you when someone is wrong and goes uncorrected? Garrett doesn't care, and in this market with this franchise, that's both admirable and fortunate for his well-being.

    Garrett is compared to Landry in his general demeanor. Sure, I can see that. But you can also tell he studied Jimmy and Parcells, and other coaches and leaders he admires and has access to. He's not too Princeton to learn, which is cool. He's very much a willing and open book.

    Future results undetermined, my favorite trait of Garrett is that you can tell he's simply a good man. A hard-working, principled, confident head football coach, and an equally committed husband, dad, and friend. You can't say that about many coaches. People in general, for that matter. Some may not care about that, but I certainly do. How you win matters.

    Wherever this thing is headed this season, I feel confident that there's a real path in place. Forks in the road appear - see Rob Ryan's departure - but a compass is guiding this thing through the fog.

    Only 17 players remain from 2010, playcalling has been reassigned, the 3-4 has been scrap-heaped, Jerry continues to calm his ways, while Garrett steps forward more front and center every day.

    Structure and culture. While it still ain't perfect, it's got direction, regardless of what the media parrots regurgitate. Pay them no mind. This feels like a brand new football on Christmas morning to me.

    Jerry didn't do that. Nor did Stephen. Credit them both, however, for identifying the man who did. This is Garrett's team now, regardless of what you may hear from people who simply don't measure up to, or even understand, the qualities of Jason Garrett.
  2. Idgit

    Idgit That sounds really boring Staff Member

    44,159 Messages
    27,090 Likes Received
    I thought you'd posted an article the first several paragraphs in here. Nicely done.
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  3. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

    26,369 Messages
    7,516 Likes Received
    He's a robot who's been programmed that way. He has a cockiness about him and doesn't show any emotion. The way he comes off you would think he's coaching a 13 win playoff team.
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  4. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

    15,270 Messages
    15,970 Likes Received
    You're obviously not paying very close attention this camp at all.
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  5. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

    28,547 Messages
    3,299 Likes Received
    And, we are off to the races, folks! Another hijack of a good thread is now underway.

    It seems that nobody can post an uplifting thing about the Cowboys without KJJ throwing his one cent into it! I really feel sorry for the mods.
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  6. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

    28,547 Messages
    3,299 Likes Received
    erod, you are such a good writer! You have a way with words an it's fun to read your posts...well, some of them.

  7. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

    15,270 Messages
    15,970 Likes Received
    LOL, whatever do you mean?

  8. Lonestar94

    Lonestar94 Well-Known Member

    3,523 Messages
    725 Likes Received
    And here comes Negative Nancy.
  9. Hoov

    Hoov Senior Member

    5,945 Messages
    1,113 Likes Received
    Erod. I couldn't agree more. Nice job.
    Reality likes this.
  10. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

    28,547 Messages
    3,299 Likes Received
    What do I mean? lol

    The majority of your posts are really cool to read, then sometimes it's like you just drank to much Tequila and then you post something that is totally out of your character! o_O

    But, you really do have a way with words and writing them. :D
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  11. danielofthesaints

    danielofthesaints Well-Known Member

    1,111 Messages
    204 Likes Received
    Lol, I agree with this more than I'd like. BTW, nice write-up erod.
  12. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

    26,369 Messages
    7,516 Likes Received
    I haven't really seen or heard anything from Garrett that I didn't see or hear during his first 2 training camps. He's great at playing things off just like he did the play calling change. If anything is bothering him he's not going to show it at least not in public. You can tell his image is important to him. He acts like everything is going as planned and never gets testy with the media. He was asked at the start of camp if he was boring and he played it off. Listening to him would never think he was under fire and was coaching an 8-8 team.

    He has a confident, cocky robotic demeanor that never changes. He always seems pleasant and can manage a smile regardless of how things are going. Who knows maybe Jerry has assured him that he's not going anywhere regardless of how this season goes. Garrett seems very comfortable almost too comfortable.
    PJTHEDOORS likes this.
  13. FiveRings

    FiveRings Well-Known Member

    1,767 Messages
    234 Likes Received
    I want a confident coach, not a leader that loses his head when the first thing goes wrong. And yeah he is a robot, but Belichick has done the robot thing his entire career and look where it's gotten him.
    Cowboys=SuperBowl and 5Stars like this.
  14. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

    26,369 Messages
    7,516 Likes Received

  15. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

    26,369 Messages
    7,516 Likes Received
    I like the confidence Garrett displays but would like to see some emotion from him. Belichick can come off anyway he wants because his teams win. Some didn't like Landry's demeanor but his teams won.
  16. daboyzruleperiod

    daboyzruleperiod Saved

    185 Messages
    6 Likes Received
  17. superpunk

    superpunk Benched

    26,328 Messages
    73 Likes Received
    Yeah this does all seem to be true, and you wrote about it very well.

    It doesn't really matter one way or the other though. Jason's not going to be judged this year on his camp personality.
    5Stars likes this.
  18. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

    28,547 Messages
    3,299 Likes Received
    And how long did it take for his teams to win! Three years, four?

    Google it and let us know, ok? But, don't fall asleep, you seem to be yawning a lot now days.

    Boyzmamacita likes this.
  19. AsthmaField

    AsthmaField Outta bounds

    16,006 Messages
    11,575 Likes Received
    Nice job E. Well said.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing that these aren't the same old Cowboys. It is clear to me that Garrett is in a long-term build here, and he is no doubt doing it the right way.

    The drafts are light years better, the practices are better and the decisions are way better. I am thrilled with the direction of the franchise and it has been a long time since I could say that.
  20. FiveRings

    FiveRings Well-Known Member

    1,767 Messages
    234 Likes Received
    Maybe Landry's, Belichick's and Lombardi's teams won because they felt at ease from their stern coaches

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