A good problem?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CarlAllDay, Aug 3, 2006.

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    whats up cowboys family. Its hot as hell in philly 100 degrees!!! that has to be uncomfortable for those eagles players :D but anyway i think we have a legitimate good problem well depending on how you look at it kevin burnett is really showing why some had him graded as a first rounder last year and people thought the cowboys got a steal by drafting him. the problem? is that I personally dont think that carpenter can out play burnett over there at the olb position because from a talent standpoint burnett is faster more atheletic, carpenter has more size and has the better instincs but I really dont want to see either not starting because they both were high picks but im just a little worried if we gave up on burnett too fast and if parcells got giddy because he was freinds with carpenter's dad, because unless its like a bonified star teams dont usually draft a position high right after they were supposed to have addressed it the year before. i mean the saints got duece but they couldnt turn reggie bush down. but with some projections having carpenter going in the second round we really didnt have to go after carpenter in the first round with having al singleton, boiman, and others already in place. Honestly the pick of carpenter was solid but most people think that he can be a solid player from day one but thats it just solid. i think we have more of a chance to have a playmaker with Burnett starting thats just my personal opinion guys and girls. ware and burnett will fly all over the place and keep getting better i personally think carpenter is built more for the middle and would make a great mlb with his smarts and size and ability, but we have b.james and akin there so we might have too much talent at that position for some one to see the field. guess thats a good problem
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    Whew that's a hell of a paragraph in one sentence:laugh2:

    Paragraphs and punctuation are our friends
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    Good posting!!!
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    Although I usually hate it when people make posts like this, I have to agree.
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    hey take it easy guys this aint school. you guys got the point and knew what i meant.:lmao2: :lmao2:
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    Burnett is not going to be moved to SOLB. Look for Al Singleton to start the season there and Carpenter rotating in some and then Al will move on at the end of the year.

    Burnett is going to have to find his niche and it won't be easy since he's backing up the next superstar at WOLB in Ware. Maybe he can rotate in for Ayodele in a nickel package.
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    I see Burnett Starting inside with James, and backuping up WAre, and possibly beign there on Running downs, instead of ware, and so on. Expect to see our playmakers all over the field. BP has plans for this defense

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