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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jterrell, Feb 27, 2005.

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    A VERY good website, pal, I really appreciate you turning me on to it...

    Read all 3 of those lengthy articles, and learned 2 things I did not know, confirmed another rumor I'd heard:

    1) The Boys met with Claude Terrell, the massive OG/OT from New Mexico... right now, he looks like a second day pick, probably an early second day pick...

    2) The Boys met with RONNIE BROWN, the "other" RB at Auburn... Brown is rated a first round prospect, so this meeting caught me by surprise...

    3) It appears the Boys do indeed like former QB-turned WR or TE Matt Jones from Arkansas... they met with him, or are scheduled to meet with him soon...I also see Matt as an early second day pick, and I like the notion of a 6-6, 240 pound wide receiver who reportedly ran a sub-4.45 second 40 in training a few days ago... and after viewing the success of Hines Ward and Antwan Randle-El, I'm intrigued by QBs trying to make the switch to WR in the NFL... for that matter, I wouldn't mind the Boys spending a late-round pick on Rasheed Marshall from West Virginia, who's trying to make the same switch...
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    Ya I read all of those things and paid attention.
    Terrell is a big OT who would fit with what BP has done developing RTs.
    Jones is a star from Arkansas so you know Jerry is dying to draft him and marry him off to one of his granddaughters or something.

    Dallas meeting with all the top RBs it seems and that may be to guage their value in trade talks. Brown will be very gone by 11 IMHO.
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    Considering Quincy was drafted in the 2rd round, we should get Matt Jones with our #11 pick in the first. :)

    Put 30lbs on him and he's Derrick Thomas.

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